How to Rebuild: Carolina Panthers 2011-2015 Edition

Daniel Essen on how the New York Jets can follow a rebuild model set forth by the Carolina Panthers…

In the previous edition, we looked at the Seattle Seahawks and what led up to their Super Bowl run in 2013. This time around, let’s take a look at how the Carolina Panthers went from going 2-14 in 2010 and firing everyone, to going to the Super Bowl in 2015. There are a few lessons that are directly relevant for the New York Jets.

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PrimeSport Turn On The Jets 12 Pack – Offseason Rebuild Thoughts…

Welcome back to another edition of the Turn On The Jets 12 Pack, brought to you by PrimeSport, the official travel and hospitality partner of the New York Jets. Click the link for more info on the Jets official pregame tailgate party and for away game packages! 

Throughout the offseason, we’ll do these a little more sporadically both in terms of volume and topic. Today, here are 12 thoughts on the current state of the Jets roster as they prepare for major upheaval in the coming months. If you have a topic you want to see covered more in-depth let us know in the comment section or over on Twitter

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TOJ Podcast – New York Jets Offseason 1.0 Edition/Wild Card Picks

Joe Caporoso and Dalbin Osorio talk about the changes to the Jets coaching staff, year end press conferences, what comes next in FA/the draft and give their wild card weekend picks…

Joe Caporoso and Dalbin Osorio talk about the changes to the New York Jets coaching staff, the end of year press conferences and debate the top available free agents along with what the top of the draft board could look like. They also give all their picks for Wild Card Weekend, which are outlined below. 

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2017 NFL Draft – Mock Draft 1.0

Joe Malfa with his first mock to prepare for the 2017 NFL Draft

There is still a long way to go before the NFL Draft. A lot of things will change between now and April, but  Joe Malfa put together his first mock draft of the season now that the order is set for the top-20.

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TOJ #PickSix – Best Offensive Coordinator Candidates For Jets

Dalbin Osorio with a TOJ Pick Six of Offensive Coordinator options for the New York Jets

The New York Jets lost their offensive coordinator Chan Gailey as he officially retired. Gailey’s retirement has been a subject of debate. In this writer’s opinion, the truth lies somewhere in the middle; Gailey openly spoke about retirement at the beginning of the season and he probably wasn’t as sold on second round pick Christian Hackenberg as the rest of the Jets front office and Head Coach Todd Bowles are. With this team, you just never know. With that said, the Jets now have a vacancy to fill and here are the six offensive coordinators the Jets should be considering to both develop Hackenberg and help improve what has historically been a pretty bad offense.

I will also pair the OC candidates with a veteran quarterback and a rookie that would fit, with explanations for the pairings provided over the next two weeks. I’m also including realistic options because I don’t think it makes sense to focus on guys like Mike McCoy, who should be in high demand for head coaching vacancies. Whereas our piece earlier focused on more known names, this one will focus on guys that I think the Jets should reach out to but who you might not hear linked to them.

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New York Jets – Options at Offensive Coordinator

Jake Benaquisto on potential options for the New York Jets at offensive coordinator in 2017…

Another year, another offensive coordinator. The New York Jets announced on Tuesday that offensive coordinator Chan Gailey has retired after two seasons with the team. The Jets offense showed a drastic decline in 2016, scoring 17.2 points and gaining only 329.2 yards per game. According to Football Outsiders, the Jets ranked 31st overall in offensive DVOA, a massive drop from their rank of 14th overall the previous season.

Whether this decision came from the front office or Gailey himself, it is not a good sign for the development of quarterbacks Christian Hackenberg and Bryce Petty. Whatever time the two spent learning Gailey’s offense has seemingly been wasted, as a new coordinator will come in with his own playbook and terminology. Having said this, the team has already begun looking for Gailey’s replacement. The decision to also fire quarterbacks coach Kevin Patullo guarantees that we will be seeing a very different offense in 2017.

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New York Jets – Chan Gailey Gone, Coaching Staff Shook Up In Wrong Way

Joe Caporoso on the New York Jets moving on from Chan Gailey and their other coaching staff changes

New York Jets Offensive Coordinator Chan Gailey “retired” today in conjunction with the firing of quarterbacks coach Kevin Patullo, Defensive Line Coach Pepper Johnson, Defensive Backs Coach Joe Danna and Running Backs Coach Marcel Shipp. The headline news is Gailey and his apprentice Patullo being on the way out, while Defensive Coordinator Kacy Rodgers will return for his third year as the Jets Defensive Coordinator.

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New York Jets – The Worst Stats

Joe Caporoso on the worst stats associated with the 2016 New York Jets

There are a multitude of reasons why the New York Jets were terrible in 2017. Here are the most eye opening stats from their abysmal 5-11 campaign…

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