Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Must Follows For Jets Fans

The Turn On The Jets 12 Pack gives 12 must follows for Jets fans throughout the NFL season

Today’s edition of the Turn On The Jets 12 Pack is going to hand out some love to our peers who we have had the pleasure of interacting with throughout the growth of our site. Turn On The Jets started as a member of the Fanball Network thanks to Bryan Douglass, who is currently the content manager for Wayin. Personally, I will always have Bryan to thank for giving me a shot. After the network shut down, Will Horton of the Rams Herd made sure we stayed afloat thanks to some timely HTML and web service help. So thanks to Will as always, who is a great writer himself. 

Anyway here are your TOJ recommended follows for the 2012 NFL Season, obviously outside of us and staff writers Chris Gross and Mike Donnelly. Turn On The Jets commits itself to providing in-depth writing and analysis on the New York Jets on a daily basis. We do that as well as anybody out there, so stay with us. The staff is only growing with Rob Celletti and Chris Celletti joining up in season and TJ Rosenthal continuing with contributions.

Last site PSA: T-Shirts are done and shipped. They will go on sale early next week (likely Tuesday) right here on the site. We will be doing all types of giveaways to people who buy from our first batch so keep an eye out and make sure you are following TOJ on Facebook

On the to the recommendations (in no particular order) –

1. Jeff Capellini, CBS New York/WFAN.com – Jeff is a terrific, in-depth writer who covers the Jets along with the Yankees and Islanders. His articles are a must read. We only wish we could have more published content from him. Jeff thinks outside the box and has a very good pulse on the Jets. He is also an entertaining follow on Twitter and always up for a solid debate.

2. TJ Rosenthal, The Jet Report – We are fortunate enough to have TJ as a regular contributor here at Turn On The Jets but his own site, The Jet Report is also a must visit. TJ has a PhD in Jets history and has a fascinating collection of materials from the team throughout the years. He is also a detailed writer who frequently finds unique angles to cover the team from.

3. Erik Manassy, Jets Twit – The social media master when it comes to the New York Jets. He does a little bit of everything, including writing, podcasts, web development and social media management. Erik does a great job of aggregating all the social media content coming from Jets writers and players.

4. Flight 5 Live – A new web based television show that airs every Friday night. They have pulled in quite the collection of guests so far including Curtis Martin, Wesley Walker, Demario Davis and Marcus Dixon. All five hosts are passionate fans, among them Kristine Reese who is a great writer for Aerys Sports and Brian Imbemba who is a must follow on Twitter.

5. Erik Frenz, The Bleacher Report – The AFC East lead blogger for BR. Regardless of your preconceptions of the site, Erik is a terrific writer who thoroughly covers the Jets, Dolphins, Bills, and Patriots. The guy literally might publish 3,000 words a day…not sure when he sleeps.

6. Jet Nation – An active and interesting Twitter account and a website that houses a great forum for Jets fans to debate about the team.

7. The Jet Press – A site that frequently has differing opinions with us about issues surrounding the team but that doesn’t mean we don’t enjoy reading their content. Alan does a great job with the site and we have debated here recently.

8. Brian Bassett, The Jets Blog – Founded The Jets Blog, which is now in partnership with SNY, the Jets home station. Brian is a blogging beast and a great guy who I was fortunate enough to meet at Blog With Balls last year.

9. HargzAndCarter, The Green Zone – Run a weekly Jets radio talk show that is always worth a listen and contribute to The Jets Blog.

10. Pro Football Focus – We love how in-depth they are with film breakdown and how consistently they put out quality content. Any NFL fan should enjoy this site.

11. Enemy Tweeps – Keep your enemies close…New England Patriots fans to follow (Pats Propaganda and Patriots XLVII). Armando Salguero who is a beat writer for the Miami Dolphins and Tim Graham, the former AFC East blogger who now covers the Bills.

12. The Rest – @LilMissNYJet (Opinionated and entertaining Jets and soccer fan), @MokeHamilton (our favorite Knicks blogger), @NYJets_101 (good Jets reading), @FootballPost (NFP), @MCaseyNYJ (just started his own site), @ItsOasus , @JRDengo , @cfattovw (Great fans, thanks for reading!)

TOJ’s Top 50 New York Jets Countdown: 10-20

Turn On The Jets counts down the top 50 New York Jets currently on the roster, continuing today with numbers 10-20

Frustrated and confused after seeing the NFL’s Top 100 player list? TOJ was as well. Due to that, we have decided to rank the current New York Jets on the roster from 50 all the way down to 1. Along the way, we will be classifying the players into the following five categories:

  • Bottom of the Roster (strictly a depth and developmental player)
  • Middle Class (Situational player, spot starter)
  • Quality Starter (Capable starting player or very good role player)
  • Red Chip (Swiping this term from Michael Lombardi, an above average stater/borderline Pro-Bowler)
  • Blue Chip (Another swipe from Lombardi, an elite player at his position)





19. Bryan Thomas, Outside Linebacker – Doesn’t necessarily fill up the stat sheet but does all the little things that are needed to make a defense succeed. Thomas sat out the bulk of last season with a torn Achilles and the Jets badly missed him, struggling to find an adequate replacement. He will return to his starting role in 2012 and even though he will primarily be a two-down player, should still be a major part of the Jets ability to defend the run.

18. Bart Scott, Inside Linebacker – Coming off a rough 2011 season, Scott has dropped weight and earned rave reviews from the coaching staff this off-season for his increased speed on the field. Despite remaining a two-down  linebacker and having his replacement, Demario Davis, waiting in the wings, Scott is still capable of being a run stuffing linebacker and an emotional leader on defense.

17. Mike DeVito, Defensive End – A blue-collar 3-4 lineman who specializes in stopping the run. DeVito struggled with injuries last season and will likely see a decline in his playing time this year due to the selection of Quinton Coples and the Jets using more 4 man fronts. However, he remains a valuable part of the defensive line rotation and similar to Thomas and Scott will be key to the Jets run defense.

16. Tim Tebow, Quarterback – Who? Tebow will backup Mark Sanchez this season and be utilized in a variety of ways beyond that. If used properly, Tebow should add a dynamic dimension to the Jets offense and give them a valuable rushing weapon, particularly in short yardage situations. He remains limited as a passer but does have the arm to take advantage of defenses who stack the box against him.

15. Shonn Greene, Running Back – The Jets starting halfback, who has been one of the most discussed players on the roster this off-season. Greene has been very average the past two seasons but the Jets need him to be their primary go to back on a week to week basis if the Ground and Pound is going to work. He doesn’t need to be an elite back, because he doesn’t have the skill set to be, but the Jets need over 4 yards per carry and around 1,200 yards from him.

14. LaRon Landry, Safety – If healthy, Landry has the skill set to be a great in the box safety for Rex Ryan’s defense. However, his health remains a major question mark, so much so that the Jets are basically paying his contract out on a week to week basis.

13. Yeremiah Bell, Safety – The Jets recently added Bell as insurance for Landry and he has quickly impressed by picking up the defense and taking on a leadership role in the secondary. Bell is a natural strong safety but has more range than Eric Smith or LaRon Landy so could also see reps at the free safety position. I would not surprised if he makes a much larger impact than Landry in the secondary.

12. Calvin Pace, Outside Linebacker – Coming off a disappointing season where he struggled to get after the passer. Pace has been a good player since joining the team in 2008 but has never played to the level of his massive contract. Regardless he does a very good job at setting the edge and has the ability to get 7-9 sacks a season. He should benefit from the Jets trying more 4-3 and 46 looks this season. He is versatile enough to put his hand in the dirt and line up at defensive end along with his normal outside linebacker position.

11. Muhammad Wilkerson, Defensive End – This high on the list because of his potential. Wilkerson had a very good rookie season despite not having a full off-season to work with. The team is anticipating him making a huge leap in year two. From all reports, he has put together a terrific off-season and seems poised to meet his high expectations.

10. Mark Sanchez, Quarterback – One of the most unfairly criticized players in the NFL. Sanchez is far from a polished product or an elite quarterback but has demonstrated the ability to both win and perform successfully at this level. Tony Sparano’s offense should play more to his strengths than Brian Schottenheimer’s did and we anticipate a solid “bounce-back” year for Sanchez who did struggle down the stretch in 2011 but still finished with career highs in touchdowns, passing yards, completion percentage and quarterback rating.

Turn On The Jets 12 Pack: Ranking The AFC

The Turn On The Jets 12 pack ranks the AFC’s best teams heading into the season

This week’s edition of the 12 pack is going to rank the top teams in the AFC, including sorting out where our New York Jets fit in heading into training camp. For your requisite Friday reminders before you crack into your 12 pack of reading and 12 pack of drinking, remember to follow myself, Chris GrossMike Donnelly, and TJ Rosenthal on Twitter. Nobody out there is rolling with four stronger Jets writers right now, period. Also remember to check out Gameday Goods, where you get 10% off any product by using the promo code “TurnOnTheJets.” Finally, sit tight on those t-shirts, they are on their way along with enough giveaways to make your head spin. 

On to the 12 pack – 

Just Missed

16. Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck is going to be a special player one day but he has been put in the middle of a rebuilding process. The Colts won’t be 2 win bad this season but won’t be much better. The Jets see them in week 6 at MetLife Stadium. Bring the blitz, Rex.

15. Jacksonville Jaguars – Blaine Gabbert with Chad Henne waiting in the wings…yikes. The defense and Maurice Jones-Drew will keep them competitive in most weeks but ultimately they will be battling with the Colts for the basement in the AFC South. The Jets travel to them in week 14. I am calling for more Tebow fans than Jaguars fans in the crowd.

14. Cleveland Browns – Poor Cleveland. That being said, we disagree with Jim Brown and think Trent Richardson is anything but ordinary. But, what does he know about running backs anyway?

13. Miami Dolphins – Picturing David Garrard under center on a 3rd and 9 with Chad Ochocinco, Brian Hartline and Davone Bess split out and wondering how the hell are they going to convert…ever?

12. Oakland Raiders – Not a believer in Carson Palmer and not sure if Darren McFadden can stay healthy.

11. Kansas City Chiefs – Wouldn’t be surprised if they ended up being a playoff team and wouldn’t be surprised if they were 4-12. It depends on how Matt Cassel manages the offense and how Jamaal Charles bounces back from his injury.

10. San Diego Chargers – I am sure I will hear I put them too low but what exactly have they won lately? The last time they were in the playoffs was when Shonn Greene was actually breaking long runs. The Jets host them in week 16 for Sunday Night Football.

9. Buffalo Bills – Everybody else can pile on their bandwagon. Ryan Fitzpatrick is their quarterback. Chan Gailey is their coach. They can’t win in their division and they can’t stretch the field. The Jets start and end their season with them.

8. Tennessee Titans – How quick of a hook will Matt Hasselbeck have? The Titans quietly put together a good off-season and should make some noise in the AFC South. The Jets travel to them for Monday Night Football in week 15 in what could be an elimination game for a wild-card spot.

7. New York Jets – They are going to be in plenty of close games this season, how they finish in the fourth quarter will determine if they are 7-9 or 11-5.

6. Cincinnati Bengals – I don’t know if Andy Dalton and AJ Green will have a sophomore slump or if it is foolish to believe Marvin Lewis can coach a winning team for two years in a row but they deserve the respect heading into the season.

5. Denver Broncos – Maybe I am giving too much respect to Peyton Manning but if he is anywhere near healthy, Denver is going to be very tough with that kind of defense to support him.

4. Pittsburgh Steelers – Interested to see how the Todd Haley/Ben Roethlisberger marriage is going to work out but you know they are going have a very good defense and they are loaded at wide receiver. Jets play them week 2 on the road in what will be some kind of test for Tony Sparano’s new offense.

3. Houston Texans – On paper they might be the best team in the conference but can that defense play at the level they did last season? If so, they are going to be very hard to beat. They come to MetLife Stadium for Monday Night Football in week 5.

2Baltimore Ravens – They should have won in New England last season for the AFC Championship Game. Can they get themselves back to that level? Much of that will depend on how Joe Flacco keeps developing and if they can replace Terrell Suggs adequately. Fortunately, the Jets don’t play them this season as they have suffered two ugly losses to them since Rex Ryan has taken over.

1. New England Patriots – They keep the top spot until somebody knocks them off. Unfortunately for the Jets, the Brady/Belichick combination basically guarantees 11-13 wins a season. Interested to see how new additions like Brandon Lloyd, Joseph Addai, Chandler Jones, and Dont’a Hightower fit in. The Jets play them in week 7 and then on Thanksgiving night.


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Turn On The Jets: Ground and Pound Writing

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Check back soon for this week’s Fact or False focusing on linebacker Bart Scott and what the Jets can expect from him in the 2012 season. 

TOJ New York Jets Beat Writer Power Rankings – June 20th

Turn On The Jets weekly ranking of the New York Jets beat writers

Welcome back to Turn On The Jets weekly ranking of the beat writers who cover the the team. The votes are tallied amongst myself, Mike Donnelly and Chris Gross with explanations written by the three of us below. For next week’s edition, we are going to be asking for your votes on Twitter, Facebook and here on the site, so make sure to follow us. On to the rankings…

1. Jenny Vrentas, The Star Ledger – Vrentas continued to dominate the rankings once again this past week. She ran several nice articles including Q&A segments with Quinton Coples and Dustin Keller, as well as solid piece on the retirement of LaDanian Tomlinson. However, where Vrentas truly shined this week was in her Sunday article on the passing aspect of the Jets new offensive scheme under the recently hired Tony Sparano. Not only was this piece extremely original, as it was certainly the first to give an in-depth examination of exactly what this part of the offense will look like this season, but it was extraordinarily insightful as well.

Vrentas explained how this offense is designed in every facet from route adjustments to the vocabulary. She explained how this system, unlike the previous one orchestrated by Brian Schottenheimer, gives the players much more freedom and flexibility to take advantage of looks given to them by opposing defenses. Vrentas revealed that this freedom comes with a bit more responsibility, as receivers and quarterbacks are required to know the blocking protection, as it affects the passing routes in terms of both timing and design. Jenny also emphasized on the preparation required by players and coaches alike to adjust to this new system, most notably Mark Sanchez going as far as making flash cards to learn the ins and outs of the offense.

This was somewhat of a ground breaking article by Vrentas. With so much emphasis on the Jets return to Ground and Pound this season, there was not been much focus on how the passing game will look, until now. Vrentas continues to put out relevant, original material. She remains the best at what she does, and until someone passes her in terms of content, creativity, and relevancy, she will remain on her first place pedestal here. – Chris Gross 

2. Manish Mehta, The Daily News – I know what it looks like: I accepted Manish’s bribe last week at Jets Mini-Camp to move him up a spot, but trust me, that is not the case (although I happily would if any of the other beat righters are interested. Just saying..). We moved Manish up this week for a few other reasons. But before I get to that let me just say that before old fart Gary Myers sauntered on over with his bad 1987 clothing ensemble and even worse jokes last Thursday to disrupt my Jets chat with Mr. Mehta in a failed attempt to big-time him (Chronicled here on Deadspin.com, and also by me last week), he did address two of the main things that people have been complaining about when it comes to his Twitter page: Sulia and Tebow love.

In regard to Tebow, he simply said, “He’s popular, what can I do? Gotta write about him.” Fair point, even if many of us think it goes a little too far. When I brought up Sulia, it looked like he wanted to just tell me to F-off, but he restrained himself and simply said “Come on man, what do you want from me?” I want you to stop tweeting links to crappy Sulia. That’s what we wall want. In fact, from now on when I want to curse on the internet, I may just simply say Sulia instead. Sulia you, people who tweet links to that site! But alas, I think Sulia is here to stay sadly, and that’s probably the main thing keeping Manish from the top spot.

But even Sulia wasn’t enough to keep the determined Manish down this week, as he did lots of great stuff. Notably, he spent a solid 20 minutes or so on the inaugural radio show of the Flight Five Live on Friday and it was an excellent spot where he addressed many Jets topics, showing how knowledgable and great at his job he can be. (Speaking of being great at the job, check out that picture of him putting in work on the field!) He even promoted the show on his Twitter account, which was also darn decent of him. Beyond that, he wasn’t kidding when he told me he was working on a big article on the defense. Less than 24 hours later, a very nice piece on the Jets defense was put out  in which we learned about Mike Pettine’s plans for the defense and using the “Best 11”. We also picked up this nugget on Manish’s Twitter page: Pettine telling him that they may not play any 3-4 base defense at all vs. division opponents. So yes, it was a big week from Manish Mehta this week, and if he ups his bribe offer before the next rankings, the #1 spot is his–err, I mean, if he keeps up the great work! You got this, Manish! – Mike Donnelly

3. Brian Costello, New York Post – While we don’t want to beat our own chest here at TOJ, there has been a noticeable and enjoyable improvement in Costello’s work since we are started these rankings. His Jets Blog is becoming more of a must read and he did a good job transcribing Ron Jaworski’s quotes on Mark Sanchez this past week. Costello also broke the news that the Jets would not be bringing Braylon Edwards back this season. Finally, his Twitter game has been on point. He does a good job of asking fans what they are looking for at practice and pulling observations about how certain players are being used around the formation on offense and defense. Of course, he receives a major bonus for a lack of Sulia links as well. Keep up the great work Coz! – Joe Caporoso 

4. Rich Cimini, ESPN New York – It has been quite the rough week for Cimini after opening up with two consecutive weeks at the number two spot. Although his “Take 5” on the areas of concern for the Jets was on point, his Sunday notes along with his piece on the retirement of LaDanian Tomlinson have caused the ESPN New York columnist to drop two spots this week. Cimini’s first point of his Sunday notes addressed the issue of Dustin Keller’s contract situation. Rich offered the idea that the Jets would be smart to wait on giving Keller an extension until they see how he plays in the new offensive scheme under Tony Sparano, which places a greater emphasis on the blocking ability of the Tight End. This is an excellent point considering the fact that Keller has never been a strong blocker, leaving a fair amount of question marks about how he will fare in this new system. The problem with this assessment by Cimini is that he was nearly a week late to the party on this issue. Rich’s article was published on Sunday, June 17th. Five days earlier, I addressed the issue right here on TOJ with the exact line of thinking used by Cimini in his notes. Is the former Daily News beat writer a frequent visitor of Turn On The Jets? Who knows? Either way, Cimini analyzed this issue after it had already been deemed old news.

Other than sleeping on the Keller situation for five days, Cimini also made an interesting argument in his piece on Tomlinson’s retirement. First, Rich criticized LT for his post-season comments on the Jets locker room turmoil. He claimed Tomlinson made his negative statements about the organization on Showtime’s “Inside The NFL” as a publicity stunt to pave his way into the world of broadcasting. However, when, at any point during his career, did Tomlinson display any sign of self-promoting, especially with a controversial issue like this? LT was simply asked a question, and answered it honestly. It was the mainstream media that blew the entire situation out of proportion, not Tomlinson, who has been a class act since entering the league in 2001.

Furthermore, in the same piece on LT, Cimini made a claim that Tomlinson’s 2010 season was so impressive that it made Jets fans forget about Thomas Jones. However, when reviewing Jones’ final two seasons with the Jets in comparison to LT’s only two seasons, it is clear that Jones not only had a greater impact on New York’s rushing attack, but posted career numbers in nearly every statistical category as well.

Prior to leaving the Jets after the 2009 season, Jones rushed for a career high 1,402 yards along with, another career high, 14 touchdowns. In 2008, he rushed for 1,312 yards with, a then career high, 13 touchdowns. Tomlinson, on the other hand, rushed for only 1,194 yards and 7 touchdowns is his two seasons with Gang Green, combined. While LT will certainly be remembered as one of the greatest backs of all time, his success in New York was not nearly as high as that of Thomas Jones. So, while Jets Nation is certainly appreciative of what LT brought to the team during his brief stint, Thomas Jones remains, by and large, the best running back to carry the load for New York since the retirement of Curtis Martin. No one has forgotten about TJ. – Chris Gross

5. Jane McManus, ESPN New York – Another very solid week from Jane McManus, and she’s really knocking on the door to move up in these rankings. She kicked off the week with a genuinely hilarious tweet (seen below) after Brian Costello was claiming the top spot was going to be his. I’m pretty sure she was joking, but maybe Jenny Vrentas should hire a bodyguard just in case. Jane may know something the rest of us don’t. Ms. McManus also provided lots of solid info on her Twitter page, with quotes, player info, and she shows a great ability to only give us the important things Rex Ryan says instead of just tweeting every word that comes out of his mouth like some others do. Sometimes, less is more, and Jane does a great job with that. Additionally, she put out a great article on Laron Landry and how he’s recovering from his injuries and what we can expect from him this year. In non-Jets related topics, she did a great job with her take on Twitter of the Penn State/Jerry Sandusky mess, and she handled it well. (Jane: 1, Penn State students: 0). As I said, it was a very good week from Jane McManus, and she very well could be on the way up. – Mike Donnelly

6. Kimberly Martin, Newsday – We aren’t burying Kimberly in the #6 spot for the third straight week as a sign of disrespect to her but more as a sign of respect towards the others who have been on the beat longer. For our rankings we are still waiting for that one article or Tweet that is really going to jump off the page to move her up in the standings. We have heard from followers of this article and other beat writers that there other individuals who deserve inclusion in this list. Because of that, we are encouraging you to submit any other writer (must write for a mainstream publication/be credentialed) that you think belongs here. Please note that “must be credentialed” isn’t meant to elevate them above the rest of us who aren’t, it is just that we place them in a separate category and much of what we use in these rankings is how they handle interaction with the players on a day to day basis and what they pull from attending practices. – Joe Caporoso

Next week we will be giving your rankings. Submit your votes here, on the Turn On The Jets Facebook Page or respond to Mike, Chris or my Twitter Account. We will publish the results next Wednesday. Also let us know if there are any other writers you’d like to see included in these rankings

A Turn On The Jets Eurotrip

A Turn On The Jets goodbye for the next 2 weeks

Starting tonight I will be heading over to Europe until Sunday, May 27th. In the meantime, Chris Gross will be running the site. Stay with us for new content from him, our newest writer Mike Donnelly and Justin Fritze. Make sure you are following all of them on Twitter. I will miss all of you…I won’t miss hearing about what Tim Tebow eats for lunch, what his dog is called or where he is residing in New Jersey.

For now, I will spread the good word of Turn On The Jets to Ireland, Netherlands, and Germany. Where hopefully they will be open to hearing about my confusion over the entire Jets organization verbally assaulting their starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez, while effusively praising their backup quarterback. Along with why it makes little sense to hop on the bandwagon and pick the Buffalo Bills to finish over the New York Jets, since the Jets have owned them the past 3 years and the Bills don’t have a quarterback. Anyway…

I am looking forward to coming back for a strong June and I’m officially handing it off to Chris until then, unlike the Jets backup he is more than capable of running 20 plays per game and can complete a 10 yard out route.

Turn On The Jets NFL Draft Live Blog

Live coverage of the NFL Draft tonight. Who will the New York Jets select?

Stay with us here all night as we guide you through the insanity of the NFL Draft. We will update each pick, along with provide running commentary on the night’s proceedings, endless rumors, and questionable decisions. Make sure you are also following Turn On The Jets on Twitter and Facebook, along with our staff writer Chris Gross on Twitter. Will Mike Tannenbaum continue his history of trading up? Will he finally trade down? Or can he stay put for once in his life?

16) New York Jets – Quinton Coples, DE

15) Seattle Seahawks – Bruce Irvin, DE What? What? What? A complete shocker and a complete, absolute reach. What are you thinking? The Jets better take Ingram.

14) St. Louis – Michael Brockers, DE – A nice piece to add for the Rams front seven. They have to be disappointed they missed out on Floyd. Another player I am happy is out of consideration for the Jets.

13) Arizona Cardinals – Michael Floyd, WR – Arizona saves the Jets from themselves by taking Floyd. Thank god for no wide receiver in the first round! It is looking like the Jets will have a good shot to leave with Ingram or Jones.

12) Philadelphia Eagles – Fletcher Cox, DT – The Eagles trade up and get terrific value with Cox here. Kansas City will regret the day they took Poe over Cox, who is going to be a stud and bring a dynamic playmaker to Philadelphia’s front seven.

11) Kansas City Chiefs – Dontari Poe, DT – Boom or bust. Thrilled the Jets didn’t end up with him. Ingram, Floyd, Cox, Brockers, Jones and DeCastro all still on the board for the Jets.

10) Buffalo Bills – Stephon Gilmore, CB – Kind of a surprise here. Many people ranked Gilmore just as high as Claiborne in this draft. Buffalo is building quite a defense out there in upstate New York. He will provide some electricity to their back end.

9) Carolina Panthers – Luke Kuechly, LB – A much needed addition to their front seven. Kuechly is a three down linebacker who should be a star at this level. He is very good value at number nine.

8 – Miami Dolphins – Ryan Tannehill, QB – A new young quarterback in the AFC East. How many weeks until he starts this season? By the way, it will be Knicks vs. Heat in the first round…Sixers are tanking the place out right now. Also Rangers are up 2-1 heading into the 3rd.

7) Tampa Bay – Mark Barron, S – Another target for the Jets disappears. Barron will be a nice addition to Greg Schiano’s defense. With St. Louis at #14…I can’t see them letting Floyd get past them so it does look like it will be an outside linebacker for the Jets.

6) Dallas Cowboys – Morris Claiborne, CB – Trade Mania! Wow. Dallas moves up 8 spots to get the draft’s top corner. By adding him and Brandon Carr Dallas has rebuilt their shabby secondary. Rob Ryan must be a happy guy. They must have been tired of being torced by Eli, no?

5) Jacksonville Jaguars – Justin Blackmon, WR – The Jaguars traded up to get the wide receiver they desperately needed. It leaves an interesting choice for St. Louis with the 6th pick. Claiborne? Cox? Somebody else?

4) Minnesota Vikings – Matt Kalil, OT – Plenty of speculation about them taking Claiborne but in the end they went with the big time tackle to protect Christian Ponder…can’t argue with it.

There is some chatter about the Jets moving up to 13, swapping picks with Arizona. If Barron is there he would be tempting, if not look towards Ingram or Jones.

3) Cleveland Browns – Trent Richardson, RB – A good move for both Cleveland and Minnesota to swing this trade. Cleveland desperately needed a playmaker and Minnesota can still get their guy at 4, whether it is Kalil or Claiborne.

2) Washington Redskins – Robert Griffin III, QB – Vick. Griffin III. Eli. And Tony Romo missing wide open receivers in critical spots. The NFC East will be fun for awhile.

1) Indianapolis Colts – Andrew Luck, QB – Mel Kiper Jr. is in love. Chris Berman is past his prime. We will see Mr. Luck in week six at the New Meadowlands. It will be interesting to see what kind of weapons the Colts work to surround him with throughout the rest of the draft.

7:55 – Last pre-draft update: I don’t think the Jets will trade up but if they do Carolina is a logical partner at #9. Mike Tannenbaum and Carolina GM Martin Hurney worked together on the Jets trade up for Darrelle Revis and on the Kris Jenkins trade. The Jets could get antsy about landing their pass rusher, whether it is Melvin Ingram or Chandler Jones. We haven’t heard Mark Barron’s name at all associated with the Jets…a little odd?

7:30 – 30 minutes out and the most buzz for the Jets involves Chandler Jones, Melvin Ingram and Michael Floyd.

7:15 – First big splash of the night. Cleveland has moved up to #3, presumably to get Trent Richardson. Apparently they were panicked about Tampa Bay moving up to steal him and they didn’t want to miss out on him like they did on RG3. You can cross Richardson off the list for the Jets. Don’t be surprised if the Vikings look to move back again. Minnesota picked up an extra 4th, 5th, and 7th round pick…not a bad haul.

6:35 – Evan Silva of Rotoworld’s final mock draft now has the Jets taking David DeCastro instead of Melvin Ingram (as it did in his mock draft this morning)…Todd McShay, Mel Kiper Jr and Mike Mayock all have the Jets taking Michael Floyd. I won’t bail on my Ingram pick now but I am starting to sweat about being right for the third year in a row. You can’t call 2 years in a row a streak, right?

By the way, how nervous are Rangers fans right now? You can’t lose a game 7 in your building. I am confident the Blueshirts will take care of business tonight. Personally, I am more concerned about the Knicks somehow losing to Charlotte while Philadelphia beats Detroit so we could get the Bulls in round one instead of the Heat.

5:45 PM – Sal Paolantonio has been sitting outside the locked Jets war room getting pieces of paper slid under the door to him every 30 minutes. So far he has concluded the Jets could trade up, trade down, stay put and that they might take David DeCastro, Michael Floyd, Melvin Ingram, Chandler Jones, Courtney Upshaw, or about fifteen other players…thanks Sal.

Rich Cimini has reported the Jets could trade up for Chandler Jones. We can’t confirm if he is saying this only because both of them went to Syracuse…probably.

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So that is all, keep reading, commenting, and following…it is all greatly appreciated.

J-E-T-S…Let’s get a win this Sunday.

The sites




2009 NFL Predictions

First a few updates:

1. Now that I got my 40 Jets predictions in the books, I have to get my full NFL predictions out of the way so I can be ridiculed at the end of the season.

2. Normal in-season schedule for the site will look something like this:

  • Monday – Breakdown/Grades Previous Jets Game, All Sunday NFL Action, Monday Night Pick
  • Tuesday – A little more breakdown from previous game/begin to look ahead to next game
  • Wednesday – In-depth breakdown of upcoming game
  • Thursday – Key match-ups for upcoming game and more analysis
  • Friday – Video: Jets Prediction, NFL Predictions, Fantasy Predictions and more…
  • Saturday – Last second updates
  • Sunday – Quick instant reaction after game

I am also going to be deleting the TOJ of Hall Fame soon (tragic, I know) and be replacing it with “2009 Jets Stats,” which will be updated the stats throughout the season for all the players. Of course, the “Jets Game Highlights” section will also be updated each week with the new clips and the depth chart will always be changed accordingly.

2009 NFL Predictions

Drum Roll, please…

AFC East

  1. New England: 12-4
  2. New York Jets: 10-6 (Wild Card)
  3. Miami Dolphins: 7-9
  4. Buffalo Bills: 7-9

AFC North

  1. Pittsburgh Steelers: 12-4
  2. Baltimore Ravens: 11-5 (Wild Card)
  3. Cincinnati Bengals: 6-10
  4. Cleveland Browns: 5-11

AFC South

  1. Indiannapolis Colts: 11-5
  2. Tennessee Titans: 8-8
  3. Houston Texans: 8-8
  4. Jacksonville Jaguars: 7-9

AFC West

  1. San Diego Chargers: 12-4
  2. Denver Broncos: 7-9
  3. Kansas City Chiefs: 5-11
  4. Oakland Raiders: 3-13

NFC East

  1. Philadelphia Eagles: 12-4
  2. New York Giants: 11-5 (Wild Card)
  3. Dallas Cowboys: 8-8
  4. Washington Redskins: 7-9

NFC North

  1. Minnesota Vikings: 10-6
  2. Green Bay Packers: 10-6 (Wild Card)
  3. Chicago Bears: 8-8
  4. Detroit Lions: 3-13

NFC South

  1. Atlanta Falcons: 11-5
  2. Carolina Panthers: 10-6
  3. New Orleans Saints: 10-6
  4. Tampa Bay Bucs: 5-11

NFC West

  1. Arizona Cardinals: 10-6
  2. Seattle Seahawks: 9-7
  3. San Francisco 49ers: 6-10
  4. St. Louis Rams: 4-12
  • AFC Champs: San Diego
  • NFC Champs: Philly
  • Super Bowl Champs: Philly
  • Offensive POY: Adrian Peterson
  • Defensive POY: DeMarcus Ware
  • NFL MVP: McNabb/Rivers/AP/Brady…can’t decide
  • Offensive Rookie: Hakeem Nicks/Jeremy Maclin/Knowshon Moreno….can’t decide
  • Defensive Rookie: Aaron Curry

Highlights 2008 NFL Season