New York Jets Make 4 Waiver Claims

With final cuts in the NFL happening yesterday, the Jets have a chance at almost a second draft. With a roster largely lacking in talent, waivers are a good chance to take a flier on some players that shook loose from other teams. Whether those players were blocked by proven vets in front of them of just didn’t catch on, here are some players the Jets would do well to claim with their high waiver priority. (more…)

New York Jets – 5 OTA and Minicamp Storylines to Watch

Ryan Marcone with five storylines to watch for New York Jets OTAs and minicamp…

Here are five storylines to watch for when the New York Jets take the practice field this spring and early summer, starting this afternoon for OTAs… Continue reading “New York Jets – 5 OTA and Minicamp Storylines to Watch”

Turn On The Jets Writers Mock Draft – Round 2

Last week several of the writers for TOJ held a first round mock draft live on the Draft SZN podcast. Since then we decided to do a full seven round mock continued from that first round, with eight TOJ writers being responsible for drafting for the teams in each of the eight NFL divisions. Here is how Round 2 went down. Continue reading “Turn On The Jets Writers Mock Draft – Round 2”

Perfect New York Jets Draft: From the Head and Heart

Ryan Marcone gives the perfect New York Jets 2017 draft from the head…and from the heart

In the world of the NFL there are always two combating forces at work: the passion of the players who every day muster the emotion it takes to throw oneself into the most brutal sport in the world, and the business side of the game that falls on front offices to handle behind the scenes. There is a clear, almost stark contrast between images like Ray Lewis storming out of the tunnel and dancing like a modern gladiator ready for battle, and the execs in suits at press conferences who can quantify every single player’s worth with a price tag and assure us that the NFL “is also a business”.

And whether we realize it or not, we approach fandom the same way, with both the head and the heart. Our hearts make us cling to certain players and identify them as fan favorites for one reason or another, and that devotion makes us defend those players tooth and nail, long after their play has declined. Our heads often make us realize that while the game day experience at the stadium is unique, we can often get a more enjoyable (and always cheaper) version from our living room couch.

So what if we approached the draft the same way? There would be an ideal set of picks from either standpoint, to be sure. But which one is better for the team? The head or the heart? The Id or the Ego? The screaming, face painted die-hard or the calculating suited up exec? You decide. Here are my versions of the perfect 2017 NFL Draft for the New York Jets from the perspective of the head, and the perspective of the heart. Continue reading “Perfect New York Jets Draft: From the Head and Heart”

2017 NFL Draft – Poor Man’s Versions of Top Prospects

Ryan Marcone on mid round targets for the New York Jets who have skill sets that approximate prospects commonly linked to the team in the first round…

Every year, in every draft there are a handful of blue chip prospects projected to be top picks that teams and fans view as almost “can’t miss”. The only problem is even when you have a high pick in the draft, you more than likely only have one of them and so a decision must be made. You have to choose just one of those top players.

But good front offices with savvy scouting departments know that while you find your stars in the first two rounds, you build your team in the latter five. The best teams turn second and third day selections into Pro Bowl caliber players because they were able to identify traits that made those prospects valuable NFL players. So while the Jets will get to pick one top prospect with their 6th overall pick, here are some players who should be available in the middle-to-late rounds that exemplify similar skills to some of these top players. This is not to say that they are as good as the top prospects, but they show similar talents that could make them diamonds in the rough for the green and white. Continue reading “2017 NFL Draft – Poor Man’s Versions of Top Prospects”

New York Jets – Five Picks That Could End Round 2 Curse

Ryan Marcone on five second round targets for the New York Jets in the 2017 NFL Draft

For many fans, few things sum up the ineptitude of the modern era and serve as a metaphor for the dysfunction of the organization as a whole better than the recent curse of second round draft picks going bust. Since 2001, the dubious honor has gone to the likes of Mike Nugent, Kellen Clemens, Vlad Ducasse, Stephen Hill, and most recently Devin Smith and Christian Hackenberg.

Considering the rule of thumb that players taken in the first four rounds should eventually be developed into starters, and players taken in rounds one and two should be significant contributors from their rookie year, this is a major problem. It’s gotten to the point where fans are unsure if the Jets just pick bad players in Round 2, or if players become bad because the Jets picked them in Round 2. But luckily for the Jets, this year’s draft class is exceptionally deep, so there are several players who may be on the board that can end the losing streak. Here are my choices for Pick 39. Continue reading “New York Jets – Five Picks That Could End Round 2 Curse”

New York Jets – Five 2017 Breakout Players

Ryan Marcone looks at five potential break out players for the New York Jets in 2017…

The New York Jets are looking at a major rebuild in 2017, with a roster that showed itself to have plenty of holes in the 2016 season. They may opt to address some of those needs through free agency and the NFL Draft, but the ideal situation for any rebuilding team is to find young, inexpensive players already on the roster who can step up when given a more substantial role. Here are my picks for five New York Jets who can do just that in 2017…

Continue reading “New York Jets – Five 2017 Breakout Players”

NFL Draft – 5 Mock Favorites For New York Jets

Ryan Marcone on five mock draft favorites for the New York Jets

Who will the New York Jets have to look forward to with the 6th overall pick in this year’s NFL Draft? I thought it would be interesting to take a statistical look at what the mock drafts are predicting for the Jets. I have compiled the results of thirty mock drafts from respected outlets such as, Bleacher Report, CBS Sports, SB Nation, ESPN, and several newspapers and tallied their predictions to see who are the mock draft favorites for the Jets at six… Continue reading “NFL Draft – 5 Mock Favorites For New York Jets”