TOJ Roundtable: Positives and Negatives from Week 1

The TOJ Writers analyze one positive and one negative from last week’s Panthers’ game.

In this installment of the TOJ Roundtable, the TOJ writers and hosts offer one positive and one negative takeaway from the Jets’ Week 1 performance against the Carolina Panthers.


TOJ Writers’ Roundtable: New York Jets 2021 Record Predictions

In this installment of the Writers’ Roundtable, the TOJ Writers give their record predictions for the New York Jets for the 2021 season.

Dalbin Osorio: In a week, when I’m sitting on my phone dropping the thread of my predictions, this will probably be a very different prediction than it is today, but since we are all together around this roundtable I’m going 7-10 for the men in green and white this offseason. The loss of Carl Lawson dropped me from comfortably predicting an 8-9/9-8 record and a potential surprise playoff season: I really like this offense, love the addition of Corey Davis and Elijah Moore, think the offensive line is going to be a top 16 unit in the league this year, and having Lawson (and, to a lesser extent, Vinny Curry) as the edge presence was really going to cover up a lot of issues in the secondary. However, with no Lawson off the edge, the Jets are now forced to rely on a collection of edges that have never really produced. The best player on the defense, ILB CJ Mosley, looks to be back and he should cover up some expected bumps as they try to integrate newly acquired Shaq Lawson and two rookies starting at a corner next to Bryce Hall. I feel very good about the Jets beating Carolina, Cincinnati, Houston, Philadelphia, Jacksonville, Indianapolis, and Atlanta. I really like how we matchup versus Indianapolis and their QB situation is one to monitor as we head into that game. I do think there is a chance we split with Miami because I did not like their offseason except for drafting WR1 Jaylen Waddle. Still, I don’t feel good enough about the secondary or pass rush to pick them to steal games against the Buffalo Bills or New England, and ending with the Jags, Bucs, and Bills has the potential to really end the season on a sour note. Despite that, I think it is a competitive 7-10, and zero blowouts.

Stephen Zantz: My prediction, which I’ve gone back and forth on since Lawson went down, is 6-11. I was thinking of dropping them a game like DA did, but I think Saleh gets this team to steal one we don’t expect. This season is all about the development of Zach Wilson. I’ve said this on TOJ Live but I want the Jets to be like the 2018 Browns or 2020 Chargers: Frisky. The roster isn’t ready to contend but I want them to be in every game until the end. 6 wins is a major step from where we were a year ago. 2022 will be the year this team is in the hunt and taken seriously nationally again. My prediction of which games they win are CAR, DEN, CIN, MIA (Home), HOU, & NO.

Will Parkinson: I’m with Stephen: its 6-11, for me. For the Jets, 6-11 has to be considered a win. After winning 2 games in 2020 and being impossible to watch, 6 wins would not only triple their win total but really make them a competitive team in 2021. This season always has and always will be about developing Zach Wilson, Robert Saleh and the young Jets players and staff. I expect them to be very competitive most weeks and be close in a ton of games. That said, I think 6-11 is a fair expectation with Carl Lawson out for the year and Zach Wilson developing throughout his rookie year.

Joe Belic: Couldn’t agree more with you all regarding losing Carl Lawson: there is no way to cut it, it was a massive blow. Like DA said above, the Jets defense needs a dominant front four to mitigate deficiencies on the second and third levels. However, I’m admittedly not as worried about the secondary as my DraftSZN co-host. There isn’t a QB on this schedule outside of Tom Brady—and perhaps Josh Allen—that scares me.  After getting 8.5 sacks out of Kerry Hyder, when Nick Bosa was injured last year, I’m optimistic of what Saleh can do with newly acquired Shaq Lawson, and I’m sure he’ll have the team ready to compete.  Still, Mike LaFleur is a first-time play-caller who is installing a new system for the first time with a first-year QB: that’s a lot of firsts to overcome. I believe the Jets will be more competitive than some in the media may have suggested and will battle it out in some close games; unfortunately, the results don’t fall in their favor. Prediction: 6-11.

Tyler Kirk: 7-10, for me. I’m more bullish on the Jets this season than most, and it is actually because of two main knocks on the Jets this offseason; they have a first-time Head Coach and a rookie QB.  A new Head Coach, for example, is sometimes looked at as a disadvantage due to the learning curve that comes with the job. However, let’s not forget just how badly Gase had this offense and defense playing consistently. They were outscored in 2020 by an average of 13 points per game. Each of the last 10 rookie head coaches to inherit a team who was outscored by more than 8.5 points per game increased the team’s record the following year by an average of 4.8 wins. In other words, there’s nowhere to go but up and an improved roster and new coaching philosophy means a lot of room for improvement. Their dynamic rookie QB, who has no NFL tape for teams to scout, begins his career with a stretch of four out of five opponents who’s 2020 record was a combined 21-43. You couldn’t ask for a better acclimation period to the NFL. Add in that the schedule has 9 home games vs 7 true away games due to the expanded schedule and London matchup, and you have a recipe for a big surprise. 

TOJ Roundtable: Which AFC East Player Would You Want On The New York Jets?

In this installment of the TOJ weekly roundtable, the TOJ writers consider the question: which player from another AFC East team would you add to the Jets? For this exercise QBs were not included because Josh Allen would be the obvious answer (for some, but not DA).


James Kuntz: If I could add any AFC East player to the Jets to make them a playoff team in 2021, I would add Patriots Offensive Tackle Michael Onwenu. A 2020 6th round pick, Onwenu greatly outperformed his draft selection last season and was as good as any rookie offensive lineman not named Tristan Wirfs. Pairing Onwenu with Mekhi Becton would create one of the most intimidating offensive tackle duos in the NFL.

Stephen Zantz: James going offensive line shows he’s wise beyond his years, but the Jets are in desperate need of cornerback help. If I could steal away any player in the AFC East, the no-brainer to me would be Xavien Howard. Howard is a top 5 lockdown corner in the NFL. He would be the closest thing to Darrelle Revis this franchise has seen since his initial 2013 departure. Adding Howard would allow Bryce Hall to slot into the #2 CB role where he is better suited due to his lack of experience. This would be a game changer for the Jets.

Dylan Price: Zantz, you beautiful man! I couldn’t agree more: the Jets have lacked a dominant number one corner since the Revis Island days. Adding Howard would give the Jets a legitimate ballhawk at corner. Howard put up 10 INTs last season and opposing passers had a 51.5 completion percentage against him. Howard would not only be a massive addition to the secondary, immediately slotting in as CB1, but he would also transform the entire defense. He’d open things up for the young guys to rotate, allow more time for the pass rush to develop and force turnovers, all elevating the Jets defensive standard of play, potentially to a playoff level. 

Michael Meegan:  I too went with a corner, but not the one TOJ Live’s standard-bearer and the author of Dylan’s Dimes Presented by DraftSZN chose. The AFC East is a very talented division with many choices but I decided to opt for who I believe is the 3rd best corner in the NFL: Tre’Davious White of the Buffalo Bills. Technically sound in every area and scheme versatile, White is everything you want in a modern-day NFL corner. He instantly gives a boost to the Jets current corner room, which is probably the worst in the NFL as we speak. With White, you could feasibly overcome the loss of Car Lawson and have a defense that’s in the top half of the league. 

Will Parkinson: All defense and not a single offensive skill player? That sounds like All Gas, No Takes from my colleagues. This may come as a surprise to some people but I think a player that would help the Jets improve in a major way is Jonnu Smith of the New England Patriots. Smith was a guy that was heavily linked to the Jets this offseason: the way the Jets’ tight end room looks right now, Smith would add another dynamic to this offense that would make them very dangerous. Smith is bound for a big year with the Patriots and a Jets offense with Moore, Davis, Carter, Johnson, Smith, Mims, and Crowder coupled with the way Zach Wilson looks early this preseason, the Jets would have an even more enticing offense to watch in 2021.

Joe Belic: I love Will’s choice, and think corner is absolutely a sound choice, but James’s choice proves he’s the second wisest ut of all of us despite his age. I believe the Jets are more than a player away from becoming a playoff team, but adding another OL to the unit could potentially push them into the mix for that coveted 7th spot. Shaq Mason would be a huge upgrade over Greg Van Roten and help solidify an OL that will need to get this rush game going if they expect to have any chance at the postseason. While I love what I’ve seen from Zach Wilson so far, they’ll need to establish the run to help take the burden off his shoulders and open up the play-action game and this outside zone boot-style offense. 



Insights from Today’s Jets Practice

Four of our writers and podcast hosts offer their takeaways from seeing the Jets in person today.

Turn on the Jets was fortunate to have four writers and hosts at today’s Jets practice. In this article, they share with you their impressions of the day’s events, ranging from Zach Wilson’s performance to Jeff Ulbrich’s defense.

What were your impressions of watching Zach Wilson in person today?

Matt Gianesses: Zach looked very comfortable today. He threw mostly good, accurate balls with only a few incompletions – one of which was a drop. His throws have significantly more zip on them than the other two QBs on the field, (Morgan and White). The ball flies out of his hand.

Stephen Zantz: Zach looked great. He was decisive and accurate. The Elijah Moore deep ball is going to big talking point but Zach made a ton of other solid throws. Besides the Moore TD, he had a great rollout bullet throw to Denzel Mims. Overall, this was a great bounce back practice for Zach after a rough day 1.

Stephen Russo:  Wilson had a great day of camp and it was great to see him bounce back from a subpar first practice.  The ball popped and he showed the ability to climb the pocket, move around within the pocket, and get out on rollouts and scrambles.  It was all capped off by a great deep ball to Elijah Moore that got the entire crowd (and Jets Twitter) fired up!

Will Parkinson: I was impressed with Wilson and it was for a few reasons. I thought he showed a swagger and confidence that was evident, especially after struggling heavily on day 1. I liked his ability to put touch on the ball when needed and then fire in a fastball when needed. Lastly, although there is a ton of room to grow, what I saw on film from Wilson was shown on the field Saturday.

What are your thoughts on Mike LaFleur’s offense now that you’ve seen it in person?

Matt Gianesses: It’s hard to tell this early on, but Zach rolled out of the pocket more than once, which was something Gase refrained from designing for his quarterbacks. I also found it amusing seeing a pre-snap motion in training camp, as Gase-led offenses rarely motioned in the regular season. 

Stephen Zantz: It’s polar opposite to what we saw with Adam Gase. The biggest thing I noticed was amount of rollouts and use of Zach’s feet. Gase never let Darnold run so it was nice to see an offensive coordinator that is utilizing a QB’s athleticism. Jet fans should be happy that we now have a seblance of what an offense should look in the 2021 NFL.

Stephen Russo:  It’s not an Adam Gase offense so immediately it’s an improvement, right?! In all honesty, it’s difficult to tell this early on but a few things that jump out are the pre-snap motion, designed rollouts, and the ability to get a lot of guys involved.  I also think that the “run-first” mentality of this offense may hold true to set up the pass, and the Jets look to be in decent shape with that RB room as Carter, Perine, and Johnson all looked good today.

Will Parkinson: A few different things stood out to me. The use of pre snap motion was something Jets fans haven’t seen in a long time and they got a bunch of yesterday just 4 days into offensive install. There was a nice mix of play action, inside and outside zone runs and straight 5 step drops. Very early on but the Jets using motion as well as a ton of 11 personal(3 WRs, 1 RB, 1 TE) was something that stood out as well; sounds crazy to fans, but actually maximizing your talent–unlike previous regimes.

Did any other offensive players stand out to you for positive reasons?

Matt Gianesses: To me, Elijah Moore looks like a seasoned NFL veteran. Not just from his on field play, but from the way he carries himself throughout stretches, drills, and team huddles. You could find him dancing, instigating the crowd, and cheering on his teammates. He looks like he’s been here before.

Stephen Russo:  Simply put, Elijah Moore.  He was everywhere, and already seems to have a great rapport with Wilson and is clearly his favorite target.  It doesn’t seem like Moore is a rookie and he is going to make it difficult to keep him off the field.  If the Jets plan on starting the best 3 receivers, he is easily in that group and probably at the top at this point. 

Will Parkinson: The easy answer here is Elijah Moore. Lined up everywhere mostly outside opposite Corey Davis and excelled. I really liked what I saw from Michael Carter, LaMichael Perine, DJ Montgomery, Tyler Kroft as well as how physically imposing Morgan Moses is. As big as Mehki Becton is, Morgan Moses doesn’t exactly look small compared to him, the Jets certainly have some monsters at left and right tackle.

Today’s practice was notable because of how well Zach Wilson played. Based on reports, it seems like the defense struggled. Was that your impression of today’s practice?

Matt Gianesses: The secondary definitely struggled. The pass rush did not. There were throws from Wilson, Morgan, and White that easily would have resulted in sacks. Lawson put on an absolute clinic in his limited reps.

Stephen Zantz: I wouldn’t say the defense struggled as a whole but the secondary was very shaky. A few nice PBUs but overall they were cooked by Zach. Carl Lawson was held relatively in check by Becton today but the DL was getting into the backfield a lot today. Zach’s bomb TD to Moore probably would have been a sack if it was a real game because he held onto the ball for about 4-5 seconds. I think the defense was solid but the offense was just better today.

Stephen Russo:  I don’t necessarily think the defense struggled but it was a good day for the offense.  If you were going to point to one concern, it would be the secondary but we already knew that – and we are in day 4 of training camp with a litany of rookies and second year guys getting rotated in.  Jason Pinnock made a great, acrobatic pick off his back and probably returned it for a TD.  I thought that Lawson and John Franklin-Myers flashed as well and Jets fans are going to be happy with the D-Line production this year. 

Will Parkinson: I wouldn’t say the defense played badly at all. Firstly, without full pads or even uppers on its very difficult to tell because of how cluttered run fits can look and how the outside battles can be. That said, Carl Lawson flashed every single play and the defense as a whole played fast even though they lost some battles in 50/50 balls on the outside. I didn’t think the defense played badly, but today was just more about the excitement of Zach Wilson showing his potential.

Were there any standout players on defense that you noticed?

Matt Gianesses: Carl Lawson pressured the quarterback on what felt like every other rep he took today. He was a nightmare for the offense. The Jets desperately need to keep him healthy alongside Quinnen Williams.

Stephen Zantz: No one specifically stuck out to me on defense. Granted most of my attention was on the offense looking for big plays. The one thing I will say was Saleh was super involved in the cornerback positional drills. It was great to see him providing input on a unit that definitely needs work.

Stephen Russo:  Carl Lawson would be the one defensive player who flashed.  Him and Becton going at it day after day is going to be great for both of them.  Outside of Lawson, there was nothing really notable for the defense, but it wasn’t a bad day either.  

Will Parkinson: Carl Lawson. I’ve written and studied him all winter and spring and he is every bit the player I’ve watched on film. He’s physical, he’s intelligent, he’s fast and has a million pass rush moves. He is going to make Mehki Becton so much better from battling everyday but Lawson will only get better once the pads come on. Jets may have finally solved there edge problem.

Are there any other observations or thoughts that you would like to share with fans based on today’s practice?

Stephen Zantz: The biggest takeaway I have is that Elijah Moore is going to be a really good player for the Jets for a long time as long as he is healthy. You can see the difference between him and everyone else. His route running and speed combination was awesome to see. He looked like the best player out there today. Something I also loved to see was how involved Saleh was with all the units during practice. I saw him taking notes as he walked around the field. It was just really refreshing to see his approach conmpared to what Gase was doing the past two years. Overall, it was a great day for the fans and I highly recommend people try and go to a practice or the green/white game.

Stephen Russo:  Robert Saleh addressing the fans at the end of practice is exactly why this fanbase is so optimistic going into 2021.  He wrapped practice up with the team, grabbed the mic, and thanked us all for being there and told us about about the character of his guys.  He ended it with an “All Gas, No Brake” chant that got the crowd completely fired up and was a great way to end a great day.  We’re 4 days into camp so I don’t to put the cart before the horse, but I truly believe that the combination of Saleh and Douglas could have the Parcells-ian like impact on this franchise.  All Gas, baby!!

Will Parkinson: I think the biggest takeaway was the the culture and vibes around one Jets Drive are certainly changing. They are still a major work in progress but the energy was buzzing and you could tell they’re trying to build something short term and long term here. There’s a lot of young talent and some high level veterans that will have to gel and have things break their way, but the fans, players and coaches all seem to be trying to build something special.


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Author: Dalbin Osorio

Dalbin Osorio is a Case Planner for Graham-Windham, New York's oldest child welfare agency. He is, also, a student at the Silberman School of Social Work at Hunter College. Dalbin graduated from Monroe College with a degree in Business Administration. A 3 sport utility man in high school (think a mix of Jerome WIlliams, Brad Smith, and Jayson Nix), he joined TOJ in 2013.

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