Jets Free Agency Reaction – One Week Later

Stephen Zantz offers his thoughts on Week 1 of Jets Free Agency.

The first week of free agency is officially in the books.  The Jets were active but not overly aggressive for some of the higher priced free agents. Some needs were filled but there are plenty of holes that remain on the current roster. I know this isn’t a finished product, but I wanted to provide my initial thoughts to the moves one week in.


Draft SZN: Deshaun, Defense, and the Draft

Stephen Zantz, James Kuntz, and Joe Belic discuss Deshaun Watson, the Jets Defense, and several other draft topics.

On this action-packed episode of Draft SZN, James Kuntz and Joe Belic are joined by guest host Stephen Zantz for a discussion of:

-Compensation and draft implications of a Deshaun Watson trade

-How CJ Mosley’s return will elevate the Saleh defense

-Saleh’s influence on the draft

-Best running back prospects for an outside zone system

-A very talented Minnesota receiver


Who Might Join Robert Saleh’s Staff?

Stephen Zantz highlights several coaches who might join Robert Saleh’s staff.

It’s an exciting day for the Jets as they have hired Robert Saleh to be their new head coach. Jet fans never thought Saleh was seriously in play prior to the process due to his ties to Detroit and high demand from other teams. Be as it may, Joe Douglas did his magic and locked Saleh up for 5 years. Now that Saleh is in the building, I’ve highlighted a few potential staff additions.


The History Of Why Adam Gase Was The Wrong Choice

Stephen Zantz

The Jets are 3 weeks away from potentially (and very likely) becoming the 3rd team in NFL history to finish 0-16. Adam Gase is a major reason why this franchise has taken multiple steps backwards instead of forwards. I have highlighted all the events that led to this point and his inevitable firing on January 3rd or 4th.


Way Too Early – Who Should Be The Jets Next Head Coach?

Stephen Zantz looks at the New York Jets top HC candidates for 2021

The results on Sunday don’t matter for the New York Jets anymore. Since there is nothing to takeaway from this QB play or team in general, I came up with the way too early list for who should be the next head coach. Adam Gase is a dead man walking


New York Jets – Why is Adam Gase Still Employed?

Stephen Zantz asks the question on every New York Jets fan’s mind…

Typically, my weekly piece surrounds a dive into Sam Darnold’s performance.  The TOJ readers deserve something better than a dive into a 35-year-old Joe Flacco. Considering Darnold is week to week, I decided to write a glowing review about this “brilliant offensive mind” of a head coach.


The Sam Darnold Deep Dive Week 2 – San Francisco 49ers

Stephen Zantz with a deep dive on Sam Darnold in week 2 against the San Francisco 49ers…

The Jets hosted the San Francisco 49ers today and might as well stayed in the locker room because there wasn’t much of a fight. The Jets fell to the Niners 31-13 but the score is much closer than the game actually was. Here is the deep dive of Sam Darnold’s performance. FIRE ADAM GASE


The Sam Darnold Deep Dive: Week 1 at Buffalo

Stephen Zantz with a closer look at Sam Darnold’s statistical performance in week 1 vs the Buffalo Bills…

This will be my weekly column discussing the performance of Sam Darnold. The Jets traveled to Buffalo today fell to the Bills 27 – 17. Here is the deep dive of Sam Darnold’s performance.


Initial Reaction – Le’Veon Bell vs. Adam Gase

Stephen Zantz with thoughts on the New York Jets scrimmage from yesterday….

The Jets played a game yesterday against themselves and still found a way to generate negative media attention. Le’Veon Bell was limited to 3 plays during the intrasquad scrimmage before being pulled by the coaching staff due to “hamstring tightness”. This led to Bell expressing his dissatisfaction with Gase’s decision on Twitter. Here is my initial reaction to this ugly situation.


New York Jets – Trade Ideas To Improve Wide Receiver

Stephen Zantz with three trade proposals to help the New York Jets at receiver…

The Jets have a major depth problem at the receiver position. I mentioned this last week when writing about Chris Hogan signing with the team. I composed a few trade scenarios to get the Jets some help at their biggest need less than 3 weeks before kickoff.