On The New York Jets’ “Need” At Wide Receiver

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets perceived “need” at wide receiver

Heading into the NFL Draft, the New York Jets two biggest needs were tight end and cornerback. After those two, outside linebacker, safety and wide receiver fell in some order of similar importance. The Jets added their tight end in the second round by stealing Jace Amaro with the 49th pick and added a third and sixth rounder at cornerback (we’ll discuss McDougle and Dixon more in the coming days). However, let’s today focus on their current collection of wide receivers and pass catchers in general…and why this “need” may be overstated.

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New York Jets 2014 NFL Draft – Day 3 Review

Joe Caporoso reviews all of the New York Jets day 3 selections in the NFL Draft

The New York Jets stayed put yesterday and added nine players in the 2014 NFL Draft. A big thanks to Cole Patterson and MIke O’Connor for ripping through initial pick breakdowns yesterday. Here are my brief thoughts on each player, with more overview and in-depth analysis on the way throughout the week…

Please note that “players who should be most worried” is just the phrase I am using to identify the players who will be pushed most by each specific pick in training camp. Also the NFL player comparisons don’t necessarily mean I think this pick is going to turn into that guy in terms of production, etc…it is just meant to paint a clearer picture of his game. 

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Turn On The Jets LIVE NFL Draft Coverage

Live coverage of the 2014 NFL Draft from Turn On The Jets

Couldn’t make it to Five Mile Stone tonight? DON’T WORRY. Our NFL Draft show is streaming right here! 

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New York Jets 2014 NFL Draft: Final Thoughts, Observations, Predictions

Joe Caporoso with a final batch of New York Jets thoughts, observations and predictions heading into the 2014 NFL Draft

It has been an excruciatingly long wait but we are here. NFL Draft weekend. This is an absolutely critical three days for the New York Jets. Let’s jump right into a final batch of observations, predictions and whatever information I have been able to gather, which is likely all smokescreens anyway!

We’ll have our live fan podcast streaming on the site tonight if you can’t make it out to Five Mile Stone in NYC. Also we will have a running article from Connor Rogers.

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NFL Draft 2014: Turn On The Jets Staff Mock Drafts

The Turn On The Jets staff gives their 2014 mock drafts

The Turn On The Jets staff presents their final mock drafts of 2014. WE MADE IT. Let’s hear your mocks in the comment section below! We’ll be happily congratulating and calling out everybody for their right and wrong picks during our live draft night podcast. We hope to see all of you there and if not, you can follow our live coverage right here at TOJ!

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Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – NFL Draft! Almost There Edition…

Joe Caporoso with the final Turn On The Jets 12 pack before the NFL Draft

We just about made it! The NFL Draft is a few short days away. It is a more exciting year than usual for the New York Jets who are stocked up with 12 picks. We hope to see as many of you as possible at our Draft Party/Live Podcast/NYC Sports Bar Super Casual Hang. Let’s hop right into the GUN HILL BREWERY 12 PACK

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NFL Draft Buzzword Translator

The NFL Draft Buzzword Translator

The 2014 NFL draft is six days away, which means we are nearing the end of HOT TAKE SEASON! Over at The Whistle, we created a NFL Draft buzzword translator to assist the younger generation of sports fans navigating the BUZZWORDS most frequently heard this time of year. Beyond that, this was a chance for me to wear a suit to work, yell loudly and show off my average at best acting skills. Leave any buzzwords we missed down below in the comment section and check back later in the day for our final 12 pack of New York Jets observations and predictions before the NFL Draft. 

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2014 NFL Draft Top Five Series: The Cornerbacks

Connor Rogers ranks the top five cornerbacks in the NFL Draft

After failing to land a top notch corner in free agency, the Jets may look to add one early in the draft. Let’s take a look at the five best cornerbacks in this year’s draft. Continue reading “2014 NFL Draft Top Five Series: The Cornerbacks”

New York Jets Writers – NFL Draft Roundtable

A group of New York Jets writers project their first two picks in the NFL Draft

Less than two weeks before the NFL Draft, we asked a group of our favorite writers who cover the New York Jets to project the team’s pick in the first two rounds. We also asked if they thought John Idzik would potentially use a draft pick to swing a trade for a veteran, similar to the move he made for Chris Ivory last season. A big thanks to all our participants and make sure to give them a follow on Twitter. Our commentary on the questions is included at the bottom: 

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2014 NFL Draft: Five “Rex Ryan” Prospects

Although the front office controls a majority of the NFL Draft operations, head coach Rex Ryan still has a strong input on selections (see Milliner, Dee and Richardson, Sheldon). Who are a few players Rex has his eye on in this year’s draft? Let’s take a look: Continue reading “2014 NFL Draft: Five “Rex Ryan” Prospects”