60 Day-New York Jets Warning – The Jets West Saga

Counting down the reasons to be excited about the 2013 New York Jets season…moving away from discussing Jets West

Here at Turn On The Jets, we decided to take a page out of Robert Mays book over at Grantland (a polite way of saying rip his article idea off) by counting down the 115 days until the New York Jets kick off, with a daily reason to get excited about their return. Mays has the whole NFL to work with, we only have the Goddamn Jets…now there is a challenge, step your game up Mays!

We continue today with a look at moving towards the end of discussing JETS WEST (Note, you can track this entire series right here)

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Jets West vs. Camp Eli: How Much Do Off-Season Workouts Matter?

Steve Politi had a funny comparison between Jets West and Camp Eli in today’s Star Ledger. Basically, while the Jets were enjoying the California sun in a highly organized camp, complete with film sessions, guest accommodations, sponsorships, team contests and field trips…the Giants were slumming around Hoboken high school like a touch football team getting ready for an adult league. (Hey, don’t knock those, I play in one. Go Spirits!)

Just about every team around the league is taking part in some organized workout to stay in shape during the lockout. However, how much of a difference will the quality of the off-season workouts make on the 2011 season? The answer is probably not all that much. Even the best run sessions are still lacking enough attendance to adequately replace OTAs…Basically, you won’t be saying the Jets beat the Giants on December 24th because of Jets West.

Yet, that doesn’t mean Mark Sanchez doesn’t deserve credit for putting the camp together. He is a young quarterback cementing his leadership role on his team. Good for him for taking such good care of his teammates. There is no reason to take anything at all away from the Jets camp because it received so much media attention…like most things the Jets do, it deserved it.

Eli Manning isn’t going to lose any of his teammates respect for the lack of effort he put into “Camp Eli,” which was basically walking down the street from his apartment and saying “hey, come meet me here if you can, bring your own water and orange slices.” It is funny to see the differences between the two camps but getting too deep into their impact is only a result of lockout boredom.

12 Pack Of Jets Off-Season Thoughts – Edition #14

After a one week hiatus for the NFL Draft, the 12 pack is back with twelve assorted thoughts about the New York Jets…

1. Rex, Rex, Rex – The guy is everywhere. He might have did about 4,000 interviews this past week to promote his new book, which I am currently working through. I can tell you already that it is a must read for any Jets fan or anybody who gets a kick out of Ryan’s personality. Yet, if you don’t like Rex, it will be just be more fuel to your fire. He remains true to himself in the book, which is no filter, borderline cocky, and brutally honest. Do I think it is a little much for Ryan to be writing a book two years into becoming a head coach, without a winning Super Bowl? Not necessarily, the guy has enough stories to tell with his long assistant coaching history, being Buddy Ryan’s son, and the amount that has happened in his first two years as a head coach to craft an interesting read, so more power to him.

Very glad to see that Rex didn’t go on Mike Francesa’s show by the way.

2. The People’s Champ – Braylon Edwards popularity with Jets fans has skyrocketed over the past year. His decision to show up for Jets West and even mention taking a hometown discount, when SantonioHolmes was nowhere to be found and has already made it clear he has no interest in signing the Jets tender and wants to go to the team where he can get the most money possible, has only helped Braylon’s popularity. Most fans seem to believe Braylon’s heart is truly in New York and admired the consistency and toughness of his play in 2010. Does that mean he will be back or will take a discount that will actually make a different? Only time will tell…

3. LT Glide – I am going to expand on this in an article for SB Nation later in the day, but you have to love the attitude of LaDainian Tomlinson. How about this first ballot hall of famer taking the time to attend Jets West with mostly rookies and also saying he will embrace being a third down back in 2011? Tomlinson has been a model teammate since joining the Jets and is beyond valuable with the leadership and experience he provides on offense.

4. Tiger Formation – It is was also impressive that Brad Smith decided to show up for Jets West without a contract. There is a good chance he won’t be back next year, as another team will probably offer him more money and a bigger role on offense, yet if he does end up back he will have a jump on getting more reps at receiver if Edwards or Holmes leaves.

5. Too Early On The Compliments – All the beat writers have been raving about fifth round pick Jeremy Kerley, by saying how quick and fluid he looks at receiver. Let’s see this guy in pads and with some defenders around him first before giving him too much credit. I do think he has good potential but you can’t get worked up over any thing you saw at these past workouts.

6. My Two Cents – On the Braylon/Santonio and defensive backs debate I posted earlier this week – I think Holmes is a better all-around receiver than Edwards, but if Edwards will come that much cheaper than it could be a smarter move to bring him back. Beyond that, if Holmes refuses to sign his one year tender as a restricted free agent (if he remains that under the new CBA), then try to work out a trade for him if he isn’t going to be reasonable on his long term contract demands. The Jets don’t need another holdout headache this summer. In terms of the DBs, I think Antonio Cromartie and Brodney Pool should be brought back as starters, and then you go from there depending how much money guys like Eric Smith and Drew Coleman are being offered. The Jets should be able to work out a fairly cheap deal with James Ihedigbo.

7. McKnight Anger – Glad to hear Joe McKnight is “pissed” and that it “added fuel to his fire” when the Jets selected Bilal Powell in the NFL Draft. McKnight should already be pissed about how he represented himself last year. If he has head on straight, he has an immense amount of talent and can be a dynamic playmaker in the Jets offense. Let’s hope the Powell selection helps push him even harder this off-season.

8. What About Powell? – You never know, especially with injuries but I think Powell will likely end up spending many games inactive this season. After LaDainian Tomlinson retires, hopefully he can become Shonn Greene’s primary backup, while McKnight moves into the third down role.

9. Entourage – How does everybody feel about the selection of Scotty McKnight? Does it bother you to see the Jets selecting Mark Sanchez’s buddy or do you think his chemistry with Sanchez and productivity at Colorado will lead to a successful NFL career?

10. Jets/Giants – How much fun is Christmas Eve going to be? Personally, I think Rex stirring the pot on a rivalry that isn’t really there is a great thing and will just make their regular season meeting that much more entertaining. Since Rex has taken over, the Jets have been the better, more interesting, and more entertaining team…let’s just hope that will equal a Super Bowl sooner rather than later because it is going to take one of those for the Jets to truly dominate this town.

11. Lockout – stay…appeal…stay…8th circuit…deny…stay…appeal…the clock is ticking.

12. Weekend Video Clip – More Muhammad Edition

List Of Jets West Attendees

Gathered from the various media members in attendance and of course, Twitter —

  • QB Mark Sanchez
  • QB Mark Brunell
  • QB Kevin O’Connell
  • QB Greg McElroy
  • TE Dustin Keller
  • TE Jeff Cumberland
  • WR Braylon Edwards (arrived late)
  • WR Brad Smith
  • WR Patrick Turner
  • WR Jeremy Kerley
  • WR Scotty McKnight
  • WR Logan Payne
  • FB John Conner
  • RB Joe McKnight
  • RB LaDainian Tomlinson

Not a bad list…especially considering Braylon Edwards and Brad Smith are free agents. I’d like to see Shonn Greene get out there, along with Bilal Powell. Jerricho Cotchery didn’t attend because he is still rehabbing from his back injury. There are rumors that Santonio Holmes will show up but from what I have read, he hasn’t yet.

Note that is Patrick Turner and Scotty McKnight pictured, in case you were wondering.

Jets West: Sanchez Demonstrating Leadership Abilities

A collection of New York Jets players are currently convened in California taking part in a pseudo-mini camp organized by starting quarterback, Mark Sanchez. For the second year in a row, Sanchez has demonstrated his leadership in the locker room by putting together “Jets West,” as he calls it. This year it is particularly important considering the lockout. Outside of the on the field work, Sanchez is organizing classroom sessions to review the offense and various things for himself and his teammates to do around California. For example, a group of them attended the Lakers game last night.

The list of attendees includes Braylon Edwards, Dustin Keller, LaDainian Tomlinson, Mark Brunell, Kevin O’Connell, John Conner, Patrick Turner, Jeff Cumberland, Greg McElroy, Brad Smith, Jeremy Kerley, Scotty McKnight, and Joe McKnight, with Santonio Holmes rumored to be showing up later in the week. It is an impressive effort by Sanchez to put this together and rally this many teammates. Rex Ryan recently commented that Sanchez and cornerback Darrelle Revis will be his captains this year and “Jets West” is just one reason why Sanchez deserves it.

As the Jets starting quarterback the past two years, Sanchez has dealt with the ups and downs expected of a young quarterback. He still struggles with his accuracy and consistency, along with making a few judgement errors. However, the reasons Jets fans should be feel confident that they have their franchise quarterback in place for the next decade is that Sanchez is a winner, plays better when the spot gets bigger, and has both a terrific work ethic and desire to lead. He is the anti-Matt Leinart, which makes Mike Tannenbaum look that much smarter for passing on Leinart in 2006 and moving up for Sanchez in 2009.

“Jets West” should help the offense make up for what time they are losing from the lockout yet more importantly it is another step in their young quarterback’s path to becoming the unquestioned leader of this team.

Joe McKnight…clearly learning from last off-season