New York Jets Sign Mike Vick, Cut Mark Sanchez

The New York Jets have signed QB Mike Vick and released QB Mark Sanchez

Today the New York Jets made one move that has been expected for months and one move that has been expected for a few days. Mark Sanchez was released. Mike Vick was signed. The New York Jets now have a very legitimate quarterback competition this summer and a more proven backup for Geno Smith, if the second year player wins out and starts as expected.

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New York Jets Look To Upgrade Backup Quarterback

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets potentially signing Mike Vick to improve their quarterback depth

The New York Jets will be hosting quarterback Mike Vick Friday at Florham Park with hopes of securing him to compete with Geno Smith in training camp. Prior to the visit, the team seems to have leaked their thoughts on Vick’s potential role to the media. Vick will be given the chance to unseat Smith but will not be signed under the expectation of being a starter.

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Where Do the New York Jets Stand Now?

Mike Donnelly with post-game reaction to last night’s Jets vs. Giants game

As the meaningful part of the preseason comes to a close before the Caleb Schlauderaff and Ellis Lanksters of the football world battle it out against the Eagles in the last tune-up game before Week 1, the New York Jets unfortunately still have plenty of questions that need to be answered. The less-than-thrilling victory over the Giants in last night’s game did little to resolve these questions, and the Jets face a lot of uncertainty as the game that actually counts against Tampa Bay looms just two weeks away.  Continue reading “Where Do the New York Jets Stand Now?”

New York Jets Quarterbacks – Who Gives A Better Chance to Win?

Dan Marcus on what New York Jets quarterback gives the team the best chance to win

With the Jets Quarterback “Competition” coming (hopefully) to an inevitable culmination sometime after Saturday’s preseason game against the Giants, the length of time it has taken to arrive at any type of decision has caused a stir among members of the media. The Daily News’ Manish Mehta went so far as to call the whole thing a “farce,” a charade orchestrated by John Idzik to make it seem as though his Second-round draft pick wasn’t merely being handed the job. With Manish, I really can never be sure if he’s operating on information from one of his infamous unnamed sources or if it’s merely conjecture. Thus far, to the objective observer, it seems as though Sanchez is the “leader in the clubhouse” to get the nod Week 1 but according to Mehta’s report, all Smith needs to do is play a couple quarters of mistake-free football and the job is his.

Call me skeptical but I just have a tough time believing this, considering that Smith has not showed much (if at all) to prove that he 1) deserves the job and 2) can handle the rigors associated with being a Rookie QB in the NFL. If you ask me, there are two questions that the Jets’ brass and fans alike need to ask themselves before deciding who they want under center Week One:

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Turn On The Jets Stock Watch – Preseason Week 2

Mike Donnelly with a Turn On The Jets Stock Watch on the New York Jets heading into week 2 of the pre-season

As the Jets head into their second preseason game against the Jacksonville Jaguars, there are plenty of issues surrounding the team. First and foremost is obviously the quarterback situation, but that is far from the only position battle that will determine the success of the 2013 Jets. Let’s go ahead and do some more buying and selling of all things Jets.  Continue reading “Turn On The Jets Stock Watch – Preseason Week 2”

TOJ – “What If” Series, Episode 1: New York Jets Don’t Trade Up For QB Mark Sanchez

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio asks “What If?” – The New York Jets Didn’t Trade Up For QB Mark Sanchez.

Missing on a first round quarterback, especially one drafted by a rookie Head Coach to be “the man” for your franchise going forward, is probably the quickest way to get fired. John Harbaugh and Mike Smith attached their coaching careers to Joe Flacco and Matt Ryan respectively, and have had varying degrees of success with Flacco leading the Ravens to a Super Bowl this past year and Ryan winning his first playoff game. It is safe to say that Chuck Pagano will be in Indianapolis as long as Andrew Luck produces at the level he’s expected to, and the same came be said about Joe Philbin and Ryan Tannehill. This is why Jim Harbaugh drafted Colin Kaepernick, albeit in the 2nd round, and wasn’t hesitant to hand the reins to Kap despite Alex Smith completing 70% of his passes and leading the 49ers to an 8-1 record upon injury. You want your guy leading your team.

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Turn On The Jets Stock Watch – New York Jets Preseason Edition

Mike Donnelly with a Turn On The Jets Stock Watch previewing the New York Jets pre-season

Ahh, the start of NFL football, it is the most wonderful time of the year! Like little kids patiently waiting on Christmas Eve to open presents the next morning, New York Jets fans everywhere are giddy with anticipation as we prepare ourselves to open up our presents in a mere few hours and see what Santa brought us this football season. Will we open some shiny boxes and find our very own diamond in the rough like Victor Cruz this preseason (Ryan Spadola?), or will we get more lumps of Gholston (Vlad Ducasse)? Will Geno Smith shine as the latest in a long line of possible savior quarterbacks? Or will Mark Sanchez beat him out and try to bounce back from a disastrous 2012?

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Turn On The Jets ‘Let It Go’ – Mark Sanchez Edition

Chris Gross kicks off a new series at Turn On The Jets: “Let It Go” – This week’s edition focusing on quarterback Mark Sanchez

As anyone who follows the New York Jets knows, whether it be closely or casually, there are certain topics that are repeatedly beat to death by the media, fan base, observers, etc. There are numerous issues that seem to be debated back and forth, over and over again, without either side making much progress for the sake of their argument. In this new series here at Turn On The Jets, we will touch upon the topics that fans, media members, and anyone who talks about this team, simply need to let go of. For our inaugural edition of this series, we take a look at why the Sanchez debate has become an enigma and simply needs to stop.

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Is Year 5 Too Late For New York Jets QB Mark Sanchez?

Is year 5 too late for New York Jets quarterback Mark Sanchez to resurrect his career? Dalbin Osorio explores…

Due to the previous Collective Bargaining Agreement, first round quarterbacks were taken to ideally be the franchise quarterback for an extended period of time. If you connected with your pick, you have Peyton Manning or Donovan McNabb and can compete for a decade plus despite glaring weaknesses at other position groups. If you miss, you end up with Ryan Leaf and your franchise is set back for years. Sometimes, you end up right in the middle. You don’t get a savior (Jason Campbell) but you don’t get a bust either (Sam Bradford). Sometimes, you get a guy that leads your team to moderate success before flaming out amid allegations of blackballing and conspiracies (Vince Young) or a guy that goes on and gives you glimpses of why they were a first round QB on another team (Jay Cutler). Is improvement in the 5th year for a QB too much to ask for a former 5th overall pick? Let’s look at how other first round QBs drafted from 2001-2008 have done in year 5 and see if there’s any reason to hope for “Moscato” Mark Sanchez.

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New York Jets Fans Rooting Guide For Training Camp

Mike Donnelly presents the New York Jets Guide To Training Camp – What Fans should be rooting for

With training camp getting started this past weekend, New York Jets fans have been so excited that their thoughts and hopes about the team have been all over the place. Some think that the team is headed toward a top-5 draft choice next year, while others think the team is going to be the surprise story of the NFL and make the playoffs. Some think Rex should be fired, and others think he should get an extension. Some fans are Team Sanchez and others are Team Geno. Well, none of us can be totally sure where this season is headed exactly, but what I can tell you is what you should be rooting for to happen during this training camp (other than no injuries of course). Here is the Jets Fan’s Rooting Guide for Training Camp:

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