Preview of Saleh, Ulbrich, and the Jets’ New Defensive Scheme

Will Parkinson gives fans an inside look at the Jets’ new defensive scheme switch.

          The New York Jets defense is going to look incredibly different in 2021 and beyond. For starters, Robert Saleh as a head coach will be bringing very different principles and discipline to the team, especially the defense. Along with Jeff Ulbrich, they will look to change multiple things starting with the Jets horrible penalty record. The 2020 Jets defense was flagged for 14 roughing the passer penalties (league average is below 4) and 10 defense holding penalties (league average is 5). Secondly and most importantly, the defense with be changing from a base 3-4 defensive scheme to a 4-3 under scheme primarily playing cover 3 but will be able to adapt based on the opponent. This, in its simplest terms, means that the Jets go from playing with 3 defensive lineman and 4 linebackers to playing with 4 defensive lineman and 3 linebackers. Ulbrich and Saleh’s system, which they learned and became experts at while working together in Seattle, will affect a few guys on the Jets most.


TOJ Pod: Interview with Charles MacDonald!

Matt Gianesses and Will Parkinson interview Charles MacDonald of USA Today’s For the Win to discuss a host of NFL topics.

Will Parkinson and Matthew Gianesses host the Turn on the Jets podcast with this week’s guest Charles Macdonald. They cover the following:

-Arthur Smith/ Robert Saleh rumors

-Quick notes on National Title game

-Charles’ favorite head coach candidates, quarterbacks in the upcoming class & more (more…)

Initial Reaction to the Jets Hiring Robert Saleh as Head Coach

Will Parkinson gives his take on the Jets hiring 49ers Defensive Coordinator Robert Saleh to be the their next Head Coach.

The Jets get their man! Robert Saleh is officially the Head Coach of the New York Jets! This is a massive hire for the green and white. Saleh who has been serving as the San Francisco 49ers defensive coordinator since 2017 has been one of the most sought-after candidates on the market this offseason. After taking over in 2017 and inheriting the league’s worst defense in terms of yards allowed, he quickly turned the ship around. By 2019, the 49ers finished the season ranked 2nd in total yards. Saleh also led the 49ers defense to a top 10 ranking in Yards Per Game, 3rd Down percentage, and defensive efficiency.


TOJ Pod: 2020 season is done! Gase is gone

Will Parkinson and Matt Gianesses debut their weekly podcast.

Will Parkinson and Matt Gianesses debut their weekly podcast. In today’s episode, they discuss:

-Gase’s firing

-Best and worst Gase moments

-Stock up/stock down report on players

-Favorite coaching candidates so far