It Is Finally Here: Last Thoughts On The Draft


First a few updates:

1. When I say last thoughts on the draft, I mean that if you are only silly enough to not be following Turn On The Jets on twitter (TurnOnTheJets) or on facebook (just search Turn On The Jets and become a fan of the page)…because I will be all over both them all day and night with thoughts/updates. I got my resident draft expert (my good friend Mike “Tiny” Nolan) heading up to my apartment, I got massive amounts of unhealthy food, I got some cheap beer, and I am ready to sit on my couch from about 6 PM to 1 AM.

Photobucket2. You thought I was going to forget my weekly LOST review, right? wrong. Thoughts On Lost Final Season, Episode 13 “The Last Recruit” – Most people weren’t crazy about this episode because it was a transitional one. I can understand those criticisms but overall I thought the writers did a good job of getting everybody in to place for the final arc of action this season (and overall for the show). The Jack/Locke discussion scene was up to it’s usual high standard and it is hard to picture the end of show not being based around some type of showdown between the two of them. In the sideways world, we are well on the way to everybody meeting up at the hospital and Jack curing Locke’s paralysis. The Jin/Sun reunion was…meh. It was nice to get confirmation that Christian Shephard was the smoke monster all along, which most of us suspected. Next week it looks like Jack/Locke’s camp will be finding a way to break out the rest of the main characters from Widmore and his team.

3. Nothing too ground-breaking from Jason Taylor’s press  conference yesterday…just sack the quarterback and we’ll try to forget the past.

4. Flipping around during the draft? Look for the Bulls and Thunder to steal a game tonight from the Cavs and Lakers and for Portland to take a 2-1 lead over the Suns. What can I say? I like the home teams tonight.

It Is Finally Here: Last Thoughts On The Draft

– Despite his agent re-tweeting from some non verifiable fan information, I am still not sure if Terrence Cody to the Jets at #29 makes sense or if it is going to happen. Obviously he would provide some help on the defensive line but you have to worry about the guy staying in shape and he isn’t really versatile enough to slide out to defensive end.

– Final mock drafts in, as compiled by Tim Graham on here (

  • Mel Kiper Jr. – Linval Joseph – East Carolina – Defensive Tackle
  • Scouts Inc – Jared Odrick – Penn State – Defensive Tackle
  • ESPN Blog – Taylor Mays – USC – Safety
  • Bucky Brooks – Jared Odrick – Penn State – Defensive Tackle
  • Charles Davis – Everson Griffen – USC – Defensive End
  • Pat Kirwan – Carlos Dunlap – Florida – Defensive End
  • Rick Gosselin – Patrick Robinson – FSU – Florida State
  • Wes Bunting – Nate Allen – USF – Safety
  • Clark Judge – Taylor Mays – USC – Safety
  • Pete Prisco – Tyson Alualu – California – Defensive End
  • Rob Rang – Everson Griffen – USC – Defensive End
  • Chad Reuter – Demaryius Thomas – Georgia Tech – Wide Receiver

– Let me say right now that I would be furious if the Jets drafted Taylor Mays. This is guy is Vernon Gholston at the safety position. Stay away Mike Tannenbaum…stay away. If you want a safety trade up for Earl Thomas or trade back a few spots and take Nate Allen.

– Isn’t it hard to picture the Jets not making a trade tonight? I don’t know if it will be up or back or if they will move Alan Faneca or Kellen Clemens, but something has to go down.

– Speaking of trades, I got a feeling that Albert Haynesworth and Ben Rothlisberger will be moved. The Steelers have already been calling teams and listening to offers so it almost feels like there is no turning back. Can’t you see Oakland offering their first round pick and the Steelers jumping on that offer?

Most Exciting Thing That Could Happen Tonight – The Jets trade up for Earl Thomas…can you imagine their defense with him roaming around at safety? Wow. What would be the cost though?

You Have To Be Thrilled If The Jets Leave With – Jared Odrick. He would be a steal at #29 and provide instant depth and versatility to their defensive line.

It Would Be A Successful Night If – The Jets found a way to trade Alan Faneca and got their hands on Mike Iupati. I know the Jets line has had good chemistry but Faneca is getting old, his play is starting to decline and the Jets owe him alot of money. For the long term, Iupati alongside D’Brick and Mangold gives the Jets offensive line security for a long time.

You Have To Be Satisfied With – Everson Griffen, Jerry Hughes, Devin McCourty, or Carlos Dunlap at #29.

And with that, I have to prepare for 10 hours on my couch.

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Two Days Can Change Plenty: Wednesday Jets Draft Predictions


First a few updates:

1. If you didn’t read Rex Ryan’s transcript from his conference call with reporters yesterday, go check it out at ( …always an entertaining read to hear from Rex, who speaks about the schedule, Jason Taylor, and trade rumors.

2. Peter King has the Jets taking Jahvid Best in his mock draft. Really? There is no way that is happening.

3. Rich Cimini has moved on from running his popular blog The Jets Stream and being the Daily News beat writer to work for ESPN New York. First off, I am pissed at ESPN New York is hiring every other writer in the area but me, second off Daily News, come find me.

4. Follow Turn On The Jets on Facebook…I don’t have some clever reason today, but just do it.

5. It is being reported that Vernon Gholston will be moving to defensive end next year to back up Shaun Ellis. This move makes sense because Gholston was going to be getting no playing time at outside linebacker with Calvin Pace, Bryan Thomas, and Jason Taylor rolling through. The Jets are thin on the defensive line so hopefully Gholston can bulk up and become an adequate backup…great expectations for the number 6 pick in the draft, right?

6. The Jets are shopping Kellen Clemens…good luck getting a draft pick for him.

Two Days Can Change Plenty: Wednesday Jets Draft Predictions

On Monday I wrote about potential prospects the Jets could be taking in round one at #29, including the likelihood of certain popular players associated with the team to end up in green and white. Yet in a matter of two days things have already shifted, changing the complexion of round one for the Jets. Jason Taylor has been officially signed to play outside linebacker and rumors are swirling that the Jets are looking to trade veteran guard Alan Faneca. With the draft a little over 24 hours away, here are a few things to consider when looking at the Jets in round one:

The Jets interest level in Idaho guard Mike Iupati and Florida center Maurkice Pouncey (who the Jets would slide to guard) obviously increases if they are planning to make a move on Faneca. The only problem is that both players are shooting up the draft board and could be long gone by number 29. Would the Jets trade up for either player? It depends how serious they are about moving Faneca and whether they consider Matt Slauson, Robert Turner, or Wayne Hunter to be adequate in-house replacements. Regardless, Iupati and Pouncey are two names to keep an eye on, especially if either starts sliding into the 20s.

With Jason Taylor on board, I wouldn’t expect the Jets to make any type of move up in the draft to grab Brandon Graham or Sergio Kindle. Both players would be great value at #29 so it isn’t out of the realm of possibility for the Jets to still take either of them or TCU’s Jerry Hughes at that spot. Yet, the likelihood of seeing any other these three players in green and white has decreased from the beginning of the week. Ricky Sapp could still remain a viable option in round two.

Despite Vernon Gholston moving to defensive end, it still remains a high priority for the Jets. Jared Odrick, Everson Griffen, and Terrence Cody all still remain high on the Jets radar. Devin McCourty is still a very real possibility at #29 also. Most people would question McCourty as an option for the Jets initially but remember Rex Ryan loves corners and the Jets nickel back plays about 50 percent of the defensive snaps. I doubt the Jets are comfortable with Dwight Lowery in the nickel role and Drew Coleman at dime back. McCourty could also contribute right away on all the Jets special teams units in coverage and as a returner.

PhotobucketIt is being reported Dallas in love with Texas safety Earl Thomas. The Cowboys are picking at #22 and there are rumors they could trade up to insure getting him. If the Jets really want Thomas, they are likely going to have to leap somewhere around 15 spots to get him, which is going to be costly. Taylor Mays’ name keeps getting thrown around for the Jets at #29. Please…Please…Please, stay away from this guy Mike Tannenbaum. He is Vernon Gholston 2.0 at safety. If you can’t get the safety you want in round one, look at Nate Allen from USF in round two.

 Here are my current thoughts on what could happen tomorrow:

Potential Trades:

  1. Jets Trade Up For Earl Thomas (Likely in 14-17 range) – 15%
  2. Jets Trade Up For Brandon Graham/Sergio Kindle (Likely in the 15-22 range) – 15%
  3. Jets Trade Up For Mike Iupati – (Likely in 14-17 range) – 25%
  4. Jets Trade Up For Maurkice Pouncey – (Likely in 21-25 range) – 30%
  5. Jets Trade Back Into Round Two, Target Ricky Sapp and Nate Allen With Their Two Picks – 30%

Staying Put At #29

  1. Jets get Jared Odrick – 35%
  2. Jets get Jerry Hughes – 35%
  3. Jets get Everson Griffen – 40%
  4. Jets get Terrence Cody – 40%
  5. Jets get Devin McCourty – 40%

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Jets Thoughts: 2010 Schedule, Jason Taylor, Trade Rumors


Crazy day so let’s get right into it:

2010 Schedule – Oh, how far we have come. After being one of the most irrelevant teams in the league in 2007, our Jets will be spending a minimum of five nights in prime time during the 2010 season. Let’s go through the games one at a time with some quick on thoughts on each match-up:

  • Week 1 Vs Baltimore (MNF)– Juicy subplots all over the place as Rex Ryan takes on his former team. Even though he always expresses admiration for his old organization, Ryan is still clearly irked by being passed up for the head coaching job with the Ravens. If you don’t think Ryan relishes having all summer to come up with a defensive attack to send at Joe Flacco and co. on opening night in the new stadium than you are out of your mind. I could already see the Jets sending 8 guys at the quarterback on the first 10 plays. Beyond that, this will be a great test for the Jets right out of the gate against one of the AFC’s best teams. Honestly right now, I’d say Baltimore and the Jets are battling for the #2 team in the AFC behind the Colts.
  • Week 2 Vs New England – I am glad we get to stay at home for the first two weeks against two difficult opponents. The stadium will be rocking as usual against New England, as the Jets look to beat the Patsies in week 2 for the second season in a row. No Wes Welker in this match-up, which obviously helps the Jets because he usually kills them.
  • Week 3 At Miami (SNF) – Hopefully a little prime-time revenge for the Jets down in Miami, as this is the second of three straight divisional games for the Jets. Jason Taylor returns to his former team looking to prove he can still get after the quarterback.
  • Week 4 At Buffalo – The Jets have to take care of business against the Bills, who always put up a fight regardless of how crappy they are.

The Jets get an early tour of the division, along with a difficult week one opponent. However, there is no reason they can’t emerge from the first quarter of the season at 3-1.

Week 5 – Vs Minnesota (MNF) – Oh baby, Favre (he is absolutely coming back) vs. the Jets defense and a pissed off New York crowd on Monday night football. Obviously a tough game against a very good team but I am glad we have them at home. Welcome back Santonio.

Week 6 – At Denver – A tough trip across the country but the Broncos didn’t do much to improve on their 8-8 team from last season. A game the Jets should win.

Week 7 – Bye

Week 8 – Vs Green Bay – Another tough home game. It should be fun to watch Green Bay’s high powered offense go against the Jets top flight defense.

Week 9 – At Detroit – No excuses, the Jets can’t afford a let down on the road against a team of this caliber. Calvin Johnson vs. Darrelle Revis? Get your popcorn ready.

I don’t see any reason the Jets can’t pull out a 3-1 record in their second quarter of games.

PhotobucketWeek 10 – At Cleveland – I’d to thank the NFL for giving the Jets the Lions and Browns on back to back weeks. Rex Ryan against his brother. Eric Mangini against his old team. Jake Delhomme against the Jets defense again? Darrelle Revisis already excited. Braylon returns to Cleveland…probably not hanging with LeBron and his posse.

Week 11 – Vs Houston – Matt Schaub is already crapping his pants thinking about Bart Scott blitzing up the middle after what happened to him last year.

Week 12 – Vs Cincinnati (Thanksgiving) – What better way to end your holiday than to watch Chad OchocincoJohnson and Revis go at one more time. We saw last year the Jets match-up well with the Bengals.

Week 13 – At New England (MNF) – The Jets get a long time to prepare for this game on the road, which is a nice benefit. This should be a huge late season battle for the division lead.

I really believe the Jets can go 4-0 in this stretch. They match up well with the Bengals and Texans and get them both at home. Delhomme should be a disaster again against the Jets defense. Obviously, the game against the Pats is key.

Week 14 – Vs Miami – Back to back huge divisional games late in the year. Hopefully the Jets use these two weeks to close out the AFC East title.

Week 15 – At Pittsburgh – Tough late season road trip…should have playoff implications for both teams. Welcome back Santonio.

Week 16 – At Chicago – The Bears should be better this season and it is a difficult place to play.

Week 17 – Vs Buffalo – We could only hope Erik Ainge is starting this game because the Jets are resting their starters.

The last quarter of the season features two home divisional games and two tough road trips. 3-1 might not be out of the question.

I know at first glance it looks like I am saying the Jets will go 13-3 but I am sure they will slip up and lose a game to Buffalo or another team they should beat once or twice. As of today, I feel comfortable saying this could be a 11-5 or 12-4 team.

Jason Taylor – We all figured this was eventually coming. It was clear Miami didn’t want Taylor back and that Rex Ryan was hellbent on adding him as a pass rusher. I do think he will be used a situational player and Ryan will find a way to get 8-11 sacks out of him. I am not crazy about such a hated player coming to the team and don’t like hearing the talk that his heart is still in Miami but he is an upgrade at the pass rusher position and if he is productive, who cares about what he said in the past? Obviously, this lessens the possibility of the Jets taking somebody like Jerry Hughes or Brandon Graham in round one. However, I still wouldn’t be shocked to see them spend a mid-round pick on an outside linebacker.

PhotobucketFaneca, Ellis, Thomas On The Way Out – Mike Lombardi of the National Football Post created a huge buzz today by saying the Jets are actively shopping Shaun Ellis, Bryan Thomas, and Alan Faneca and will waive them after the draft if they can’t find a trade partner. Rex Ryan shot down the idea in his conference call with reporters today but you never know with Mike Tannenbaum. Honestly, Ryan made it sound that Thomas is the least likely of the three to be moved because he discussed Taylor being used in a situational role at length today with Thomas and Calvin Pace remaining starters. The Jets are already painfully thin at defensive end so I’d be absolutely shocked if they parted ways with Ellis, who is the longest tenured player on the team and a locker room leader. Faneca makes the most sense because he is a due a big chunk of money this year and his play has begun to fall off. However, the Jets don’t currently have an adequate replacement for him unless they draft Mike Iupati on Thursday, than you could say good-bye to Faneca.

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Jets Special Teams Concerns & Draft Talk


First a few updates:

1. Just a short article today to preclude a furious onslaught of draft coverage Monday through Thursday.

2. When is this Jason Taylor decision coming?

3. There is a report out that the Jets offered Denver their first round pick for Brandon Marshall during the owner’s meetings but the deal didn’t get done because the Jets couldn’t work out a long term deal with him. In the end it is probably for the best, considering the lack of risk involved in the Santonio Holmes deal and how the Jets have been able to hang on to their first round pick to add a needed defensive player.

4. I was disappointed by the lack of upsets on day one of the NBA Playoffs…is there a bigger team of cry babies than the Celtics by the way? I am pulling for D-Wade to lead the Heat back for the round 1 upset.

5. Follow Turn On The Jets on Facebook…Not because you want to….because you need to.

Jets Special Teams Concerns & Draft Talk

The Jets didn’t have one of their best years when it came to special teams last season. Whether it was Ted Ginn Jr ripping off two kick returns in a single game or botching three field goal attempts against Atlanta…Mike Westhoff’s unit wasn’t up to their usual standards. Unfortunately it is hard to picture the special teams being any better this year considering the way the off-season has went so far.

First off, the Jets have substantially downgraded at the kicker position. Jay Feely played at a pro-bowl level for most of last season, connecting on 30/36 field goals, hitting a 55 yard yarder and putting up a respectable 11/14 on 40-49 yard kicks. He also contributed on covering his own kicks with 4 tackles and stepped upt a punter in the Jets wild-card game when Steve Weatherford was unable to go. To replace Feely, the Jets currently have Dallas castoff Nick Folk who melted down in 2009 after a pro-bowl season in 2008. Folk was only 6/13 on 40-49 yard field goals and 20/31 overall last year. How could you trust this guy in a big spot? Mike Tannenbaum better be keeping his eyes open for somebody to compete with him training camp.

In two moves that received substantially less press coverage. the Jets let special teams ace Wallace Wright walk and he has been picked up by the Carolina Panthers. Wright has been the Jets top coverage guy the past few years and had 23 tackles on specials last year. They also decided to replace long time long snapper James Dearth with the unproven Tanner Purdum, who to my knowledge has never long snapped in a regular season NFL game. Two quiet moves that could end up making a big difference in a negative way at some point in the season.

A few quick thoughts on the draft:

Photobucket The only way I could see the Jets trading up is if Earl Thomas slips into low to mid twenties. Thomas would be a big time addition to the Jets secondary and could immediately slide next to Jim Leonhard at safety. Beyond that, I wouldn’t be shocked to see the Jets trade back one or two times to add a few more picks later in the draft.

– The most common names you have been hearing associated with the Jets and the draft: Thomas, Brandon Graham, Jerry Hughes, Jared Odrick, Sergio Kindle, Ricky Sapp, Mike Iupati, Terrence Cody.

– Despite the addition of Antonio Cromartie, expect to see the Jets draft a corner by round 4 and don’t be shocked if they add a second one in round 6 or 7.

Earl Thomas Highlights