The New York Jets Playoff Rooting Guide – Week 17

Joe Caporoso with your New York Jets playoff rooting guide for week 17…

The New York Jets had a fortuitous week 16 for their playoff hopes, thanks to a 26-20 overtime victory against the New England Patriots and a Ryan Mallett led upset by the Baltimore Ravens over the Pittsburgh Steelers. Here is what you need to know going into week 17:

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The New York Jets Playoff Rooting Guide – Week 16

Joe Caporoso with the New York Jets playoff rooting guide for week 16

The New York Jets are still very much alive in the AFC Wild Card Race but they will need help. Unfortunately, they do not control their own destiny. So, how they can make their first playoff trip since 2010? Here is your week 16 rooting guide…
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The New York Jets Playoff Rooting Guide – Week 15

Joe Caporoso reviews the New York Jets playoff rooting guide heading into week 15 of the NFL season

The New York Jets handled their business against the Tennessee Titans with a 30-8 victory. Unfortunately, they did not receive much, if any, help from the teams they are competing with for a wild card spot. However, all is not lost with the team currently sitting at 8-5. Let’s break down where your attention needs to be on Sunday, with the Jets hopefully…hopefully taking care of Dallas on Saturday night.

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New York Jets Fans: Week 15 Rooting Guide

TOJ with a rooting guide for New York Jets fans in week 15. Is more help on the way?

Last week was one of those beautiful times where every single thing broke the New York Jets way. Can they get the same kind of help this weekend? It isn’t too likely considering the following match-ups, but hey you never know…

Tennessee Titans (7-6) at Indianapolis Colts (0-13) – The Colts have to eventually win right? Right? Maybe I am reaching here but I do think this game will end up being somewhat competitive. If Indy actually does pull off a win, you know God has a little love for our Jets. Oh wait, nevermind he can’t because the only thing God cares about is Tim Tebow and the Denver Broncos…my bad.

Cincinnati Bengals (7-6) at St. Louis Rams (2-11) – Kellen freakin Clemens. It looks the Jets ex quarterback will be under center for the Rams as they attempt to pull off the upset over the Bengals. St. Louis did upset New Orleans earlier this year but relying on Clemens for anything isn’t a very good idea.

Detroit Lions (8-5) at Oakland Raiders (7-6) – The Raiders appear to be free falling and a loss to the Lions here could put a nail in their coffin. I am pretty sure we will look back one day and remember the Carson Palmer trade as one of the stupidest decisions made this decade by a NFL team.

New England Patriots (10-3) at Denver Broncos (8-5) – A scoreless tie? I think I will root for Denver so they have a shot of getting the number three seed, which brings my dream closer to a reality. A Jets rematch in Denver, round one of the playoffs. Could you imagine how hard everybody else in the free world will be rooting against Rex and the Jets? All I want is for that game to occur, the Jets to be up 14-10 with 3 seconds left with Denver at the Jets 3 yard line. Tebow runs up the middle, David Harris sticks him in the backfield, forces a fumble, Darrelle Revis picks it up and runs it back for a score and then proceeds to “Tebow” in the end-zone, while all us Jets fans do the same thing and then run around New York City with our flight boy celebrations…but I digress…

Carolina Panthers (4-9) at Houston Texans (10-3) – We want Houston to keep winning so they are still playing for a bye in week 17 against Tennessee.

Pittsburgh Steelers (10-3) at San Francisco 49ers (10-3) – We want Pittsburgh to keep winning so Baltimore still has something to play for week 17 against Cincinnati.

San Diego Chargers (6-7) at Baltimore Ravens (10-3) – We want Baltimore to keep winning so they either playing for a division title or a bye in week 17 against Cincinnati.

New York Jets Fans: Week 14 Rooting Guide

Who should Jets fans be rooting for this Sunday?

There is no way around this reality: We are going to know if the New York Jets are a very realistic playoff contender or a long shot pipe dream by the end of the day Sunday. Sadly, this season is at the point where I am nauseous worrying if the Jets will even have the chance be in the driver’s seat for the #6 seed in the AFC. That driver’s seat includes a daunting 3 game finish in Philadelphia, home versus the Giants, and then at Miami, all three games I could see the Jets losing. Oh well, here is the help they need next week to gain control of their destiny…

Houston (9-3) at Cincinnati (7-5) – Yates. Yates. Yates. Somehow Houston has kept winning despite all the injuries they have sustained, thanks to a power running game and a great defense. The Bengals are coming off a beating at the hands of the Steelers and have dealt with their own rash of injuries. After this game, Cincinnati plays St. Louis and Arizona, before closing the season with the Ravens in a game that could be meaningless for them. So yes, the Jets badly need Houston to take care of business here.

New Orleans (9-3) at Tennessee (7-5) – The Saints have been on absolute fire the past two weeks but this game concerns me. They will be outside, in a cold-weather city, and could be up for a let-down. After this game, the Titans have the Colts, Jaguars, and the Texans in what also could be a meaningless game for them, so similar to needing Houston to take of business, the Jets need the Saints to avoid a let down on the road.

Oakland (7-5) at Green Bay (12-0) – The Raiders looked awful last week and now run into the Green Bay buzzsaw. It looks Tebow Nation just might win the AFC West.

Chicago (7-5) at Denver (7-5) – It certainly doesn’t hurt if Denver loses…

New York Giants (6-6) at Dallas Cowboys (7-5) – Yes, I’d love to watch the Giants lose 5 in a row and have their season basically end in week 14.

New York Jets Fans: Week 13 Rooting Guide

Who should New York Jets fans be rooting for this Sunday?

The New York Jets didn’t get any help last weekend in their pursuit for a playoff spot. Let’s hope week 13 brings a little more luck…of course along with a win over Washington or else none of these games really matter –

Tennessee (6-5) at Buffalo (5-6) – After ending Buffalo’s playoff hopes last week, the Jets and their fans need to hope the Bills can come through for them by knocking off Tennessee at home. This game is a toss-up but a loss for the Titans probably cements a 9-7 or 8-8 record for them considering they still have New Orleans and Houston on the schedule.

Denver (6-5) at Minnesota (2-9) – Will Tim Tebow’s divine magical ride ever come to an end? Minnesota isn’t as bad as their record indicates and I think this one will be close but maybe that is just wishful thinking. This guy has to lose a game eventually right?

Cincinnati (7-4) at Pittsburgh (8-3) – The Bengals have put up an admirable effort all year, yet they still lack a banner victory. Let’s hope Pittsburgh can take care of business and stay in the hunt for a AFC North title by giving the Bengals their 5th loss. The Jets are going to be in trouble if Cincinnati wins this game.

Green Bay (11-0) at New York Giants (6-5) – It would be nice to see the Jets have a crack at having the best record of the local teams yet again.

Kansas City (4-7) at Chicago (7-4) – It would be good to see Kansas City start to tank out before they head to MetLife Stadium next week.

New York Jets Fans: Week 12 Rooting Guide

Who should Jets fans be rooting for this Sunday?

It is that time of the year again, the time when the New York Jets inevitably need help to make the playoffs and have to rely on other team’s slipping up. Here is your week 12 rooting guide, along with the impact of the game on the Jets stretch run —

Houston (7-3) at Jacksonville (3-7) – Moderate Impact – Houston is more than likely winning the AFC South, however it would be nice to see them struggle down the stretch with Matt Leinart. In a scenario where the Jets make the playoffs, there is nobody I’d rather have them play in the wild-card round than Houston.

Cleveland (4-6) at Cincinnati (6-4) – High Impact – Doesn’t it make you sad that the Jets have a one game better record than Cleveland? Either way, the Jets need the Browns and their putrid offense (one of the few in the league worse than the Jets) to step up for the upset. The Bengals have lost two straight and are banged up with another likely loss (at Pittsburgh) on the horizon. Now is the time to enter their free-fall, so 10 wins can grab the Jets a playoff spot.

Tampa Bay (3-7) at Tennessee (5-5) – High Impact – The Titans currently have the same record and the same chance as the Jets of making the playoffs, let’s hope the “youngry” Bucs can go on the road and give us a hand.

Chicago (6-4) at Oakland (6-4) – Moderate Impact – If Oakland goes on to win the AFC West, their tie-breaker with the Jets won’t matter. Go Raiders.

Denver (5-5) at San Diego (6-4) – High Impact – Enjoy rooting for the Chargers this week, since the Jets have a tie breaker with them but not with Tebow Christ and his apostles. Let me say for the record, similar to John Elway I am not sold on Tebow as a quarterback. You won’t get a gift wrapped Mark Sanchez pick six and embarrassing amount of offensive ineptitude from your opponent every week. Tebow isn’t good. Denver isn’t good. They aren’t making the playoffs.

New England (7-3) at Philadelphia (4-6) – Moderate Impact – The only game the rest of the year the Patriots have a chance at losing. Fly Eagles Fly!

Pittsburgh (7-3) at Kansas City (4-6) – Moderate Impact – A Chiefs upset couldn’t hurt…

TOJ Week 13 Rooting Guide


A quick rooting guide for your Jet less Sunday…Gave Jimmy Leonhard the picture because we will miss him the rest of the year.

New Orleans at Cincinnati – In a game that has no impact on the Jets playoff chances, root for Ochocino and T.O to continue losing. Also more importantly root for New Orleans defense as TOJ is starting them in fantasy this week. Carson Palmer has to throw at least 2 interceptions, right?

Chicago at Detroit – If you are like me, you think Jay Cutler looks like the rich kid at the party sulking because somebody spilled beer on his 129 dollar shirt and who doesn’t hate people like that? Beyond that, the Lions deserve this one after they were screwed in week one.

San Francisco at Green Bay – I hate Mike Singletary’s press conferences and I hate that Green Bay shut the Jets out at home. I will root for the Packers because it sickens me that the 4-7 49ers are still in playoff contention.

Jacksonville at Tennessee – I don’t want the Colts in the playoffs and Jacksonville is closer to preventing that from happening, so go Jags. Hey, at least for today they have another fan…which should give them about 38.

Denver at Kansas City – Two unpopular coaches. I want the Chargers out of the playoffs, so using the same theory from the Jacksonville game, I will root for T.J. and the Chiefs.

Cleveland at Miami – Is it me or does Jake Delhomme look like a creepy guy? It must be something with those facial expressions after he is throwing all those interceptions. Obviously, I will be rooting for him, Eric Barton, Chansi Stuckey and the rest of the Jets JV team.

Buffalo at Minnesota – Very rare that you would ever root for a AFC East team against a non division opponent. However, I will be rooting for a bounce back for Steve Johnson and a win for the feisty Bills.

Washington at New York Giants – Let’s hope McNabb continues his trend of dominating the Giants.

Oakland at San Diego – Again, I’d rather not have Phillip Rivers in the playoffs with the way he is playing. So I will be pulling for the imploding Raiders.

Carolina at Seattle – I am not even sure this counts as a NFL game. I’d rather watch The George Lopez Show than this game. Enough said.

Atlanta at Tampa Bay – I’d like to see the young Bucs pull off the upset in front of the 26 people who will be at their stadium today.

St. Louis at Arizona – Derek Anderson may put his heart and soul into being the worst quarterback in the NFL but you have to root for the Rams to continue their quest to 7-9 and an improbable division title.

Dallas at Indianapolis – Go Cowboys. We don’t want Rex Ryan’s kryptonite in the playoffs.

Pittsburgh at Baltimore – The Jets don’t have a tie breaker with the Ravens so I will be waving the yellow towel in this game.