Matt’s Week Four Thoughts – Why is Adam Gase still the Jets Coach?

Matt Marciano reviews the Jets week 4 performance….

Watching the Jets vs. Broncos game last night made me have a few observations. First off, I felt bad that the Fox A team of Joe Buck and Troy Aikman had to call this garbage game. Also, can you imagine how the Jets home crowd would have reacted to another Jets disastrous performance the fourth straight week in a row, this time in front of a national audience on Thursday Night Football? Another thought was the Jets are undisciplined, make far too many penalties and in other words are one big hot mess. The Jets reached another, inexcusable level of embarrassment when Broncos head coach Vic Fangio refused to shake Gase’s hand after the game due to the several roughing the passer calls that went against the Jets defense in this game. It is interesting to note that Fangio and Gase were both coordinators together in Chicago a few years ago.


The Sam Darnold Deep Dive Week 4 – Denver Broncos

Stephen Zantz with a breakdown of Sam Darnold’s week 4 performance…

The Jets hosted the Broncos on Thursday Night and continue to embarass themselves in new ways every week. The Jets fell to the Broncos 37-28 with sets them back to 0-4 on the 2020 season. Here is the Sam Darnold deep dive.


Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Jets vs. Broncos, Week 4

Joe Caporoso with a Turn On The Jets 12 Pack of predictions for Jets vs Broncos in week 4 on TNF…

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