Jets Know Your Foe Podcast Preview – Scouting the Green Bay Packers’ Offseason

Michael Nania continues his Know Your Foe series with a breakdown of the Green Bay Packers offseason…

Coming this regular season, I will be hosting a weekly podcast centered around the dissection of the New York Jets’ opponent each week; featuring guests from the opposing perspective, in-depth looks into opposing teams’ strengths and weaknesses on film, compelling statistical nuggets, matchups to watch out for, and plenty more! To preview the show, each week leading up to the season I’ll recap the offseason of one of the Jets’ opponents; this week, we look at the Green Bay Packers.


Author: Michael Nania

You can follow me on Twitter @Michael_Nania. I'll be hosting the weekly Jets opponent preview podcast, Know Your Foe, starting with the 2018 regular season. I've been writing for Turn On The Jets since January 2018, and you can also check out more of my work on the Jets over at Gang Green Nation.

New York Jets – Wilkerson Choices and Roadmaps

Daniel Aitken on all the available courses of action the New York Jets can take with Muhammad Wilkerson and which one would be the most logical

Whether or not to trade Muhammad Wilkerson following receiving the franchise tag is a point of major contention among New York Jets fans. I highlighted the arguments of both sides in my Five Difficult Decisions piece last month, but here I’ll try to provide a better visualization of the Jets offseason options depending on moves. I’ll look at three scenarios: trying to keep both Wilkerson and Harrison, keeping just Wilkerson, and trading Wilkerson but keeping Harrison.

Note: All salary cap information that follows is courtesy of

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Jets UK Chronicles – The Impact Of Leonard Williams

Nikki Charlesworth and Dave Balcombe take a look at 2015 first round rookie Leonard Williams and his impact in his first 4 games as a New York Jet

The rookie class of 2015 has had a mixed start to their NFL carer with surprises both positive and negative. When you ask about the most impactful rookies so far, responses on social media almost entirely focus on offensive players; Marcus Mariota, TJ Yeldon or Todd Gurley. But what of the man who many tipped as the best player in the entire draft, our very own Leonard Williams? What has been his impact in his first weeks of his Jets’ life?

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Muhammad Wilkerson: The Engine to Rex Ryan’s Defense

Muhammad Wilkerson, like many players on the Jets defense, has the skill set to excel in many different roles. He is regarded as a 3-4 defensive end, but Rex Ryan lines up Wilkerson all over the defensive line. Let’s jump into the film room and take a look.

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TOJ Stock Watch: Ranking the New York Jets Roster

With the Jets being on bye this week after a 5-4 start to the season, it’s time to look ahead to the second half of the season and start thinking about what we can expect going forward. As much fun as it is to point out how the Jets have already exceeded the expectations of all the “experts” out there, what’s even more fun is to look at some of the players on this roster and envision where this group is headed. So that’s exactly what I’m doing with this week’s Stock Watch: I’m rating the roster from top to bottom based on what I expect from them the rest of the season. Continue reading “TOJ Stock Watch: Ranking the New York Jets Roster”