DO’s New York Jets Year In Review – Rest In Peace SOJ

Dalbin Osorio with his final review and thoughts on the New York Jets 2015 season

TOJ Podcast Host Dalbin Osorio gives his final thoughts on the New York Jets 2015 season.

Down 19-17 in the 4th quarter, the New York Jets were driving for a go ahead score that would’ve most likely put them in the playoffs. At worst, it gives them a 24-19 lead over an offense that hadn’t really done much in terms of putting points on the board. Yes, Sammy Watkins was cooking franchise cornerstone Darrelle Revis but it had led to a grand total of one touchdown and 4 field goals.

The Jets had all the momentum and, in a year where the AFC is as wide open as it has been, that momentum could’ve carried them through an intriguing playoff run. Over the last week, I like many fans started to ask ourselves “what if.” What if Ryan Fitzpatrick carries this hot streak into the playoffs? What if the Chiefs, on one of the hottest streaks entering the tournament that you’ll ever see, upset one of the higher seeds and the Jets got to host the AFC Championship? Could the Jets…? Would the Jets…?

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Report Card – Grading Our 2015 New York Jets Predictions

Joe Caporoso grades his 2015 predictions for the New York Jets

What is the point of making predictions if you will not go back to review them? Prior to the 2015 season starting, I laid out 30 New York Jets predictions for the upcoming year. There are also NFL predictions at the bottom of that linked article (which are a bloodbath) but the Jets predictions? Not too far off…

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Inside The Green Room – Where Do The Jets Go From Here?

Connor Rogers tries to figure out where the New York Jets go from here, in today’s “Inside The Green Room”

The Jets missed the playoffs in a year where they won 10 games, their QB threw 31 touchdowns, the starting wide receiver duo combined for 26 touchdown catches, and the defense finished as a top 5 unit.

It one hundred percent sucks and somehow puts a damper on what was a relatively wonderful start to Todd Bowles head coaching career, but not all is lost. The team has a foundation to build on, even with a 33 year old journeyman at quarterback. So what now? Let’s not waste any time… Continue reading “Inside The Green Room – Where Do The Jets Go From Here?”