TOJ Instant Reaction: The New York Jets & Jamison Crowder on a Contract Restructure

Stephen Zantz offers his thoughts on Jamison Crowder’s contract restructuring.

It’s a been a quiet time in Florham Park as the Jets are about to open mini camp. The biggest storyline has been Jamison Crowder refusing to show up to the facility after the team asked him to take a paycut. Joe Douglas and Crowder appeared to find a middle ground as Ian Rapport reported the two sides agreed on a restructured deal before Crowder hits free agency after the season. Here’s my initial reaction to this news.


TOJ Pod f/t Marcus Spears of NFL Live & ESPN

On this episode of TOJ Pod, Will Parkinson chats with Marcus Spears of ESPN and NFL Live about the New York Jets.

On this episode of the Turn on the Jets podcast Will Parkinson is joined by Marcus Spears of NFL Live, Get Up, and First Take as they discuss topics such as:

– Jets moves in Free Agency
– LSU Stories
– Best Trash Talker on the Cowboys
– Lebron vs MJ
– Transitioning to TV


Jets Free Agency Reaction – One Week Later

Stephen Zantz offers his thoughts on Week 1 of Jets Free Agency.

The first week of free agency is officially in the books.  The Jets were active but not overly aggressive for some of the higher priced free agents. Some needs were filled but there are plenty of holes that remain on the current roster. I know this isn’t a finished product, but I wanted to provide my initial thoughts to the moves one week in.


TOJ Instant Reaction: The New York Jets Sign WR Corey Davis & EDGE Carl Lawson

DA Osorio provides his take on the Jets’ first day of free agency.

The New York Jets, armed with a treasure trove of cap space, made their first two big splashes in free agency by signing former first round Wide Receiver Corey Davis from and a TOJ favorite going back to his Auburn days in former Bengals EDGE Carl Lawson. The contracts are a 3 year, $37.5M deal with $27 million guaranteed for Davis and a 3 year, $45M with $30M guaranteed for Lawson.

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Free Agency Frenzy: Joe Douglas Finds Himself in a Lucky Spot

Stephen Russo shares his thoughts on the Jets before free agency begins.

We are on the brink of the most exciting time in a Jets fans’ world… NFL Free Agency. With the always confusing oxymoron of “legal tampering” beginning Monday at noon, the entire fanbase is set to refresh twitter 5,000 times a day waiting for Adam Schefter to break the news that the Jets are signing every free agent they’ve been linked to for the past 4 months… or maybe that’s just me. While the games that they have actually played over the last decade have left much to be desired, the month of March typically brings the excitement that has filled that void for us fans, and it is set to live up to expectation yet again in 2021. However this time, it’s just a little different. The Jets and Joe Douglas find themselves in a very rare and fortunate position.

As Free Agency begins and kickstarts the offseason, the Jets have money to spend in a buyer’s market. The team has holes to fill in a lot of places – basically everywhere except for left tackle and interior defensive line. The free agent pond is stocked with potential targets that would immediately improve the Jets barren roster. Targets at interior offensive line like Joe Thuney and Corey Linsley. Top wide receivers will be on the market like JuJu Smith-Schuster, Kenny Golladay and Curtis Samuel. Their long-awaited solution at edge rusher could be solved with Carl Lawson, Bud Dupree or Trey Hendrickson – or a combination of them. Teams aren’t built through free agency, but it sure is a good way to add necessary pieces. Joe Douglas finds himself in a favorable position where his team has the 3rd most cap space in the NFL ($22M more than the 4th ranked team and with more potential depending on roster moves) in a year where the salary cap was reduced and many teams are doing everything they can to get themselves out of the red. Douglas can take advantage of this market and the Jets rare position to get aggressive and pay the “Jets Tax” to get quality starters into Florham Park to build this roster his way.

The draft is only 6 weeks away and yet again, Douglas is in another advantageous scenario – to his credit. The Jets will have a total of 9 picks (potentially more with a Darnold trade) and 5 picks in the first three rounds. The Jets have many needs, but the positions where they should put value – OL, WR, CB, EDGE – the draft is rich in.

The most important question of the offseason is what will the Jets do at quarterback? Well, whatever the answer ends up being, the Jets are in a good spot. They hold the #2 overall pick in this year’s draft where they will have their pick of 3 legitimate top QB prospects that every Jets fan should be excited about in Fields, Wilson and Lance. That same pick could be the key to land Deshaun Watson, who is a top 5 quarterback in this league already at the age of 25 and is somehow miraculously available for a trade (despite what the Texans say). If they choose to move Darnold, they will almost certainly get a 2nd round pick and another later round pick, and be able to continue to stockpile talent at important positions… a foreign concept to previous regimes. And, albeit the worst of all scenarios, if they choose to keep Darnold, they will undoubtedly get a haul back for the 2nd overall pick and be able to continue to round out this roster with premium capital.

We can only speculate what Joe Douglas’ plan for the 2020 season was. From the outside, it looks like he set it up as an evaluative year where he could take a holistic look at the entire roster and coaching staff, and objectively see what he had and what he needed. Anyone would agree that it turned out better than he could have hoped. Now, he finds himself with a new coach that everyone is fawning over, a boatload of cap space in a talent rich free agent pool where he can outspend almost any other team, and a litany of draft picks at his disposal to rebuild this roster.

Joe Douglas, with a little luck, put himself in a nice situation. It is his job to capitalize. This IS the offseason to do it. The days of 5 year rebuilds are long gone. He has a chance to turn this team into a competitor immediately. No more half-measures, no more saving for a rainy day. The time is NOW.

Buckle up, Jets fans. It’s going to be a wild ride.

TOJ Pod: Interview with Joe Caporoso and Kayla Pace

Will Parkinson interviews Joe Caporoso and Kayla Pace.

On this episode of the TOJ pod, Will Parkinson is joined by Joe Caporoso of Badlands and the founder of Turn on the Jets. In the second half of the episode he is joined by Kayla Pace of CBS Sports about a variety of topics including:

    • Free Agent Targets
    • Potential Veteran Cuts
    • Darnold’s days numbered in NY?
    • Women in Football


Draft SZN: The Jets Will be Super Bowl Contender with this Draft

On this episode of Draft SZN, Dalbin Osorio, James Kuntz, Joe Belic, and Michael Meegan do a live mock draft and fix the Jets’ biggest needs. In this mock, the guys select:

-A high-upside OT

-A dominant EDGE

-A late round CB steal

-Two intriguing RBs

-And a playmaking WR

It’s a can’t miss episode!


Jets Quarter Century Team 1996-2020: Safeties

Will Parkinson provides his Jets quarter-century team at safety.

This is part 2 of the Jets best players over the past 25 years. We will be going position group by position group in addition to front office, owner, coaching staff and even stadium and training camp locations.. There have been lots of ups and downs over the past 25 years but this will highlight the great players as well as the fan favorites and best moves. This week we will be going through the safeties. An exciting group to say the least.


Draft SZN: ConnorMania! Interview w/ Bleacher Report’s Connor Rogers

On this special episode of TOJ’s Draft SZN, the guys interview Bleacher Report’s Connor Rogers and discuss a variety of important Jets topics in detail.

On this special episode of TOJ’s Draft SZN, the guys interview Bleacher Report’s Connor Rogers and discuss a variety of important Jets topics in detail:

-Analyzing the top 4 QBs in detail

-Whether Travis Etienne is a scheme fit

-The importance of EDGE/CB for Saleh

-Discussing fan questions

-Diving deep on the 2021 WR draft class

It’s an episode you’re not going to want to miss!