Turn On The Jets Film Room – Oday Aboushi: Guard or Tackle?

Mike Nolan steps into the TOJ Film Room to take a look at Rookie OL Oday Aboushi to determine where he might fit in the Jets offense.

If you search the internet for anything about Oday Aboushi, you will find a lot more hits than the typical 5th round pick. Most of the articles are about how he is one of the first Palestinian-Americans to play in the NFL.  The more I read about Oday Aboushi the more impressed I am with him as a person. In fact, he was once honored at the US State Department by Hillary Clinton for being an inspirational Muslim athlete. Now that the dust has settled in the aftermath of the NFL Draft and Jets fans have learned a little bit about who Oday Aboushi is as a person, it is time to figure out who he is as a player and where he might be able to fit in the Jets’ offense.

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