New York Jets Top Five – What Is Wrong With Running Game?

Joe Belic on the problems with the New York Jets running game

For a moment this past Sunday, I was floating on a cloud, and all seemed right with the world. There is nothing sweeter than knocking “big brother” off his pedestal and leaving our shared home with the victory.  Now, it’s time to come back down to earth and look ahead.  

The running game—or lack thereof—is one of many issues that needs to be addressed. 

How do the Jets fix it, and who’s to blame?


New York Jets Top Five – Positions Of Need

Joe Belic with a New York Jets top five on their biggest roster needs

OK, so, Snoopy is dead to me, and preliminary bragging rights belong to Giants fans until the teams meet again on November 10. Regardless, Jets fans should be elated with how seamlessly the Jets’ first-team moved the ball during the opening drive. Crowder and Herndon performed as advertised, and Sam made all the right moves—well, except for one errant pass, but let’s not get into that. Nevertheless, the second and third teams didn’t fare as well, and many questions still remain. In this week’s “Joe Jet 5,” I breakdown five glaring weaknesses the Jets need to address.  (more…)