Make or Break Off-Season For the Jets

Will Parkinson on why this offseason is truly “make or break” for the Jets.

Many times in Jets history and specifically the past decade, fans and media members use the term “make or break” when it comes to the Jets and what many consider the Jets time to shine, free agency and the draft. Under Joe Douglas’s regime the Jets are 13-35 and 2-15 (Pending Sunday 2-16) in the AFC East and haven’t won an AFC East game since a meaningless week 17 victory over the Matt Barkley led Bills in the rain. To make the picture even bleaker the Jets haven’t been to the playoffs since 2010 and have had 1 winning season since 2010. Safe to say things have been truly pretty brutal for the Jets but 2021 offered up a chance for true change from top to bottom. In the past the Jets have gone with the quick fix method, the long rebuild method and neither of them have worked. Robert Saleh, Joe Douglas and Zach Wilson as a trio gave fans a reason to hope going into this season. While things haven’t gone fully according to plan things are finally ticking up for a franchise who has experienced almost solely negativity for a decade. 


TOJ Pod ft. John Jastremski

Will Parkinson interviews John Jastremski of the Ringer on this episode of the TOJ Pod.

On this episode of the Turn on the Jets podcast, host Will Parkinson is joined by “New York, New York” host John Jastremski to discuss the Jets’ loss to the Miami Dolphins, Elijah Moore’s breakout game, and what to expect from a potential Zach Wilson return vs a 2-8 Houston Texans team.


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I understand that this is a process. I understand that this regime, right, wrong, or indifferent, is somewhat falling on the sword of the countless years of ineptitude that came before them. I also understand that we have a very young team and coaching staff, with rookies at three very important positions: Quarterback, Head Coach, and Offensive Coordinator.

My message is very simple: I don’t care.


TOJ Pod ft. Joe Caporoso

On this episode of the Turn on the Jets Podcast, Will Parkinson chats with Joe Caporoso about the Jets’ bye week and the upcoming game against New England.

On this episode of the TOJ Pod, Will Parkinson and Joe Caporoso discuss the bye week, the return of Marcus Maye and Jarrad Davis, and the Jets’ upcoming matchup against the New England Patriots.


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