New York Jets UK Chronicles – Too Little Too Late

Dave Balcombe with a Jets UK Chronicles wrapping up a New York Jets season that was too little, too late

Was this New York Jets season potentially important to this team’s development and should this season really be considered a failure?

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Jets UK Chronicles – Don’t Underestimate Jets Offense

Nikki Charlesworth with Jets UK Chronicles as the team prepares for their win and in game vs. Buffalo

When Matthew Slater elected to kick off at the start of overtime last Sunday, the NFL world scratched it’s head. When Bill Belichick shed light on the situation it seemed that the Patriots expected that they could stop the Jets’ offense and bring Brady back on the field with decent field position to finish the thing off. Obviously this wasn’t to be, but one thing that is clear is Belichick fell foul of underestimating what has become a competitive team. Sure, the offense did little in the fourth quarter and historically this has been a weak point but in that OT drive Fitzpatrick and the offense showed that this is not a unit to be taken lightly.

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New York Jets UK Chronicles – The Jets Playoff Fate

Nikki Charlesworth with a closer look at the New York Jets prospects for making the 2015 NFL Playoffs

The New York Jets have a lot to feel happy about following the decisive week 14 victory over the Titans. Not just snatching another vital ‘W’ but also the poised way the team performed. With an 8-5 record, the Jets are still alive and kicking in the AFC wildcard race – even Todd ‘we’re just focusing on the next game’ Bowles, acknowledged the playoffs are on the horizon this week. It’s all come down to the last three games, however whether we make it to the post season is not entirely in our own hands.

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New York Jets UK Chronicles – Escaping Mediocrity

Dave Balcombe with a New York Jets UK Chronicles on

After the Jets lost to Houston, large question marks were raised on whether this Jets team could perform when the going got tough…Can they now compete for one of the two wildcard spots in the AFC? Yes. Yes they damn should.

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Jets UK Chronicles – The New York Derby

Nikki Charles with a Jets UK Chronicles on the Jets vs. Giants week 13 “New York Derby”

In the UK a game between two teams based in the same town is known as the local ‘derby’. Unlike in the NFL where currently New York is the only dual team city, English soccer sees these types of games such as on Manchester United Vs City on a regular basis. They garner a lot of hype in the media and passion amongst fans, which often leads to a huge police presence to physically keep fans apart. It got me thinking about the Jets / Giants rivalry ahead of their first regular season meeting since 2011 this Sunday.  Is the rivalry a big deal, or is there much more at stake in this game than local pride? Continue reading “Jets UK Chronicles – The New York Derby”

New York Jets UK Chronicles – Reality Check

Dave Balcombe with a New York Jets UK Chronicles on the Jets quickly disappointing season

Sunday saw the New York Jets surrender almost willingly to the Houston Texans’ recent run of form and leave their overall record at a less than impressive 5-5. Earlier Jets performances and fun filled games the fans witnessed are almost a thing of the past and with near enough one third of the season left, things are now serious. The Jets are still in the hunt for a AFC wildcard space, but with two losses on the bounce, do they need a reality check?

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Jets UK Chronicles – Same Old Jets? No, That’s Football

After an admittedly shocking performance against the Raiders, is it fair to say these are the ‘Same Old Jets?’, Nikki Charlesworth argues it’s not..

The Jets loss last week was amplified by it’s nature; play not befitting a team with one of the highest ranked defenses in the league. It was sloppy and embarrassing and such performances going forward would certainly result in the demise of what has been a promising season so far. However, the conspiracy theories and complaints of the ‘same old Jets’, as a number of fans and analysts sighed, seem premature and smack of defeatism. Beyond the obviously glaring issues which the team are clearly aware of (you couldn’t really miss them), the situation the Jets faced this week is less ‘same old Jets’ , but more ‘same old NFL’.

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Jets UK Chronicles – Play for 60 Minutes

Jets UK Chronicles: With the Patriots on the schedule for week 7, the Jets need to play well for the full 60 minutes

The Jets are currently in a position that is surprising many analysts and fans. Although we expected the defensive success, the 4-1 record, ranking first for rushing and as high as fifth in some power rankings is probably beyond what we sensibly predicted preseason. That’s not to say things are perfect and against a more challenging opponent in the Patriots, one particular weakness from week 6 will needs to be addressed: playing well from start to finish.

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Jets UK Chronicles – London Town Celebration

Dave Balcombe and Nikki Charlesworth on the Jets week 4 win in London and some of their favoured and least favoured experiences from being there personally

The Jets trip to London in week four was a special one and will have it’s place in NFL history. The potential jeopardy behind playing a divisional game outside of the US was quickly forgotten amongst the celebrations and memories made over the course of the weekend. This game marked another success for the International Series, but most of all and fortunately for the Jets another important win, making the trip and extensive procedures taken all worth the effort.

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Jets UK Chronicles – Week 4 – Jets Land in London

Dave Balcombe and Nikki Charlesworth provide their takeaways from Jets’ first training session since touching down in London…

It took the New York Jets just 5.5 hours (thanks to a fortuitous tailwind) to get from NYC to London. To get to Jets practise in West London it took us four hours, several tubes, trains and taxis to travel approximately 20 miles. But make it they, and we did, so here are our takeaways from the Jets first day in London.

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