TOJ’s Know Your Opponent: Buffalo Bills

The Jets season finale is in Buffalo, as the Bills need a win against the Jets to clinch the AFC East. The Jets are undermanned but have shown week after week they will not go gently into that good night.

Coaching: Sean McDermott is one of the best head coaches in the NFL, but his Bills team has not fired on all cylinders this season. Leslie Frazier’s defense has been bullied at times this season, especially against the run. Brian Daboll’s offense is not the fire breathing dragon it was last year as it’s struggled to find the correct balance between its run and pass game and has been clunky at times.

Personnel: QB Josh Allen has regressed from the QB he was last season. That being said he still has 40 TDs on the year, which just shows he’s a Superstar and is going to be a problem for the Jets for a decade. Stefon Diggs is still as elite as a WR can be in this league. The Bills OL has struggled with injuries this year and been inconsistent with all the moving parts but that unit is as healthy as it can be coming into week 18.

The Bills defense lost its best player for the season in CB Tre White. They still have the best safety duo in the league in S Jordan Poyer and Micah Hyde. Matt Milano is one of the more underrated LBs in the game, and the Bills DL is very deep and it’s great at keeping bodies fresh.

Potential Weaknesses- The Bills are a tough team to figure out. When their offense is cooking, they can put a 50 burger on the Jets. They also lost to the Jags this season and have been pushed around by tough teams like the Colts and Pats. The Jets run game could give this Bills defense some fits and keep this Bills offense off the field.

Matchup: The Jets are playing for pride and the Bills are playing for the division crown. The Jets are down to their third string LT and missing their top 3 WRs. It’s a tall task for Zach Wilson to put up the 30 points that is going to be required to win this game.

Prediction: Bills 27 Jets 17. I think the Jets cover the spread of 16.5 in this game and Zach Wilson gives us multiple TDs to cheer but the Bills don’t mess around and end up with a comfortable win by the end.


TOJ’s Know Your Opponent: Miami Dolphins

This Jets season has been one to forget and Zach Wilson is running out of time to give fans something concrete to really believe he is going to be a franchise QB one day. Now an undermanned Jets team gets to travel to Miami to face a blitz happy defense fighting to keep their slim playoff hopes alive.

Coaching: Brian Flores has had an interesting season, starting off 1-7 but has righted the ship and has gotten the Miami defense to return to form during their 5 game winning streak. The Miami Dolphins offense is fake and runs 4 yard RPO’s game after game while dinking and dunking its way down the field. I still refuse to learn the names of either of their Offensive Coordinators.

Personnel: QB Tua Tuagiviloa has become an efficient check down machine for the Dolphins. Jets catch a massive break with no stud-rookie WR Jaylen Waddle in this game. The Dolphins OL is still god awful, and the rest of the Dolphins skill guys are average at best.

On defense, rookie edge rusher Jalean Phillips has really come alive with 6 sacks in his last 3 games. CB’s Xavieran Howard and Byron Jones are two of the best man corners in football and are very likely to bully the Jets WRs in the same way the Saints corners did. Jets catch another break, though, because budding star safety Javon Holland is also missing this game.

Potential Weaknesses: the Dolphins OL is still very bad and the Jets DL should be looking to overwhelm them. The Dolphins do not run the ball well and have injuries at the RB position. Tua’s security blanket has been Waddle: without him, there will be an opportunity to make him second-guess and make mistakes.

Matchup: Zach Wilson has not been good at all this season. He has not put together 4 average/goodish quarters in a row yet. It feels foolish to predict that changes this week without his two best WRs and potentially playing with a Third String LT. The Jets offense is going to have to get creative to get the 20 points that they’re going to need to keep this game close and potentially sneak out a win. Part of that is going to be to take the game out of the rookie QB’s hands. Otherwise they’re going down with the ship in a likely multi-turnover ugly loss game for Zach.

Prediction: I don’t know how you can predict the Jets to win another game this season with the injuries they have and their recent performances. Miami wins an ugly game: Dolphins 17 Jets 9.

TOJ’s Know Your Opponent: New York Jets v Miami Dolphins

This game sucksssssssssssssss.

Coaching: The bloom has come off the rose for Miami Dolphins HC Brian Flores. After 2 years of overachieving, the Dolphins are one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL this year. It seems to be known by all that defensive performance is a less sticky stat and shouldn’t be relied on to be totally consistent year after year. This was unknown to the Miami Dolphins and, as their defense has regressed, the team has been in a tail spin.

The Dolphins have 2 offensive coordinators, which is all you need to know about why the Dolphins offense is struggling. I would google their names but they will not be in Miami next year as Brian Flores picks a new OC every year.

Personnel- Jaylen Waddle is a very exciting rookie WR and Mike Gesecki is a good mismatch weapon at TE.
The Dolphins secondary is one of the best in league lead by All-Pro Cornerback Xavien Howard, and supported by Byron Jones, who is one of the better corners in league. Javon Holland has really flashed at safety as a rookie.

Potential Weaknesses: The Dolphins OL is LOL bad: call it like it is, it’s really the worst in the league. Chris Grier somehow was able to create an OL that includes a first rounder and multiple second rounders and have it still awful. If the Jets DL can’t take advantage of this group, serious questions should be asked.

Matchup: This is going to be an anemic game to watch. The Dolphins offense is gonna try to dink and dunk its way down the field and pray that Tua can stay healthy for 4 quarters as he is going to take some hits from this DL. The Dolphins are going to zero blitz Joe Flacco to death. Maybe he can hit a big go ball early to Elijah Moore to make Flores play the defense more conservatively. Joe Flacco is going to throw the ball up for grabs and it really is anyone’s guess if they’re going to be big plays and DPIs or turnovers.

Prediction: Dolphins 12 Jets 10

This game looks poised to be a game Red Zone forgot. I do think the Jets defense stops the skid of getting lit up for 40 points every week but this offense with Flacco falls just shorts and Zach Wilson is back leading the team in Houston.

Know Your Opponent: Buffalo Bills

The New York Jets have struggled mightily against AFC East opponents in recent years and, on Sunday, the best team in the division comes to MetLife.

Coaching: Sean McDermott is one of the 5 best coaches in the NFL. What he has done in his first 4 years in Buffalo has been remarkable. He and DC Leslie Frazier put out a strong defense year after year and OC Brian Daboll is one of the best play-callers in all of football.

Personnel: The 2021 Bills offense is not the fire breathing dragon it was in 2020 but it is still an extremely talented unit. Josh Allen is still a very good QB, Stefon Diggs is still one of the 5 best WRs in football and Emmanuel Sanders, Dawson Knox, and Gabe Davis make it one of the best skill groups in the league.

The Bills defense has been one of the best in the league this year. Tre White, Levi Wallace,Micah Hyde, and Jordan Poyer are the best secondary in the NFL. Matt Milano remains one of the most underrated players in the league at LB and the Bills have a lot of depth along their Dline.

Potential Weaknesses: the Bills offensive line, especially the interior, is not good. It’s a position GM Brandon Beane has ignored and it’s starting to hurt the Bills. In all 3 of their losses this season their OL woes have been their demise.

Matchup: it’s very hard to project what is going to happen with the Jets defense week to week. On the road their DL rarely shows up and they look like the worst defense in the league. The DL has been much better at MetLife and I think that’s going to continue on Sunday and the Jets defense keeps the Bills offense in check. I think it’s going to be a rough day for the Jets offense against this well-disciplined defense.

Prediction: Bills 23 Jets 9 Mike White was fun, and I think he’s a very capable back-up QB going forward and would like him on the Jets in 2022 and beyond. There are levels to this game though, and I think we see that today and Zach Wilson is back under center next week in Miami.


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