New York Jets Media Sadness: Gary Myers Edition… Again

Mike Donnelly breaks down Gary Myers’s most recent column in the Daily News about the New York Jets…

As you may or may not know, we are not big fans of the coverage the New York Jets receive from the media in this town. Now, sure, there are some excellent people who cover the team, but there’s just far too much nonsense and garbage floating around out there on a daily basis. To really hammer that point home, I took a Gary Myers column from last August about how Michael Vick should start and basically picked it apart line by line, in the old “Fire Joe Morgan” fashion. (Here is the link to that article: NYDN Sadness: Gary Myers Edition). 

Anyway, a year later, and Gary is still up to his same old awful, awful tricks. Today, he wrote something about Geno Smith and… well, I’m not even really sure what the point of the whole thing was. It was basically a mess, in standard Gary Myers fashion. So let’s dust off the keyboard here and give the worst offender in the New York media the same treatment as last time.  Continue reading “New York Jets Media Sadness: Gary Myers Edition… Again”

New York Jets Debate Club: Geno Smith out, Ryan Fitzpatrick in

New York Jets Debate Club: Cole Patterson and Dalbin Osorio tee off on Geno Smith, IK Enemkpali, and Ryan Fitzpatrick.

The New York Jets Debate Club returns to tackle Geno Smith’s broken jaw and the impending Ryan Fitzpatrick era. Yesterday, a locker room fight erupted between Smith and linebacker IK Enemkpali. Enemkpali broke Smith’s jaw over what amounted to a $600 debt. Smith will require surgery and is expected to miss 6-10 weeks. Enemkpali was released. Ryan Fitzpatrick will enter 2015 as the starting quarterback for the New York Jets. With this information in hand, we at Turn On the Jets present the New York Jets Debate Club, an argument/counter-argument format, to best expound the various cases. Dalbin Osorio  and Cole Patterson tee off.

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New York Jets Positional Preview – Quarterback

AJ Sicignano overviews the New York Jets quarterback position

With the majority of the New York Jets roster set, barring any surprise signings and cuts, AJ Sicignano is going to break down two position groups per week and see where they stand in the AFC East and among the rest of the conference. Continue reading “New York Jets Positional Preview – Quarterback”

TOJ #PickSix – New York Jets QB Geno Smith Top Games

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio breaks down New York Jets quarterback Geno Smith’s top games in this week’s #PickSix

Geno Smith is the starter entering New York Jets training camp. For this week’s #PickSix. here is a review of his top six NFL starts. It is these games that provide some hope for 2015…let’s get into it.

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TOJ #PickSix: 6 Camp Battles for the New York Jets

We’re back with another edition of TOJ’s #PickSix. This week, we are going to look at six position battles that will go a long way towards determining the New York Jets depth chart. 

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TOJ Podcast, Episode 17 – New York Jets Name A Starter Edition

Joe Caporoso, Connor Rogers and Dalbin Osorio talk about Geno Smith and the rest of the New York Jets roster heading into OTAs

The latest episode of the New York Jets Podcast. Joe Caporoso, Dalbin Osorio and Connor Rogers talk about the team’s decision to name Geno Smith the starting quarterback, answer your questions and review the upcoming battles at running back, tight end and safety. Make sure to check us out on Blog Talk Radio and I-Tunes.

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TOJ Film Room/Review – Jets Starting QB Geno Smith

Joe Caporoso with a closer look at New York Jets starting quarterback Geno Smith heading into year three of his NFL career

The New York Jets named Geno Smith their starting quarterback today in a move that should not have surprised you. Let’s look at why they are did this, how Smith performed in his second year as a NFL starting quarterback and where he needs to improve to hold on to his job throughout the upcoming season…

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Mike Vick Should Start With AFC East In Ruins

Connor Rogers lays out why it is time for the New York Jets to start Michael Vick at quarterback.

For the first time in years, the AFC East is a free for all. The Patriots, Bills, and Dolphins are 2-2. The Jets are 1-3. All have had their fair share of poor performances. Three of those 7 total AFC East wins have been against the winless Raiders. Two in divisional match ups. Let’s be up front about this: the AFC East is abysmal at the moment, as bad as we have seen it in quite some time. Continue reading “Mike Vick Should Start With AFC East In Ruins”

New York Jets QB Geno Smith Through 20 Games

TOJ Staff Writer Dalbin Osorio breaks down New York Jets Quarterback Geno Smith through his first 20 games.

There’s been a lot of talk today about how the New York Jets need to bench Quarterback Geno Smith. This comes on the heels of another multiple turnover game. Kristian Dyer wrote a piece last week stating that Geno is not a franchise quarterback. Dyer’s argument was made, in part, because of Geno’s play against the Chicago Bears on Monday night and I’m sure he feels validated in some way due to Geno’s play last week. I’m not here to tell you that he didn’t play poorly. I actually think yesterday was his first very bad game this season, as he looked jittery and hesitant.

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New York Jets Daily News Sadness

Mike Donnelly of TurnOnTheJets critiques a column by Gary Myers of the Daily News calling for Michael Vick to start over Geno Smith for the New York Jets.

As we all know, the media coverage for our New York Jets can be insufferable at times. Sure, there are plenty of very good beat writers and columnists who do a great job covering the team, but too often they get overshadowed by the pure garbage that gets printed, which is a shame.

Speaking of garbage, Gary Myers wrote a column today! It was a doozy too, in which he discussed the Jets “quarterback controversy” while making his case for Michael Vick being the starter. At least, I think that was his premise, because the whole thing was a sloppy mess that ran off the rails pretty quickly. So grab a drink, sit down, and let’s analyze this…

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