TOJ Pod ft. PFF_Steve

Will Parkinson interviews PFF_Steve on this episode of the TOJ Podcast.

On this episode of the Turn on the Jets podcast, host Will Parkinson is joined Senior NFL Analyst Steve Palazzolo of Pro Football Focus to discuss how the Jets can replicate the Bengals rebuild, and where and who the Jets should look to be going after in Free Agency, Trades and the Draft this off-season.


TOJ Offseason Preview: The Case for Jessie Bates

Stephen Zantz previews free agent target Jessie Bates.

The TOJ Crew has kicked off our offseason preview with each writer talking about a free agent option for each position. In this edition, TOJ Live co-host Stephen Zantz will make the case for adding Jessie Bates to upgrade the safety room.


TOJ Free Agency Preview: New York Jets Linebacker Targets

Michael Meegan previews the free agent LB that the Jets must target

The New York Jets linebacking core is currently a work in progress. CJ Mosley is still a good player but is not the elite player he once was and is getting older. Quincy Williams is not an NFL starter. This FA LB class is underwhelming but value can still be had. The GUY I would target is Anthony Walker Jr.


Jets’ Top Free Agent Wide Receiver Target

Will Parkinson on the no-brainer Jets FA WR target.

Let me start this off by saying there is a negative 37% chance this happens…but there is only one true answer to which wide receivers the Jets should be targeting in free agency and that’s Davante Adams. The 29 year old had 123 receptions, 1553 yards and 11 touchdowns in 2021 and is pretty clearly the best player at his position in the NFL.


TOJ Pod ft. DJ Bien-Aime

Will Parkinson interviews NYDN reporter DJ Bien-Aime to discuss the senior bowl and WR draft class.

On this episode of the Turn on the Jets podcast, host Will Parkinson is joined by DJ Bien-Aime of the Daily News to discuss their Senior Bowl takeways, before diving deep into this Wide Receiver class before wrapping up with a free agency preview at Tight End and Safety.


Jets’ Top Free Agent Running Back Target

Stephen Russo spotlights the top RB that the Jets should have their eyes on this free agency.

It’s clear that the Jets need a complementary back to Michael Carter, who impressed every Jets fan in his rookie season despite high expectations to begin the year. We can all agree that while Ty Johnson showed flashes during the year, he can’t be relied upon to carry a significant load in this offense. So for me, this becomes a two-horse race. Joe Douglas should either re-sign Tevin Coleman or go out and sign Leonard Fournette in free agency. The answer is Fournette. Fournette rushed for 812 yards and 8 touchdowns last year while also adding over 450 yards receiving on 69 catches. The dual-threat ability to his game, combined with his physical running style would be the perfect thunder to Michael Carter’s lightning. While Tevin Coleman was much better than expected in 2021 and certainly a leader for the youth in the RB room, you simply can’t rely on his health two years in a row. I believe Joe Douglas’ move to make is signing Fournette.

Zach Wilson Rookie Year Review

Michael Meegan assesses Zach Wilson’s rookie performance and answers the question of where we go from here.

Zach Wilson’s rookie year is complete. He finished with 9 TDs, 11 INT’s,  55.9 completion percentage, and 2334 passing yards. He added 185 yards on the ground and 4 rushing TDs over his 13 starts.

How would I describe Zach Wilson’s rookie year? One word–bad. “Save Article, closes word press, shuts computer and goes to a dark room to weep about the scary thoughts that the Jets still do not have a franchise QB.”  Now is that harsh on Zach after he got injured during this season? Yes, it is. However, Zach did have a lot of positive and negatives that need to be discussed in detail.


1st & 10: Early Off-Season Thoughts

Stephen Russo offers his early offseason thoughts on the New York Jets


There is not much you can take away from the Jets season finale against the Bills. Sure, the offense set a franchise low for yards in a game with 53 – but having a subpar offensive output was expected with Zach Wilson having a JV squad to throw to (I’m being generous) and Jamison Crowder getting hurt in the first quarter. The Jets, by enlarge, were outmanned at every position on the field but managed to keep this a 13-10 game into the 4th quarter, on the road, in terrible conditions, against a very good team that was playing for the division title. If we’re going to take anything away from this game, it should be fight they showed in a meaningless game.