Initial Reaction – New York Jets Place Franchise Tag On S Marcus Maye

Greg Armstrong With His Initial Thoughts On The Jets Placing The Franchise Tag On Marcus Maye…

Initial thoughts on the Jets placing the franchise tag on safety Marcus Maye… (more…)

Stop Being Scared Of Being Good

Greg Armstrong With A Much Needed Rant As We Approach Free Agency…

A much needed rant for Jets fans after what was transpired over the last few weeks… (more…)

New York Jets – Greg Armstrong Mock Draft V2.0

Greg Armstrong With His New York Jets 2021 Mock Draft V2.0….

Well…we’re here now. The long talked about nightmare of the Jets winning a game and falling out of the Trevor Lawrence driver seat has finally happened. The sky might be falling for a lot of Jets fans with the reality of missing out on Lawrence setting in but don’t fret! This is still a really good QB class. Let’s start diving into draft scenarios that don’t involve Trevor Lawrence with my mock draft 2.o. Continue reading “New York Jets – Greg Armstrong Mock Draft V2.0”

New York Jets – Armstrong Mock Draft 1.0

Greg Armstrong with his New York Jets Mock Draft 1.0…

In a typical year when Thanksgiving rolls around, the Jets are already out of playoff contention and aren’t picking high enough to draft the ever so coveted “franchise changing talent” in the NFL Draft. However! 2020 has been a wild, unpredictable year and while the Jets are out of playoff contention at Thanksgiving (shocker), they have the inside track for the number one pick and the rights to draft a franchise changing talent in Trevor Lawrence. Here’s my Mock Draft 1.0 for the 2021 New York Jets Draft. (more…)

Initial Reaction – New York Jets Release RB Le’Veon Bell

Greg Armstrong With His Initial Reaction To The Jets Cutting Le’Veon Bell…

Just when you thought the Jets couldn’t get any more boring, any more lifeless, any more incompetent…they go ahead and release Le’Veon Bell.


New York Jets TOJ Pick Six – Week One Edition

Greg Armstrong answers your New York Jets twitter questions for week one…

Football is BACK (I had to pinch myself and tried not to get too excited until there was actually football on my tv). We made it everyone. Throughout the year, I’ll be putting out the bat signal for questions on twitter every Tuesday or Wednesday and we’ll do this pick six every week. Thank you to all that submitted questions.  (more…)

NFL Draft 2021 – The Preseason Big Board

Greg Armstrong with his preseason New York Jets Big Board…

While there may be a bunch of college players who won’t be playing this season, unfortunately, it’s still never too early to talk NFL Draft (this is a Jets site). I’ll be updating this throughout the season after I’ve watched more film on guys, when I have more time, etc. But for now, lets start out with an initial 10 person big board tailored for the New York Jets.  (more…)

New York Jets Deep Dive – How To Assess Sam Darnold in 2020

Greg Armstrong with a deep dive on how New York Jets fans should assess Sam Darnold in 2020

Maybe it’s because of the quarantine, maybe it’s because of not having any sports for the last three months or maybe it’s just being noticed more because of the first two but the heat is being turned up on Sam Darnold as he enters his third year. It’s certainly warranted; we’ve seen a good bunch of flashes from Darnold that make you buy all of his future stock of being a top 10-12 QB in the league. Then we see some mind boggling throws and stretches where thoughts creep in of wanting to move on sooner rather than later.


New York Jets NFL Draft Deep Dive – James Morgan

Greg Armstrong with a deep dive on New York Jets 4th round pick quarterback James Morgan

Check out today’s deep dive on New York Jets 4th round pick, quarterback James Morgan…