Turn On The Jets Saturday Afternoon Thoughts


Considering training camp is about to start up, let me take this opportunity to give some thoughts on the Jets, TOJ, and other topics.

1. Everybody take the time to visit TOJ friends The Green Lantern (http://wcbstv.com/capellini) and JetsTwit (http://jetstwit.com/)…Jeff Capellini and Erik Manassy are doing quality work and can be followed on Twitter @GreenLanternJet and @e_man. Of course you should also be following Turn On The Jets on Twitter @TurnOnTheJets.

2. Shout out to the great work being done by Manish Mehta at The Jets Stream for The Daily News, the site has been terrific since he took over. I am looking forward to bothering him for quotes and information when I head out for the Florham Park and Hofstra practices.

3. The Jets Blog…why have you stopped linking my articles and why won’t you put my link on your sidebar like I kindly requested?

4. I am surprised more people don’t agree with me about the Mark Brunell/Kellen Clemens backup quarterback situation. Why is everybody so confident Brunell can handle major playing time if Sanchez gets hurt at this portion of his career in a new offense?

5. New Turn On The Jets TV coming this Monday…Frequent Turn On The Jets radio appearances coming in August with (www.profootballnyc.com) and hopefully the New York Sports Exchange. Also the first batch of TOJ shirts is being produced in the next couple of weeks and will be perfectly designed to increase your swagger and piss off Giants, Patriots, and Dolphins fans.

6. I am almost done with Season 5 of The Wire, stop what you are doing and go buy the complete box set. After you do that, go buy the box set of Lost.

7. Anybody else wonder what Biggie and 2pac would think about the most popular rapper in America being a child actor from Toronto? I won’t lie, I like Drake’s new CD but I am much more excited about the upcoming Game and Kid Cudi CD. Also when is Detox coming out? Dr. Dre has been talking about this CD for 8 years.

8. It sounds like Chris Paul probably isn’t coming to the Knicks after all…whatever we have Toney Douglas and Andy Rautins at guard.

9. If you are drafting one Jets receiver for your fantasy roster, take Jerricho Cotchery. If you take Shonn Greene, expect 1200-1300 rushing yards but not much else. I don’t think he will have high touchdown numbers and he has worse hands than Justin McCariens.

10. Remember there is a preview of Hard Knocks coming up on July 28th. I see the Emmy for Rex Ryan already.