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I wish I had a better understanding of all the ins and outs of the issues at stake in the current labor negotiations. Fortunately, my good friend at Pro Football NYC John Fennelly put together this fact sheet, which breaks down everything in a concise manner —

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All of the following is from Fennelly —

Current CBA

$9,000,000,000 billion in annual revenue

Owners get $1,000,000,000 billion ($31,250,000 million per team) off the top

Players Currently Get = $4,800,000,000 billion ($1,900,000 million per player – 2,500 active players)

Current Remaining Revenue = $2,200,000,000 billion (this likely goes to the league for operating expenses and salaries)

NFL & Owners Want

18 game season

Rookie Wage Scale

NFL & Owners Propose Additional Cut for Operating Costs = $1,000,000,000 billion ($31, 250,000 million per team)

NFL & Owners Proposes Player Reduction to = $4,200,000,000 billion or $1,680,000 million per player (total of 2,500 active players)

NFL & Owners Propose Increase to $2,800,000,000 billion


No 18 Game Season

Increased chance of injuries (Current average number of players on Injured Reserved each season is 20%)

Reduction of Average Career from 3.3 years to 2.8 years

Average player will not achieve Free Agency (Player is eligible for Free Agency after 3 years)

Decrease in Health Care – Players eligible for post career health care after 3 years in the league

Potential Lost Revenue to NFL and Teams if there is a Work Stoppage

Revenue lost as of March 4th = $120,000,000 million

Revenue lost as of August = $350,000,000 million

Revenue lost as of September = $1,000,000,000 billion

Revenue per lost game for the season = $400,000,000 million

Total Potential Revenues Lost


$6.8 Billion Dollars


$4.2 Billion Dollars

Revis, Come On Home


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1. The Jets will be on the practice field at 6 PM tonight at Hofstra University and of course Hard Knocks is on at 10 PM tonight.

2. Listen in at this exceptionally long link — at 8 PM, to hear TOJ talk Mangold, Revis, and every other Jets topic you could possibly imagine.

Revis, Come On Home

I am fully on the bandwagon of Darrelle Revis signing a new contract by the end of the day on Thursday. I don’t care if every Jets beat writer is reporting Revis and the team didn’t meet last night. All I know is I am seeing:

  • The TIm Cowlishaw initial report about Revis signing this week.
  • ESPN 105o’s Bill Daughtry confirming the Cowlishaw report with a separate source.
  • AOL Fanhouse confirming the report with a separate source.
  • The New York Post – Revis is close to signing a 10 year, $150 million dollar deal, with $65 million dollars guaranteed.
  • CBS New York/WFAN – Revis is close to signing the above mentioned deal.
  • Pittsburgh KDKA – Reporting the above mentioned deal.
  • Multiple sources are reporting Revis recorded a television interview last night.
  • A source from OCNN giving me a strong impression that a Revis deal is coming by the end of the week.

PhotobucketWishful thinking? I don’t know but to me, it seems like where there is smoke, there is fire. I am not expecting some type of announcement syncing up with Hard Knocks. However, whether it will be tonight, tomorrow during the day, or some time tomorrow night, Revis will sign a contract somewhat near the parameters being reported by multiple media outlets. The Jets and Revis have reached their breaking point and are going to get him in by the point where he still has a chance to play at his normal level in 2010. If we start getting late into next week or after the fourth pre-season game, Revis isn’t going to be an island, for at least the beginning part of the season. He is either going to get hurt (and he still may get hurt from missing 24 days) or struggle to maintain his high level of play. Wishful thinking? Maybe, but I think Revis is ready to get back to football and the Jets are ready to cough up the money and get their best player in.

Yes, Woody Johnson isn’t commenting on the situation and either are people around the team. They did go into a media silence over the negotiations. They probably didn’t meet last night with Revis’ representatives but that doesn’t mean this offer wasn’t floated out there by one of the two sides recently and the other side saw around this date as the time to give in.

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