Darrelle Revis Trade Already Paying Dividends

Dan Marcus on the Darrelle Revis trade already paying dividends for the New York Jets

Much like a Presidency, it is very tough to accurately assess a major trade in sports until several years down the road however, the early returns on the much-ballyhooed Darrelle Revis trade are already making it worth it for the Jets. When the Jets and Buccaneers were having their stare-down over compensation for a potential deal that would send Darrelle Revis to Tampa Bay, there were many including myself that were screaming from the rooftops that in order for any deal to be remotely worth it, the Jets would have to get at least two First-Round picks back in return.

I’ll admit, the Jets’ well-documented history of selling low on players that were still in their prime but coming off injuries (see: Vilma, Abraham, Washington), only heightened this sentiment. I firmly believe that if the Jets were to trade Revis in a typical year, he would easily fetch two “1’s” and two “2’s” but you have to believe that John Idzik got as much value for Revis as he could have given the circumstances. When seeing what the Jets ultimately got in return for their all-world Cornerback, I was among that contingent that was incensed, feeling as though we had gotten fleeced, coupled with the fact that the Buccaneers gave him a sham of contract with a big sticker price with ZERO dollars in guarantees, it was maddening.

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TOJ Roundtable – Rex Ryan’s Future Edition

The TOJ Roundtable discusses what Rex Ryan needs to do over the second half of the season to keep his job

The Turn On The Jets Roundtable is back to debate issues surrounding the New York Jets. Make sure to give all of the writers a follow on Twitter and if there is a question you want to see us debate, leave it in the comment section!

What does Rex Ryan need to do over the second half of the season to keep his job?

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New York Jets Halfway Point Observations

Joe Caporoso with some halfway point observations on thew New York Jets

After watching the Jets/Bengals game tape…which was just as awful as you’d expect, I’ve now had the chance to see the first eight games both live and through Game Rewind. Here is one man’s observations and thoughts through the first half of the season.

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