New York Jets – Week 2 Secondary Breakdown

Ben DiNapoli breaks down the New York Jets secondary performance through two weeks…

Fresh off the heels of a dominant week 1 win, the Jets entered their home opener with an early chance to prove this year’s team is legit. Unfortunately, the team came out flat and fell victim to the classic trap game, falling 20-12 against the Dolphins. While the offense never got going, the defense played well enough to win, limiting Miami to 20 points and pitching a shutout in the second half. Surprisingly, the secondary had more difficulty forcing stops against the Dolphins’ pedestrian group of pass catchers, but overall it was a somewhat quiet afternoon in coverage. There were, however, a few critical mistakes that helped seal the Jets’ fate in what turned out to be an ugly loss.


Week 1 Secondary Breakdown – Debut of New Jack City

Ben DiNapoli with a review of the New York Jets secondary in week 1…

Once an offseason filled with hype and big player predictions concluded, Jets fans were anxious to see how the team would respond on the field when real game action began. Safe to say, the team exceeded expectations on every side of the ball, cruising to a dominant 48-17 victory over the Detroit Lions. When keeping an explosive offense like the Lions in check, it’s a given that the secondary performed at a high level, but who stood out and who needs to improve going forward?


New York Jets – Previewing The 2018 Secondary

Ben DiNapoli previews the 2018 New York Jets secondary…

For Jets fans, it feels like a lifetime ago when Darrelle Revis and Antonio Cromartie were consistently locking down receivers on a weekly basis. Yes, things have definitely changed since the two aforementioned players left New York; the secondary has not yet been able to fully bounce back. After showing promise in their rookie years, Jamal Adams and Marcus Maye are hungry and looking to build on solid first seasons this coming year. Add in a splash free agent signing at cornerback and some lofty player predictions and fans finally have some hope for the secondary heading into 2018. The big question that remains is will this unit rise to the occasion? Or will they fail to live up to the hype and fall flat yet again?


New York Jets – Closer Look At CB Derrick Jones

Ben DiNapoli with a closer look at New York Jets CB Derrick Jones

Coming out of Ole Miss last year, Derrick Jones was a bit of an unknown – a player with intrigue, but also low expectations and uncertainty. As a player who split time at both receiver and cornerback, scouts weren’t quite sure how he’d fit in at the NFL level, if at all. Many projected him to be an undrafted free agent, but he wound up landing with the New York Jets in the sixth round – one of two corners selected by the Jets in round 6. After a largely uneventful rookie season, Jones entered 2018 with questions around whether he would stick around or be yet another Maccagnan draft pick cut before seeing any substantial time on the field. How has the second year pro responded? Has he folded or played his way up the depth chart?


New York Jets – Examining The Value Of Jamal Adams

Ben DiNapoli compares Jamal Adams’ 2017 season to other rookie safeties and breaks down what he needs to do to make a leap during his sophomore year…

Coming into the 2017 NFL draft, many pegged Jamal Adams as the most complete prospect available and someone who could step in immediately and be a difference maker. This led the Jets to selecting Adams with the #6 overall pick, ahead of quarterbacks Deshaun Watson and Patrick Mahomes. Taking a look back at his rookie season, Adams flashed a lot of the potential that had scouts so excited in the first place.

He played in all 16 games and finished with 83 tackles, 1 forced fumble, 6 passes defended and 2 sacks. While those are some pretty impressive stats for a rookie, one of the biggest things that stands out about him is something you can’t see on paper: his leadership. From the first day he stepped on the field, Adams immediately became one of the team’s leaders. The defense follows him, whether it be through delegating assignments or breaking out dance moves during a time out.