Zach Wilson Rookie Year Review

Michael Meegan assesses Zach Wilson’s rookie performance and answers the question of where we go from here.

Zach Wilson’s rookie year is complete. He finished with 9 TDs, 11 INT’s,  55.9 completion percentage, and 2334 passing yards. He added 185 yards on the ground and 4 rushing TDs over his 13 starts.

How would I describe Zach Wilson’s rookie year? One word–bad. “Save Article, closes word press, shuts computer and goes to a dark room to weep about the scary thoughts that the Jets still do not have a franchise QB.”  Now is that harsh on Zach after he got injured during this season? Yes, it is. However, Zach did have a lot of positive and negatives that need to be discussed in detail.


1st & 10: Early Off-Season Thoughts

Stephen Russo offers his early offseason thoughts on the New York Jets


There is not much you can take away from the Jets season finale against the Bills. Sure, the offense set a franchise low for yards in a game with 53 – but having a subpar offensive output was expected with Zach Wilson having a JV squad to throw to (I’m being generous) and Jamison Crowder getting hurt in the first quarter. The Jets, by enlarge, were outmanned at every position on the field but managed to keep this a 13-10 game into the 4th quarter, on the road, in terrible conditions, against a very good team that was playing for the division title. If we’re going to take anything away from this game, it should be fight they showed in a meaningless game. 


Make or Break Off-Season For the Jets

Will Parkinson on why this offseason is truly “make or break” for the Jets.

Many times in Jets history and specifically the past decade, fans and media members use the term “make or break” when it comes to the Jets and what many consider the Jets time to shine, free agency and the draft. Under Joe Douglas’s regime the Jets are 13-35 and 2-15 (Pending Sunday 2-16) in the AFC East and haven’t won an AFC East game since a meaningless week 17 victory over the Matt Barkley led Bills in the rain. To make the picture even bleaker the Jets haven’t been to the playoffs since 2010 and have had 1 winning season since 2010. Safe to say things have been truly pretty brutal for the Jets but 2021 offered up a chance for true change from top to bottom. In the past the Jets have gone with the quick fix method, the long rebuild method and neither of them have worked. Robert Saleh, Joe Douglas and Zach Wilson as a trio gave fans a reason to hope going into this season. While things haven’t gone fully according to plan things are finally ticking up for a franchise who has experienced almost solely negativity for a decade. 


TOJ’s Burning Questions Heading into Jets-Bills Part 2

Stephen Zantz tackles your burning questions heading into Week 18.

In this week’s burning questions column, TOJ Live Co-Host Stephen Zantz will be addressing the burning questions surrounding the team heading into Jaguars week. The Jets fell to the Buccaneers 27-24 which has them at 4-12 on the season.


TOJ’s 1st & 10: Jets QB Zach Wilson Goes Toe to Toe with The Goat!


I don’t know what narrative the readers follow regarding Zach Wilson, or what their ideal scenario was for this Jets team prior to draft night, but if you can’t see the steps forward from this young quarterback then I think you simply don’t like him.

22-year-old Zach Wilson just went punch for punch with Tom Brady and should have beaten him – barring a bizarre miscommunication on a 4th down call. The kid played lights out, turnover-free football for four quarters against the defending Super Bowl Champions, while missing his starting receivers, tight ends, and 2/5 of his offensive line! That, my friends, is progress.

The mere fact that since returning from injury, Wilson has had numerous games (Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Tampa Bay) that are being debated as his best games of the season, is a great sign! Since his return from injury in week 12, he has thrown for 1079 yards, 56% completion, 4 passing touchdowns and 4 rushing touchdowns and has only 2 interceptions! Oh and the Jets have been competitive in every game but one…

This is tangible progress from the rookie and from this team as we close out the season.

& 10…

1. Mike LaFleur called another brilliant game. Kudos to him for getting Wilson in a groove early and continuing to build off of that as the game went on. You can make an argument that MLF has been the most improved Jet this season.

2. The Jets young cornerback group has easily been the most impressive unit on the team this season. I think Bryce Hall is an answer at one spot, and Echols may be another. But at least you know that you have depth pieces for the future, at a minimum.

3. Braxton Berrios should be extended… immediately. What a player.

4. I’m glad we got some clarification on the 4th down play call late in the game… It was a bad decision by Wilson to not go to Berrios on the reverse, but I love the aggressiveness to go for it there. Good by Saleh.

5. A close 2nd place to point #2 above would be the offensive line. This coaching staff has done a great job with this unit, and they continue to get better. There is no bigger proof than having the running game they did today against Tampa Bay with Dan Feeney and Chuma Edoga playing big roles. However, this unit is in no way a finished product.

6. Good for Kenny Yeboah for making plays down the middle of the field. It was nice to see a TE make a catch in the seam. Tight end is the biggest need for this offense to address in the offseason. Joe Douglas should make moves in both free agency and the draft.

7. Is it too much to ask for one game to go by where a Jets receiver doesn’t have a crucial, boneheaded drop?

8. Seeing Robert Saleh need his get back coach to pull him off the field after a Tom Brady sack may have been the highlight of the season for me.

9. The Jets defense actually played well today and held up vs. a good Buccaneers offense. You fault them for giving up a 3rd and 20 and for the final drive, but they held their own for most of the day and deserve credit. Per the usual with this team, it’s an insanely low bar to clear but they did it today.

10. The biggest needs the Jets have this offseason are: TE, IOL, WR, Edge, LB, CB and both safeties. My early feeling is to address offense heavy with 3 of the top 4 picks in the draft and try to solve your defensive problems during free agency.
March and May are going to be so unbelievably fun. I believe that there is a clear vision here from Douglas and Saleh and they realize the need to compete in 2022. The Jets have money to spend, draft capital to play with, and a QB and Coach to build for. This will be a wild ride and it will never fail to entertain us…

TOJ’s Burning Questions Heading into Jets-Bucs

Check out Stephen’s reaction to the Jets’ win over the Jags!

In this week’s burning questions column, TOJ Live Co-Host Stephen Zantz will be addressing the burning questions surrounding the team heading into Jaguars week. The Jets topped to the Jaguars 26-21 which has them at 4-11 on the season.


TOJ’s In The Trenches: New York Jets Defensive Line Review, Week 15

In our weekly In The Trenches series, we’ll focus on the performances of the Jets’ offensive and defensive lines throughout the season. In this edition, Dan discusses the performance of the defensive line in the Jets’ week 15 loss to the Miami Dolphins and preview their week 16 matchup with the Jacksonville Jaguars.