2020 Senior Bowl Preview: Offense

Clay Smarslok with his preview of the offensive players in the 2020 Senior Bowl

The Jets are finally getting to the point to where we can call this Joe Douglas’s team, rather than Mike Maccagnan. There are still quite a few stages before we reach that point in time but where it all starts is the Senior Bowl. 


Douglas and his staff; Chad Alexander, Phil Savage and Rex Hogan, can all be expected to be at the event. As we all know, they have a lot of work to do, even if they did finish 6-2 in the second half of the season. This is where they will talk to teams, maybe strike up conversations regarding future deals but nothing is more important than getting the opportunity to watch these 100+ players that could have an impact in the NFL less than 10 months from now.


Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 4

Clay Smarslok with his week 4 college football cheat sheet

We can now put week three of the college football season in our rear view mirrors as week four is already underway with a big Pac-12 matchup kicking us off last night. So far we are starting to get an idea of which teams and players are for real and are gradually fading away. Below we will try to focus on those that are here to stay for the remainder of the 2019 calendar. So without further ado, enjoy this read before you get all lazy and watch college football all day like me, even on my birthday.


Clay’s 2020 NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 3

Clayton Smarslok with his week 3 college football cheat sheet

Unfortunately most Jets fans see this as the end of the season because of all of the injuries. Good news for those people, I am here to help you navigate through the next several months leading up to the NFL Draft in April. This is looking like a strong class, especially in the positions of need for the Jets making it a lot easier for people to cope with maybe another down season.

This past week there were some great performances and prospects popping up on the radar to keep an eye on in this draft cycle. Here are the few that you should remember.


Postseason 2019 NFL Mock Draft

Clayton Smarslok with a postseason edition of his NFL first round mock draft…

We are officially in the New Year and what better way to start it off then a brand new mock draft? With the regular season officially over, the top 20 selections are all set but we’re still waiting to see how the other picks pan out. To pick the placements for the last 12 spots I went on and took the liberty of predicting how the playoffs would finish.


Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 13

Clayton Smarslok with his weekly college football cheat sheet

It feels like the season just started yet here we are at week 13, the last of the regular season. It may be the last week but it is rivalry week, giving us some of the games we look forward to all season long. Unfortunately there were some good ones yesterday but the some of the best were saved for today. Teams have a chance to get a year of bragging rights but more importantly there are championship games on the line and the possibly the last opportunity to extend the season for one more game for many teams, also meaning it could be the last game for several NFL prospects.


Clay’s NFL Draft Cheat Sheet – Week 12

Clayton Smarslok with his weekly college football cheat sheet…

At week 12 we’re getting down to the end of a great season. However, this won’t be the greatest of weeks. With many top contenders playing against teams like Citadel, Rice and others of a lower stature, there aren’t many can’t miss games. But these are the last couple of chances for prospects to show NFL teams what they’re capable of and if they should even make the jump at all.


Clay’s Draft Cheat Sheet- Week 2 Edition

Clayton Smarslok with his week 2 college football cheat sheet…

College Football was finally back last week stealing the show from Thursday night through Monday night. There were ranked teams against cupcakes, top 25 matchups, upsets, and much more. As great as it was, we’re hoping that the great matchups are exactly that from now on and not early blowouts. With that being said, here are some of the top performers from last week and what to look forward to later on today.