“Super Fast Friday”: Jets vs. Bucs

Daniel Marcus with some final notes on the Jets vs. Bucs week 1 match-up

In “Super Fast Friday” Daniel Marcus will make a final collection of notes and links heading into the New York Jets upcoming game. Here is the week 1 edition. 

It has become well-known to those in and around the New York Jets beat that Rex Ryan call his Friday press conference “Super Fast Friday” because at that point every question about Sunday’s match-up has likely already been asked and he can typically get out of there in about 10 minutes or so. In that same vein, by the time Friday comes around most Jets-related media outlets (ourselves included) have beat Sunday’s game to death so this will be the most succinct and to-the-point post game-related post of the week, where we give you everything you need to know for this week’s game and maybe a little bit extra

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