Jets vs. Raiders – Final Notes

John Hargaden with final notes on Jets vs. Raiders

The 4-2 New York Jets fly out to Oakland to face the surprising 3-3 Oakland Raiders on the first Sunday of November. Let’s review what the Jets will need to do on both sides of the ball…

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Jets vs. Eagles: Final Preview Notes

Final preview notes on Jets vs. Eagles from John Hargaden

Coming into today’s matchup, the Philadelphia Eagles are looking for their first win of the season vs. our New York Jet. Over the first two weeks, the Eagles have shown serious weaknesses and flaws on both side of the ball. Here are some final preview notes…

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TOJ Jets Link Dump – September 19th, 2015

New writer John Hargaden with a New York Jets link dump for September 19th 2015

Looking ahead to Monday night, no one can say that the Jets have no shot to win against the Colts. Yes, the Colts got demolished against Buffalo. Yes they have a top QB in the league….SO WHAT? Most odd makers have the Colts as a seven point favorite which is too much in my opinion. The Colts could be missing a few key players on Monday including TY Hilton. This is going to be a much closer game than people realize. One of the key players on Monday will need to be Chris Ivory. Keep Andrew Luck off the field.  If you have Chris Ivory on any on your fantasy teams, START HIM….You will thank me later. Follow me on Twitter: @johnhargz

Here are your Saturday links and make sure to check back later in the day for our week 2 fantasy preview, Jets UK Chronicles and more…

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