New York Jets: Who Do You Blame?

Three game losing streaks are a great time to play the blame game. So who do you blame?

Rex Ryan

Why to blame himHe is the head coach after all…doesn’t spend enough time focusing on offense…big mouth inflates player’s confidence too much. Mike Francesa says so.

Why not to blame himWithout him the Jets would still be a middling, irrelevant team so give the guy a break and a chance to turn it around. He has rebounded from two three game losing streaks in a single season already. Plus he is the man…come on now.

Brian Schottenheimer

Why to blame himIn a Jets fans universe, Schottenheimer is the cause of every problem in your life…more seriously, he has presided over a consistently average offense for six straight seasons…play-calling is predictable and he doesn’t utilize all his weapons enough.

Why not to blame himHe has been dealing with a banged up offensive line, a revolving door at wide receiver, and an inconsistent young quarterback.

Mark Sanchez

Why to blame himLook at his career numbers…he hasn’t grown up enough in three years…still turns the football over too much and hasn’t earned full trust of coaching staff…wears questionable outfits in magazine spreads that disgust Aaron Rodgers.

Why not to blame himHe has been dealing with crappy protection for most of the year…he has answered the bell when given the chance in past years…look at his career numbers, he is a winner and clutch.

Alex Rodriguez

Why to blame him He gets blamed for everything in this market.

Why not to blame himTeixeira sucked in the playoffs too.

The Defense

Why to blame themAlot of hype without the results this year…where you at Bart Scott…how much are you getting paid Calvin Pace…Antonio Cromartie stop getting flagged.

Why not to blame themThey have received no consistent support from the offense since Rex Ryan has taken over.

How I handled a Jets 3 game losing streak in 2009

Jets OTA Thoughts: Safety, Rookies, Rex, Receivers


First a few updates:

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Jets OTA Thoughts: Safety, Rookies, Rex, Receivers

Yes, I wasn’t at OTAs today but that doesn’t mean I didn’t read every single word written by every single person who was there today, which I will use as writing prompts:

PhotobucketRex RyanI tell you I can never get tired of listening to Rex Ryan’s press conferences. Since LOST is off the air, it is basically my new favorite TV show. I love Rex’s optimism and the confidence he has with the organization but it is hysterical to listen him discuss any coach or player on the team. According to him everybody is the best in the NFL at what they do. Bill Callahan is the best offensive assistant in the league. Brian Schottenheimer is the best young offensive mind in the league. Mike Westhoff is the best special teams coach in the league. Mike Pettine is the best young defensive mind in the league. Dennis Thurman is the best secondary coach to ever step on a field. Kris Jenkins? Nick Mangold? Darrelle Revis? Best players at their respective positions. The best part about this is that Rex isn’t too far off when discussing most of these guys.

He is already talking about LaDainian Tomlinson like he is Chris Johnson in OTAs and Jason Taylor like he is Mario Williams. I give him a few months before he says Kyle Wilson is one of the best corners in the league, Santonio Holmes and Braylon Edwards are battling for the title of the NFL’s best receiver, and Mark Sanchez is the AFC’s best quarterback.

Braylon – It was very encouraging to hear Rex Ryan cite Braylon Edwards as the most impressive offensive player for the Jets in OTAs. Edwards has been expanding his knowledge of the playbook and doing some work at the Z receiver (flanker), which is different from where he usually plays (X aka split end aka where I was a first down converting beast for Muhlenberg). The more versatile he is in their offense, the more it will help him get open. Edwards has the talent to be a legit number one receiver and is the most physically gifted offensive player on the team. If he has his head on straight and has the proper work ethic, watch out because he is capable of putting up some scary numbers.

Eric Smith – Reiterating what he said in his video conference with fans on Wednesday, Rex Ryan said the goal is for Brodney Pool to be the opening day starter, while Eric Smith keeps his role coming off the bench and playing in a variety of defensive packages. Smith is a versatile player who is a core special teams guy, so Ryan does have a good point. Pool is athletically more gifted than Smith and will hopefully be able to make the plays Kerry Rhodes didn’t last season.

Rookies – Kyle Wilson apparently had a welcome to the NFL rookie type of day by receiving an education from Jerricho Cotchery in the slot. Wilson will eventually come around but the thing to be excited about is how good of a slot receiver Cotchery is going to be for this team. He is going to kill teams on third downs this season. Vladimir Ducasse continued to run with the first team and it basically sounds like unless he forgets how to walk, he will end up the opening day starter at guard. I am happy to hear that Joe McKnight didn’t vomit today. This is a step in the right direction.

Angry Rex