New York Jets Game Balls for Preseason Week One – NYJ vs. ATL

Ben Blessington hands out the game balls for the New York Jets week one preseason game versus Atlanta…

In the New York Jets’ first preseason game of the 2018 season there were a lot of things to be excited about. The play of rookie QB Sam Darnold, the first home shutout in team history, and a few unexpected players that made an impact. Here are the players who deserve game balls for their preformance.


Author: Ben Blessington

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Game Balls – “Don’t Call It A Comeback”

The New York Jets finally put an end to their month-long losing streak against the banged up Baltimore Ravens. The story lines heading into this game all centered around the long-called-for QB change to Geno Smith but it was the defense that ultimately stole the spotlight, showing flashes of the turnover-producing, QB-terrorizing unit we grew accustomed to seeing in 2015. As such, we have some metaphorical accolades to hand out, so for the first time this season, let’s paint em up…

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New York Jets Game Balls – “Nicked Up”

Dan Marcus with Game Balls for the New York Jets 28-23 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars

Despite the fact that New York Jets key players were hitting the deck like they were under enemy sniper fire, they still managed to do enough to scratch out a win against Jacksonville. As per tradition, it’s time to hand out some Game Balls:

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New York Jets Game Balls – “We’re On to New England”

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the New York Jets win over the Washington Redskins

It wasn’t pretty by any means but the New York Jets turned it on in the second half after trying their darndest to give the Redskins a reason to stay in this game.This game was probably more of a testament to how bad the Redskins are than any indication of the Jets coming into their own but it is a win nevertheless and as such we have some metaphorical hardware to hand out as we set our sights on New England.

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New York Jets Game Balls – “Cleveland Steamrolled”

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the New York Jets 31-10 over the Cleveland Browns

As with every Victory Monday, Dan Marcus has metaphorical hardware to hand out and some players who are slated for some extra cardio. And without further ado, let’s hand ’em out…

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New York Jets Game Balls: Put Away Your Towels

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the New York Jets 20-13 win over the Pittsburgh Steelers

I didn’t know if I would get the opportunity to write another one of these, given what transpired over the last eight weeks but the New York Jets finally got off the schneid in a big way against the Steelers in what felt like a road game. For those that were in attendance, although it came as no surprise, it felt like Jets fans were outnumbered by a significant margin with the stands awash in black and gold. However, as weird as it sounds, the Jets didn’t give the Steelers fans an opportunity to even get into the game, coming out to a quick start on offense, while the defense managed to do what they couldn’t do all season: turn the ball over. Although they didn’t make it look easy, the Jets came away with their second win of the season and as such here are your oft-imitated but never duplicated Game Balls

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Game Balls: New York Jets – 19, Oakland Raiders – 14

Dan Marcus hands out Game Balls for the New York Jets week 1 victory over the Oakland Raiders

That’s right, it is a “Victory Monday” and your favorite post series you didn’t remember but won’t forget is back.

This game should have realistically been over in the first half but as the New York Jets often do, they made easy things look exceptionally difficult to the tune of 11 Penalties and some bone-headed mistakes. Nevertheless there was enough good that came out of yesterday to see that this team does have promise if they can clean it up. That said, the Raiders are pretty terrible so beware of “Fool’s Gold.” We’ll take the win and move on. Without further ado here are your “often imitated but never duplicated” Week 1 Game Balls…

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Game Balls: “That’s a Wrap”

Dan Marcus hands out some Game Balls for the Jets week 17 victory

This is the most celebrated 8-8 finish I can remember the Jets having with the rumors swirling around about Rex Ryan’s job future, this team really rallied around their beloved Head Coach and did not quit after being eliminated from playoff contention, winning their final two games and knocking the Dolphins out of the playoffs in the process. Despite completely fudging their draft position, the Jets played a great game against the Dolphins and some of the young players took some steps that make you believe the future is definitely bright for this team but enough preamble, let’s finish out the season strong with some Game Balls

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Game Balls: Jets vs Raiders, “We’re Back…Maybe”

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the Jets 37-27 win over the Oakland Raiders

Well it wasn’t pretty but the Jets finally got off the schneid after going over a month without winning a football game, the offense came to life against a beleaguered Raiders team and carried the Jets to a much needed “W.” As far as what this means in the grand scheme of things, as of right now, not a whole hell of a lot but that could all change with a win at Carolina but let’s not hold our breaths. Without further preamble let’s paint up some Game Balls:

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Game Balls: “Saint No Thang”

Dan Marcus hands out Game Balls after the Jets 26-20 win over the Saints

And the Roller Coaster ride that is the 2013 New York Jets season continues as Rex and his bunch shook off the debacle that was the Cincinnati game and pulled off a surprising 26-20 win. At 5-4, the predicted “Worst Team in the League” is sitting pretty going into the Bye Week as they now have two weeks to get healthy and prepare for the Bills whose Quarterback situation is one of the most unpredictable in the league. I won’t even think of uttering the “P” word with seven games to go but the back-end of the schedule is shaping up to be pretty interesting and at the very least, we will see some meaningful football through December. However, before we look forward let’s look back at yesterday’s game and paint up some Game Balls. 

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