TOJ Tweet Summary 2018, Week 3 – Jets vs. Browns

Daniel Essien recaps the Jets week 3 showdown against the Cleveland Browns with #JetsTwitter

The Jets were trying to bounce back from a week 2 loss to the Dolphins at home, as they traveled to Cleveland to take on the Browns. To many fans, the Browns seemed like an ideal opponent bounce back into form. But of course, it’s never that easy. Let’s follow the highs and lows through #JetsTwitter.


New York Jets Five Things: NFL Draft Day Edition

David Aitken goes through five key things to consider for the New York Jets heading into the 2018 NFL Draft…

Here’s David Aitken with five things to consider heading into draft weekend…


New York Jets Draft Notebook: Welcome to Judgement Day

Connor Rogers with a NFL Draft Notebook to prepare you for the New York Jets decision on Thursday…

It’s the biggest week in at least a decade for the New York Jets franchise.

The Cleveland Browns and New York Giants will get the first chance to set the tables of the draft, but Gang Green will have a top quarterback prospect available when they are on the clock no matter what.

Who will they pick? What makes the most sense? Can we really buy into any April rumors?

Let’s break down the most realistic scenarios.


New York Jets Draft Notebook: Rumors Swirling Edition

Connor Rogers with a NFL Draft notebook discussing the recent rumors around the Jets, potential trade ups and this week’s sleeper…

We’ve officially reached the point of madness. The rumors are swirling, the trade predictions are flying around and those with any remaining sanity simply wish the draft would just get here.

So, what’s real and worth buying into? Let’s take a look.