A Collection Of Awful New York Jets

With all the talk this week about who the greatest New York Jet ever is, why not flip the script and take a look at some of the worst players in recent franchise history…

Vernon Gholston – Nothing like spending the 6th overall pick on a pass rusher who can’t sack the quarterback. Gholstoncouldn’t even trip in the right place to record a sack during his three seasons with the Jets. Beyond that, he never really seemed to have any passion for the game.

Justin McCariens – Maybe he wasn’t that bad overall, but all of those dropped passes from 2007 still stick in my memory. He also cost me a remote control, which I slammed against the wall, after this game in Baltimore:

Doug Brien – He didn’t just miss one…but yes two kicks that would have sent the Jets into the AFC Championship Game in 2004. Few people remember what a huge upset over Pittsburgh that win would have been, with the Steelers being 15-1 that season. Those missed kicks also made the Jets have a knee jerk reaction and waste a second round pick on Mike Nugent the following year.

Rick Mirer – A valuable reminder that you always need a quality backup quarterback. The Jets season went up into flames in 1999 after Vinny Testaverde tore his ACL in week one because for some reason they thought Mirer was a competent backup.

Adrien Clarke – Sure, go ahead and release Pete Kendall…we will be fine with Clarke under at guard…tell that to Chad Pennington and Kellen Clemens who were routinely pummeled thanks to Clarke’s matador blocking.

Alex Van Dyke – A first round wide receiver who had 25 receptions for the Jets in three years and most notable play was a costly fumble in the AFC Championship Game.

Blair Thomas – Nothing like spending the second overall pick on a running back who will rush for five career touchdowns. I will say this…he was always very fast in the original Tecmo Bowl.