TOJ’s Know Your Opponent: Indianapolis Colts

The god Mike White has breathed new life into the New York Jets. A Thursday night showdown with the Colts will show us if Mike White can do it again.

Coaching: I love Frank Reich, and I know DA agrees, as that’s who he wanted as Jets HC when they hired Todd Bowles. Reich has had 4 different starting QBs in his 4 seasons as Colts HC and he has been able to coach a productive offense out of all of them. Reich is one of the best play-callers in the game and has the often-maligned Carson Wentz producing at a high level. DC Matt Eberflus interviewed for the Jets HC job this past off-season, and his defenses are always well- disciplined and often succeed at limiting explosive plays.

Personnel: Carson Wentz was, maybe, the worst starting QB in the NFL last year, but under Frank Reich he’s been better then league average. He is still prone to idiotic turnovers but he is consistently making big plays to counterbalance them. Jonathan Taylor is a top 5 RB in the game and is just as dangerous as a receiver as he is running the ball. Michael Pittman is a bonafide X WR and should be a great test for rising star Bryce Hall. The Colts OL has not been as dominant as it has been in recent years but it is still a very solid unit that will be a great test for the Jets DL.

LB Darius Leonard and DT Deforest Buckener make up the spine of this defense and are two of the very best at their respective positions. The Colts have taken some hits in their secondary as they lost star safety Julian Blackmon for the year and both starting CB’s Kenny Moore and Xavier Rhodes have battled injuries this year.

Potential Weaknesses: Carson Wentz has never met a play he doesn’t think he can make, and this often leads to sacks and turnovers. The Jets defense got their first pick of the season last week and riding that momentum will do wonders for their offense if they can get multiple short fields to work with.

Matchup: The Colts defense versus the Jets offense is the main talking point of this game. The Colts play the most cowardly defense in the league. They rarely blitz and they love sitting in their cover 2 zones and keeping everything underneath and then swarming to the ball with their sound tackling and athletic LBs. The thing is that’s what Mike White and the Jets want to do. They want to feed their guys underneath and let them make the plays necessary to win after the catch. Mike White hasn’t proven he can consistently make throws deep down the field and it remains to be seen if the Colts will break from their mold and force him to do so. The Jets defense can handle the Colts offense I think they’ll let up 20ish points.

Prediction: Colts 24 Jets 21 I think, to start the game, the Colts will let Mike White attack underneath and the Jets will put up points and have a halftime lead. Then with adjustments in the second half, you’ll see the Jets offense fizzle as we realize why Mike White isn’t a franchise QB just yet and the Colts sneak up with a field goal win.

TOJ Tweet Summary 2018, Week 9 – Jets vs. Dolphins

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TOJ Week 9 NFL Picks

TOJ with his week 9 NFL Picks. What game are you most looking forward to this weekend?

Last Week: 5-7-1

Season Record: 57-53-4

TOJ Week 9 NFL Picks (Lines Courtesy of BetUS)

  • Atlanta (-8.5) vs. Indianapolis
  • Tampa Bay (+8.5) vs. New Orleans
  • Houston (-10.5) vs. Cleveland
  • Jets (+2) vs. Buffalo
  • Miami (+4) vs. Kansas City
  • San Francisco (-4.5) vs. Washington
  • Dallas (-11) vs. Seattle
  • Oakland (-7.5) vs. Tebowmania
  • Tennessee (-2.5) vs. Cincinnati
  • St. Louis (+2.5) vs. Arizona
  • Giants (+9) vs. New England
  • Green Bay (-6.5) vs. San Diego
  • Pittsburgh (-3.5) vs. Baltimore
  • Philadelphia (-8) vs. Chicago

TOJ NFL Power Rankings: Week 9


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A tricky week to put together power rankings, after the NFC finally stepped up and grabbed a few victories from the AFC. The NFL just keeps getting more and more confusing each week, regardless here is what I am thinking heading into week 9, which can’t get here fast enough for Jets fans:

1. New England Patriots (6-1) – They just win football games, despite a young defense and an inconsistent running game. Beyond that, I am pretty sure Bill Belichick has acquired 102 draft picks for next season.

2. Indianapolis Peyton Mannings (5-2) – I am pretty confident you could throw me in the slot for the Colts and they’d still put up 30 points a game.

3. Baltimore Ravens (5-2) – They watched two of their top competitors in the AFC lose to NFC teams during their bye week.

4. New York Giants (5-2) – Seattle has always been a house of horrors for them. However if they can get a win, their schedule is very manageable the rest of the way.

5. Pittsburgh Steelers (5-2) – The defending champs were desperate and made a few more plays than Pittsburgh, not a terrible loss for them.

6. Green Bay Packers (5-3) – Two straight impressive wins for Green Bay, who showed they could win a defensive struggle and take advantage of wide receivers who can’t catch the football.

7. New York Jets (5-2) – Too steep of a fall? I don’t think so. Great teams don’t get shut out at home by defenses of Green Bay’s caliber.

8. Atlanta Falcons (5-2) – They had a bye week to prepare for a huge game against the second place Bucs…who would have thought?

9. New Orleans Saints (5-3) – Did they get their swagger back with a big win over the Steelers?

10. Tennessee Titans (5-3) – Tough loss to San Diego and it won’t be easy to keep pace with the Colts, unless they get more consistent.

11. Kansas City Chiefs (5-2) – They could give themselves a nice mid-season cushion in first place by beating Oakland.

12. Tampa Bay Bucs (5-2) – Let’s see how legit they are against the Falcons this week, after they failed two of their other big tests miserably.

13. Miami Dolphins (4-3) – Chance for a statement win this week in Baltimore.

14. Philadelphia Eagles (4-3) – Can Mike Vick keep the Eagles on pace with the Giants for a NFC East title?

15. Houston Texans (4-3) – Feeling like another 8-8 year for the Texans.

16. Oakland Raiders (4-4) – Oakland actually has a big game in November.

17. San Diego Chargers (3-5) – Are they ready to make their annual mid-season run?

18. Seattle Seahawks (4-3) – They just lost by 30 to Oakland and still might be the NFC West’s best team…yuck.

19. Washington Redskins (4-4) – Rex Grossman is never the answer.

20. Chicago Bears (4-3) – The crappiest team in the NFL over .500

21. St. Louis Rams (4-4) – A very impressive season so far for this young team.

22. Jacksonville Jaguars (4-4) – The crappiest team in the NFL that is at least .500.

23. Arizona Cardinals (3-4) – You think they miss Kurt Warner?

24. Detroit Lions (2-5) – Yes I am beyond worried about the Jets traveling to Detroit this week.

25. Cincinnati Bengals (2-5) – Playing out the string with their cast of characters should just be a joy.

26. Cleveland Browns (2-5) – Come on Mangini, let’s get that upset over New England this week.

27. Denver Broncos (2-6) – Is it time for Tim Tebow yet?

28. San Francisco 49ers (2-6) – Sadly alive in the NFC West.

29. Minnesota Vikings (2-5) – The most talked about 2-5 team in NFL history.

30. Carolina Panthers (1-6) – I’d be shocked if they won more than 3 games this year.

31. Buffalo Bills (0-7) – At least they put up a fight every week.

32. Dallas Cowboys (1-6) – No heart, no effort. I’d be more scared of the Jets playing Buffalo or Carolina right now than Dallas.