Matt’s Week Nine Thoughts – Very Happy Jets Lost

Matt Marciano with his week 9 initial reaction to the New York Jets loss to the New England Patriots

I have to say that if this season was a normal season (which is hard to think of the Jets associated with “normal” in any given season) I would have loved to see the Jets wallop the Patriots, especially on Monday Night Football. It is clear that the Patriots are not the team they used to be, especially without Tom Brady, and this was a division in which the Jets could have taken if they actually had a competent coach and quarterback.

Of course that did not happen as the Jets are basement dwellers behind the likes of the Bills, Dolphins and Patriots in the AFC East, which was confirmed by the Jets losing to the Patriots, without having to play against Tom Brady, twice a year anymore, losing this game that they should have won by three points.


What NY Jets Can Learn from Rutgers Football  

Matt Marciano on what the New York Jets can learn from Rutgers…

In addition to being a long-suffering NY Jets fan (that phrase definitely rings true this year), I am also a Rutgers Football fan. I grew up about twenty minutes from Rutgers University in New Brunswick and graduated from Rutgers. Yesterday watching Rutgers win their opening game of the season, in the return of Greg Schiano on the banks of the old Raritan, made me think of what the Jets can learn from the Rutgers football team.


New York Jets Week Six – Another week, Another Horrible Loss

Matt Marciano with a loss vent on the New York Jets 24-0 defeat to the Miami Dolphins

When I was looking at the Jets schedule over the summer, there were a few games that I thought they could easily win. One was the Broncos, who beat the Jets, another one was the Cardinals, who manhandled the Jets last week at home and the third was the Jets basically winning at least one matchup with the Dolphins. Of course, I am 0 for 3 and doubt that the Jets will beat the Dolphins the next time that they play, later in the season at MetLife Stadium, as the Dolphins easily defeated the Jets 24-0, which is the first Dolphins shutout victory in more than six years.


New York Jets – Make Hines Ware Interim Head Coach

Matt Marciano on the right interim HC candidate for the New York Jets…

The New York Jets are even in a bind when it comes to picking an Interim Head Coach if and when they let Adam Gase go before the end of the season. The problem is not that Gase should be fired, he should have been fired already and quite honestly should have never been hired to begin with. The problem is more of who would replace Adam Gase to lead the Jets until the season is over? I have an answer to that question, but before we get to that answer, let’s look at who should have been on staff who would have made the perfect Interim Head Coach for the Jets. 


New York Jets – Removing The Joy From Football

Matt Marciano on the total lack of joy around New York Jets football

The New York Jets from their ownership, to general manager and of course, head coach, continue to embarrass themselves and definitely are making the claim to be the most dysfunctional organization in the NFL. This continued yesterday with the release of free agent bust Le’Veon Bell, who was actively looking to be released from the Jets and even took to Twitter to air his grievances with the team and organization.


Matt’s Week Five Recap – New Quarterback, Same Result

Matthew Marciano gives his thoughts on the New York Jets through five weeks…

The New York Jets once again proved yesterday, in a 30-10 blowout loss at the hands of the Arizona Cardinals, that they are one of the worst teams in the NFL. Even with a new quarterback under center, Super Bowl winner Joe Flacco, the Jets looked just as bad, proving once again that the Jets need to fire Adam Gase now, to give the Jets fan some solace for what has and is going to be an awful season.


New York Jets – Options at Head Coach 

Matt Marciano reviews common names suggested to be the New York Jets next Head Coach…

In an article that appeared yesterday on entitled “If the Jets fire Adam Gase, who will be the next head coach? 5 possible candidates if Christopher Johnson pulls the plug,” writer Chris Ryan looks at potential head coaching options for the Jets if they have the guts to rid fans of the horrible head coaching tenure of Adam Gase.


Matt’s Week Three Takes – Hoping For A Jets Loss Thursday Night

Matt Marcinao with his thoughts and review of the New York Jets week 3 blowout loss

Covering the Jets in a weekly column after one of their games this season has been rather easy and could almost be a column where I cut and paste my thoughts from my previous column from the week before as almost nothing has changed from the week before. Here are some the same storylines that have come and go each and every week – Sam Darnold has regressed and does not look like a franchise quarterback in this league, the Jets defense has been a mess since the departure of Jamal Adams and have I mentioned before the Adam Gase should have never been hired as the Jets head coach and needs to be fired yesterday?


Matt’s Week Two Takes – Jets Keep Getting Worse

Matthew Marciano with observations on the New York Jets week 2 blowout loss

Watching the Jets play another embarrassing game this week, for their home opener, in which they lost to the San Francisco 49ers 31-13, shows just how bad of a season is upon us as Jets fans.

There are many things to point about this week two loss to the 49ers. First off the 49ers were playing, as the game went on, without some of their star players, such as Quarterback Jimmy Garroppolo, WR George Kittle and DE Nick Bosa. Despite some of their best players not on the field from them, the Niners were able to take care of the Jets, which started with the first play from scrimmage from the Niners, a yard touchdown run from Raheem Mostert (who also got injured later in this game).