TOJ’s Morning Tea: Why Zach Wilson and the New York Jets Don’t Care That You Wanted Another QB

I’ve been on a short Twitter detox for the last 10 days or so, in large part because the site really lends itself to hot takes not rooted in much objectivity. It’s the gift and the curse, to quote Jay Z’s 2nd worst album, because while it allows you to connect with some really cool people it ALSO gives runway to folks who just love to get their troll on. Some of the trolling is good-natured (shout-out to JJTank, so good at trolling that our own SZ wondered if that was our own Michael Meegan’s burner, for his Andrew Luck tweet that was shared with me), and some of the trolling is exactly why you turned off Skip Bayless after the 911th time he said someone other than LeBron was the best player on the planet. Balanced, as all things should be, right?

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TOJ’s Know Your Opponent: New York Jets v Houston Texans

The Houston Texans have been memed all year, and most memes consistent of “they are not a real football team” and “they are tanking this year.” Well… the Houston Texans are coming off a big win against the Titans last week and they are FAVORED against our New York Jets. Man, this is gonna a weird game on Sunday.

Coaching- David Culley is the HC of the Texans, a hire that was universally panned. Culley is an old school coach who loves punting and doesn’t like analytics. His Defensive Coordinator, former Bears HC Lovie Smith, calls the Tampa 2 zone all game long on defense. He dares you to beat it and, lo and behold, most teams end up doing just that. On the other side of the ball, Tim Kelly is their OC and has actually has done some fun stuff with this offense and Tyrod Taylor.

Personnel- Laremy Tunsil is a very good LT, Brandin Cooks deserves to be on a better team and is a very productive WR, and Tyrod Taylor is a serviceable QB but this roster severely lacks talent and is filled with more JAGS than the state of Florida.

Potential Weakness- The Texans defense is very solid against the pass but they struggle mightily against the run. While no Michael Carter hurts the Jets, Ty Johnson can still take advantage of this run defense. The Texans OL outside of Tunsil is leaky, particularly in the interior, and the Jets DL should be poised to take advantage.

Matchup- When I and many other Jets fans saw the schedule this year we all looked at the Texans game as a win. Houston beating the Titans without any of their WRs or Derrick Henry should not change that. The Jets are more talented and, I hope, better coached than Houston and they deserve to be criticized harshly if they don’t win.

Prediction- I think the Jets beat the Texans. I think the run game gets going and Zach has an efficient multi TD game. The Jets DL wreck this game and the Jets win 27-17.

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TOJ’s In The Trenches: New York Jets Defensive Line Review, Week Eleven

In our weekly In The Trenches series, we’ll focus on the performances of the Jets’ offensive and defensive lines throughout the season. In this edition, Dan discusses the performance of the defensive line in the Jets’ week 11 loss to the Miami Dolphins and preview their week 12 matchup with the Houston Texans.


TOJ’s DraftSZN Presents Dylan’s Dimes: Week 12 Edition

It’s rivalry week in college football. With games that will undoubtedly shape the postseason landscape, it’s time to take a closer look at three players who could be the biggest catalysts to their team’s success, in what will likely be their final seasons before heading to the next level. 


Dylan’s Dimes will be a ten step breakdown of three of the biggest draft eligible players taking the field in some of the biggest matchups each week. I analyze background, on the field performance, off the field traits, opinions around the NCAA, all leading up to the dropping the dime on how they could fit with gang green.

1/10-The Prospects:

We start this week with a prospect who’s shot on to scouts radars across the country after putting together a fantastic senior season to this point. He’s well traveled, born in Nigeria, spending time in Scotland and New Jersey before landing in Michigan. His next step will likely be the NFL, leading off this week is DE, David Ojabo.

Back to back from the Big House, as the Michigan Wolverines prepare to take on Ohio State in their biggest game of the season, shutting down C.J. Stroud will be imperative. Although Ojabo and Aiden Hutchinson will be tasked with disrupting, the burden of breaking up the pass and making plays will fall on a top defensive back and the second player going through the gauntlet this week, DB, Daxton Hill.

An incredible athlete, this player was heavily recruited before committing to Ohio State. After fighting to earn reps behind prospects Chris Olave and Garrett Wilson, this player opted to transfer and quickly has made a name for himself at Alabama. As one of Bryce Young’s preferred targets, he’s made a massive impact for the Tide, and projects to be a member of a loaded receiver class if he chooses to declare. The third and final player going through the wringer this week is WR, Jameson Williams.

2/10-The Measurables:


-Height: 6’5”

-Weight: 250lbs

-Year: Junior

-From: Aberdeen, Scotland


-Height: 6’0”

-Weight: 192lbs

-Year: Junior

-From: Tulsa, OK


-Height: 6’2”

-Weight: 189lbs

-Year: Junior

-From: St Louis, MO

3/10-The Background:


As I noted before, Ojabo has been well traveled. Ojabo was born in Nigeria and lived there for 7 years before moving to Aberdeen, Scotland. From there, Ojabo moved to New Jersey to attend high school in the United States. As a freak athlete, he played soccer and basketball in his first two years at Blair Academy before joining the football team in his junior year. He immediately made an impact posting 35 tackles, 6.0 sacks and two forced fumbles in his first year. He then followed that up with another excellent season garnering attention from Clemson, Notre Dame, Penn State and other top programs. Ultimately, Ojabo chose Michigan where he’s become a key player in the past two seasons.


Hill attended Booker T. Washington for four years, posting some incredible statistics as a receiver and defensive back. Hill lit it up his senior year though, catching 13 passes for 360 yards and 7 touchdowns. Hill added 93 tackles, 9 TFLs, a sack, two interceptions, three forced fumbles and a fumble recovery. He was named Gatorade Player of the Year in Oklahoma and top prospect in the state. He received loads of attention from every top school before choosing to commit to Michigan where he made an impact from day one. Hill took snaps at safety and special teams, worked up to a starting role and has been an anchor of the defense since.


Williams had an exceptional junior and senior year at Cardinal Ritter College Prep. In his junior season, Williams had 1,062 yards and 15 touchdowns. Then senior year he had 1,626 yards and 22 touchdowns. Williams, an incredible athlete, won two state titles in track and field as well. Williams was heavily recruited and initially committed to Ohio State. Williams sat behind Garret Wilson and Chris Olave and fought to garner reps before transferring to Alabama where he made an impact the minute he stepped on campus.

4/10-The Performance:

2020 & 2021 Statistics:


2020: 1 game and 1 tackle (played most snaps on special teams)

2021: 11 games, 30 tackles, 10.0 TFLs, 10.0 sacks, 5 forced fumbles and a fumble recovery.


2020: 6 games, 44 tackles and an interception.

2021: 11 games, 53 tackles, 3.5 TFLs, .5 sacks, 2 interceptions and a fumble recovery.


2020: 6 games, 9 receptions, 154 yards, 17.1 yards per reception and 2 TDs.

2021: 11 games, 59 receptions, 1,218 yards, 20.6 yards per reception and 13 TDs.

5/10-The Good:


As a superb athlete, Ojabo uses that athleticism to constantly disrupt the game whenever he steps on the field. His athleticism allows him to close and he has absurd range. He has burst like he is constantly is shot out of a cannon, and he never stops until the play is dead. He’s strong and his combination of size and speed make him a nightmare for opposing offenses. He’s truly one of the most gifted athletes in this class and his athletic potential is unmatched.


Speaking of gifted Michigan athletes, Hill is another. Hill has truly expanded his role this season and shown all he’s capable of in both rush defense and coverage. In run defense, he’s an explosive athlete with excellent closing ability. In coverage, Hill excels in the centerfielder role, with the speed to keep up with anyone and make an impact on the play consistently, Hill reads the eyes of the opposing quarterback very well and finds ways to limit the passer as he runs through his progressions. 


If a team is looking for a bonafide game wrecking deep threat with 4.3 speed, look no further. Jameson Williams is a game wrecker. Williams has good hands, excellent timing in how he breaks his routes, good concentration and constantly makes a play with the ball in his hands. His explosive play style will draw loads of attention from now until draft day, and the Tyreek Hill game breaking ability comparisons will be inevitable. 

6/10-The Bad:


For Ojabo the biggest concern is his inexperience. Ojabo is still incredibly fresh in football years. Although he’s showed advancement over time, he doesn’t have the same football IQ as other top edge rushers in the class. Ojabo’s pass rush moves aren’t as advanced and his hand use and the angles he takes show a player who is still fairly raw.


Hill has shown advancement in play recognition, but especially in run defense, he will need to show growth. Often times, given the explosiveness of the Wolverines pass rush and their incredible talent, Hill doesn’t have to be counted on as often as other defensive backs in the country. In man to man situations, and as he faced tougher competition, Hill will struggle with 50/50 balls, as although he can disrupt, he struggles to make the big play when need be. Refinement in recognition and improved playmaking could take Hill to the next level as a prospect.


Williams isn’t the most refined route runner, and it shows at points. Williams is a deep threat, but his frame is skinny and he will struggle to reel in contested catches especially against larger defenders at the next level. Some will pigeon hole Williams as a prototypical deep threat, and he will have to show a lot in pre draft interviews to show he can match up mentally with some of the best of a loaded receiver class. Advancing his route tree and adding more layers to his route running like fakes and crisper cuts could give him another dimension to his game. 

7/10-The Focus of Improvement:

Ojabo: Continue To Show Growth

Hill: Playmaking

Williams: Route Running Advancement 

8/10-The Potential:


Ojabo has incredibly high potential. The player I saw against Penn State live is the kind of player who could wreck games at the next level. Ojabo will have to show advancement in his pass rushing moves and football IQ, but if he can, he can be a true three down player at the next level. His athleticism will make him a player who could fit in almost any scheme, and his value will be through the roof. If he can be coached up properly, the sky truly is the limit for Ojabo.


Hill is an exceptional athlete with versatility capable of making him a fit in most defenses. I think Hill will thrive more as a centerfielder style safety, although not a liability in coverage, his timing and ability to make legitimate plays on the ball leave a little to be desired. If he finds the right fit, Hill could be a long term starter at the next level. 


Williams could be an exceptional weapon at the next level. At 6’2”, 192lbs, Williams will fit the versatile undersized deep threat role that guys like former Alabama product Jaylen Waddle. Although not as technically gifted as Waddle or as well rounded as Devonta Smith, Williams will provide versatility as he could play both slot and outside. He will likely begin as a wide receiver four with potential to be a starter regardless of scheme at the next level.

9/10-The Outside Opinion:


“Ojabo has been one of the most impressive newcomers in the country this season…while Ojabo needs to work on his all-around game, there’s a lot to like. He’s still young; he could develop into an elite edge rusher.”- Mel Kiper, ESPN


“He’s an athletic anomaly, who’s developed into a true football player this year, not just an incredible athlete who happens to play the sport. As he continues to develop, the sky is the limit and his stock is certainly trending in the right direction.”- Daniel Griffis, USA Today


“So could Jameson Williams push for round 1 in the 2022 NFL Draft? The formula is there. His long speed, short area burst, flexibility, stop/start quickness, and ability to separate quickly make the case. We know how much NFL teams like speed in receiver prospects, so it’s not a wild proposition.”- Jacob Schyvinck, FANSIDED

10/10-The Fit:


In David Ojabo, I see a versatile athlete capable of growing into a force at the next level. He’s a stand up individual with the general intelligence and drive to truly learn and refine his craft over time. Players like that are blue chip character guys and prospects. His scheme fit might not necessarily be as straight forward as it would be with other teams, but with the Jets he could get a very good chance to work alongside Carl Lawson, a formidable disruptor and defensive linemen like Quinnen Williams and John Franklin-Myers who excel at bull rushing. Ojabo could garner less attention and use his athleticism to work off right tackles for the time being. Adding an athletic rusher like Ojabo is appealing as truthfully, the more athletes with the ability to play multiple roles, the better, especially in a defense like this that is so void of talent.


Hill’s fit, especially based on where he will be valued could make it more difficult to project him to the Jets. Hill could be a good fit for the team strictly as a player as the team needs more talent at the safety position. Ashtyn Davis has taken strides in the centerfielder role, and the team could rely on him to continue to grow and look to add a strong safety type alongside him. If that’s the case, Hill isn’t there guy. If the team opts to go with two athletic safeties and utilize them in different packages, then Hill could possibly be an option. Ultimately, Hill will likely go in the first or second round, and although the team has a plethora of picks in those two rounds, there are other positions that project as bigger needs.


On “Draft SZN” this week, we debated how exactly the Jets could best situate Elijah Moore to open things up for him more. Adding someone like Jameson Williams could be the perfect way to do that. Williams could work outside just like Moore, and allow Moore to split time in the slot and in handoff/RPO style packages as well, where they both could be of use. Adding a player like Williams could give the Jets a dynamic duo of two exceptional athletes with game wrecking abilities. Zach Wilson is also a quarterback who thrives with outside threats and tends to struggle reading the middle of the field, giving him more options to suit his play style could take a load of pressure off. The only concerns are Williams likely being drafted too high for the Jets to justify another high pick on a receiver, and a lack of size in the receiving corps. 

Badlands Thanksgiving Picks Presented By TapRm

Thanksgiving Picks presented by TapRam

Connor is back in the film room to break down Elijah Moore’s long touchdown, the run game showing signs of life, a welcome change to the defense and a plea to stop complaining about Quinnen Williams.

We also have picks for tomorrow’s games! 

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Author: Joe Caporoso

Joe Caporoso is the Owner and EIC of Turn On The Jets. His writing has been featured in the New York Times, Huffington Post, MMQB and AdWeek. Caporoso played football his entire life, including four years at Muhlenberg as a wide receiver, where he was arguably the slowest receiver to ever start in school history. He is the EVP of Content at Whistle Sports

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1st & 10: Another Division Loss… but with Encouraging Signs!

Stephen Russo offers 10 thoughts on the Jets ahead of this week’s Texans game.


These are the types of losses that we can stomach. Competent, competitive football with young, core players making big plays with a shot to win in the 4th quarter. This is what the season is about for the youngest team, with the most snaps played by rookies, coached by a very green coaching staff is about. While no one is walking away feeling like this is a moral victory (it is not), you can come away with some encouragement about this team and the direction it is heading – particularly when Zach Wilson returns. I am certainly not OK with being 0-10 in the last 10 division games, or losing to a bad Miami team at home, but following the last few weeks, there is progress there. I am happy about that.


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TOJ’s Know Your Opponent: New York Jets v Miami Dolphins

This game sucksssssssssssssss.

Coaching: The bloom has come off the rose for Miami Dolphins HC Brian Flores. After 2 years of overachieving, the Dolphins are one of the biggest disappointments in the NFL this year. It seems to be known by all that defensive performance is a less sticky stat and shouldn’t be relied on to be totally consistent year after year. This was unknown to the Miami Dolphins and, as their defense has regressed, the team has been in a tail spin.

The Dolphins have 2 offensive coordinators, which is all you need to know about why the Dolphins offense is struggling. I would google their names but they will not be in Miami next year as Brian Flores picks a new OC every year.

Personnel- Jaylen Waddle is a very exciting rookie WR and Mike Gesecki is a good mismatch weapon at TE.
The Dolphins secondary is one of the best in league lead by All-Pro Cornerback Xavien Howard, and supported by Byron Jones, who is one of the better corners in league. Javon Holland has really flashed at safety as a rookie.

Potential Weaknesses: The Dolphins OL is LOL bad: call it like it is, it’s really the worst in the league. Chris Grier somehow was able to create an OL that includes a first rounder and multiple second rounders and have it still awful. If the Jets DL can’t take advantage of this group, serious questions should be asked.

Matchup: This is going to be an anemic game to watch. The Dolphins offense is gonna try to dink and dunk its way down the field and pray that Tua can stay healthy for 4 quarters as he is going to take some hits from this DL. The Dolphins are going to zero blitz Joe Flacco to death. Maybe he can hit a big go ball early to Elijah Moore to make Flores play the defense more conservatively. Joe Flacco is going to throw the ball up for grabs and it really is anyone’s guess if they’re going to be big plays and DPIs or turnovers.

Prediction: Dolphins 12 Jets 10

This game looks poised to be a game Red Zone forgot. I do think the Jets defense stops the skid of getting lit up for 40 points every week but this offense with Flacco falls just shorts and Zach Wilson is back leading the team in Houston.