Why the FireIdzik Campaign is Stupid + Week 9 Picks

Well, it’s come to this, huh? I guess none of us should be surprised with the fickle and downright crappy nature of most New York Jets fans that a campaign has sprouted up to raise $10,000 (that’s American dollars too) so that they could put up a Fire John Idzik billboard. That’s right, 10 grand for… a John Idzik billboard that nobody will give a crap about. And the insane part is that some people out there are actually donating their money to this! Well, before you open up your wallet and type in your credit card number on their little website to give them your money, do me a favor and read this first. Continue reading “Why the FireIdzik Campaign is Stupid + Week 9 Picks”

Grading the New York Jets 2014 Lineup Changes (Offense)

Mike Donnelly of TOJ grades the New York Jets 2014 lineup compared to last year’s team

Now that the dust has settled after the NFL draft, we have a better idea of what the New York Jets are going to look like when they open up the 2014 season in a few months against the Raiders. General Manager John Idzik faced a ton of criticism during free agency from impatient fans and media types, but it’s clear by now that he has a plan and he’s sticking to it. He’s going to build this team how he sees fit, mainly by building through the draft. 

But just how improved is this year’s team over last year’s 8-8 squad? Well, just as I did a year ago, I’m going to find out by going position by position and comparing last year’s team to what we expect to see come September. And also just like last year, I’m going to use the very scientific and accurate “Tebows” Rating System!  Continue reading “Grading the New York Jets 2014 Lineup Changes (Offense)”

Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Welcome To April Edition

Joe Caporoso with 12 thoughts on the New York Jets heading into April

Most of the focus in the NFL is about to shift to the NFL Draft, which is still over five weeks away. The New York Jets remain flush with cap space and are loaded with twelve total selections. However, their apparent unwillingness to enter the chase for wide receiver DeSean Jackson and continued judicious, guarded approach to free agency has many fans and certain writers frustrated. Let’s break open a Sunday 12 Pack and take a closer look at the team’s thought process and what could be on the way in the coming weeks. As always, follow us on Twitter and Facebook for further discussion and breakdowns.

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Message from New York Jets Brass – It Is a Long Offseason

Cole Patterson on the message from Rex Ryan and John Idzik today about the New York Jets offseason

Put down the torch and pitchfork fans. Take a deep breath. Rome wasn’t built in a day, or ten. Today the New York Jets top men, John Idzik and Rex Ryan, went out of their way to drive that point home. 

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The New York Jets Anti-Offseason

Mike Donnelly of TOJ breaks down what the New York Jets should NOT do this offseason

March has arrived and the offseason rumor mill is in full swing. Free agency is just around the corner and then before we know it, the draft will be here. As we all know, it’s a lot of fun to speculate about what our favorite team will do to improve the roster, and everyone has their own opinion as to how the Jets and John Idzik should go about doing that. Whether it’s on Twitter, fan forums, blogs, or just chatting with buddies, everyone wants to tell you what the team should do. Well I’m not here to tell you what Idzik should be doing this offseason (ok, well, I kinda am…), I’m here to tell you what the the Jets SHOULDN’T do. That’s right, I present to you, the Anti-Offseason Plan! Continue reading “The New York Jets Anti-Offseason”

New York Jets – 2014 Off-Season Checklist 1.0

Joe Caporoso with an overview of the New York Jets needs this off-season

This off-season will provide General Manager John Idzik an opportunity to make his imprint on the New York Jets. Flush with cap space (likely somewhere between 40-50 million dollars) and draft picks (likely 12 total after compensatory selections are handed out), Idzik will have the assets to address the team’s many roster holes. Let’s take an initial inventory of the Jets needs, position by position and examine how they could potentially attack their weaknesses.

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John Idzik: The Man With A Blueprint

When John Idzik was hired as the New York Jets general manager, local beat writers and national analysts painted him in a dull fashion. Seattle’s “cap guy” was everyone’s favorite description, which completely neglected his vast resume as a former VP of football administration. He was Seattle’s representative at league meetings, oversaw player negotiations and transactions, along with day to day football operations, all for a franchise that has nearly perfected the “rebuilding” phase.

With hopes he could develop a plan to elevate the Jets back into the AFC contender they once were, Woody Johnson hired the “cap guy.” What many have failed to recognize is that the Jets have brought in an architect who is ready to execute his blueprint. Continue reading “John Idzik: The Man With A Blueprint”

Stock Watch: Jets Building a Winner the Right Way

It wasn’t that long ago that all of the NFL “experts” and pundits out there considered the New York Jets to be a complete and total joke. The team was considered to be such a “circus” that wouldn’t even be able to find a new General Manager because the job was so undesirable. They were so hopeless that their head coach was on the hot seat and might be fired midway through the season. They had to trade their best player away and didn’t stand a chance heading into 2013, or 2014, or any time soon for that matter. You remember all of that, right? Well not only does that all look silly as the Jets are in playoff contention after seven weeks, but the Jets are in the process of building something great here. And this time, they’re doing it the right way.  Continue reading “Stock Watch: Jets Building a Winner the Right Way”

TOJ: Hey Idzik, Extend Rex Now

Coming into the 2013 season, a popular narrative around the football world was that Rex Ryan was on the hot seat and would be gone in 2014. Hell, many people thought he would be the first coach fired during the season. Some incredibly even called for him to be fired during the PRE-season! According to all these experts, the writing was on the wall: There was a new GM in town who couldn’t possibly want Rex to stay around, and the embattled coach was saddled with a terrible team that had no chance to win enough games for him to keep his job. We heard it all. “Circus… Buffoon… Dead Man Walking…” Well not only did Rex show that he shouldn’t be fired, he’s shown that the Jets should go ahead and give him a contract extension. Not after the season; Now.  Continue reading “TOJ: Hey Idzik, Extend Rex Now”

New York Jets GM John Idzik – Ready For New York Jets Rebuild?

Dalbin Osorio explores if New York Jets GM John Idzik up to task for the New York Jets rebuilding process

“He’s going to do what’s best for the club, period. He’s not going to get bullied or pushed around whether it’s media influence or whatever.”- Seahawks GM John Schneider

When the New York Jets hired John Idzik as the franchise’s general manager, of fans were just thrilled that it wasn’t Scott Cohen and to be rid of “Trader Mike” Tannenbaum. The New York media tried to paint Idzik as strictly a capologist from the Seattle Seahawks with no knowledge of drafting or scouting players, a reputation that didn’t initially endear him to the fan base. Idzik was actually called a “Mike Tannenbaum clone” before even being introduced. However, have no fear Jet Nation because we at TOJ believe that Woody Johnson hired the right man for the job. Let’s take a look at Idzik’s career in NFL front offices and what that can mean for the Jets rebuilding process.

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