New York Jets Therapy Session – Self Mutilation

Cole Patterson with a New York Jets Therapy Session on the penalty plagued win against the Bills.

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Diagnosis: Winning is the cure for everything, or so the Snake-Oil Salesmen that are NFL pundits claim. However, the New York Jets victory over the Bills came at the heels of TWENTY penalties (not including one that was declined and another that was offset). Penalties are mental errors committed by a player that hurt the team as a whole. These little yellow flags are the equivalent of self mutilation for an NFL team. Despite the 300+ yard passer, two 100+ yard receivers, and the 140+ yard rusher, the Jets hurt themselves enough that the Bills managed to tie it up in the fourth. Winning can’t cure this degree of self mutilation and if the Jets keep committing penalties at this rate, the winning won’t continue much longer.

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