New York Jets – Quarterback Deadlines?

Joe Caporoso with thoughts on potential quarterback deadlines for the New York Jets

The New York Jets report to training camp the day after tomorrow and yes Ryan Fitzpatrick is still unsigned.

A Daily News article today gave a headline impression there was recent movement in negotiations. Yet, the body of the article states the Jets have made one other offer outside of their widely reported 3 year, 24 million dollar contract, with no indication that it happened recently. (it apparently did not). 

What are internal deadlines to keep an eye on and how could both sides continue to posture?

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Training Camp 2016 – New York Jets To Watch

Sean Walsh looks at three New York Jets who could be poised for a big training camp in 2016

Here are three players to keep an eye on when training camp kicks off for the New York Jets in 2016…

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