Game Balls: “Playing By The Rules” – Jets 30, Pats 27

Dan Marcus gives out Game Balls for the Jets 30-27 OT win over the Patriots

This was your classic “gut check” game that should have never been as close as it was and is single-handedly responsible for my heart palpitations and lost voice today. Geno was by no means spectacular but was good enough to win and he did get a considerable amount of help from his Wide Receivers (for the most part). I’m also not exactly sure what Rex said to his defense at half time but it definitely worked and the beat goes on as the Jets move to within a game of first place in the AFC East and break the Pats heart in the process, it’s definitely a “Victory Monday” and that can only mean one thing: Game Balls: 

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Game Balls, “Plucked”: New York Jets 30 Atlanta Falcons 28

To borrow one of my favorite Suzyn Waldman-isms, “of all the dramatic things,” (and no, Roger Clemens is not in George Steinbrenner’s box) the New York Jets are now sitting at 3-2 by virtue of a heart-pounding road win against Matt Ryan and the Atlanta Falcons, in front of the nation, after most people wrote them off before the season even started. I have to be honest, I thought the likelihood that they would be able to pull this one out was slim. Yet, the Jets came ready to play and were great in all three phases. The stat of the day is 0; the amount of turnovers the Jets committed last night and the first game in which they did not hand the ball to the opposing team. Imagine what would happen if they could do that on a regular basis. While you’re doing that, lets’ paint up some Game Balls:

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Game Balls: Jets vs Bills, “And It Was All Yellow”

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the New York Jets week 3 over the Buffalo Bills

After what was a nearly-perfect first half that saw the New York  Jets extend their lead to a comfortable 20-6, the Second Half would prove to be much more daunting due to self inflicted wounds. The Jets were flagged an eye-popping and team record-breaking 20 times, 10 of which were called on two players alone (we’ll get to them). However, a win is a win and it was a big one for this Jets team. Despite the mistakes and the sloppiness there were still some outstanding performances so, it’s time to paint up some Game Balls.

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Game Balls: Jets vs. Bucs “Holy S@#!t”

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the New York Jets week 1 win over the Tampa Bay Bucs

This is marks the first regular season edition of “Game Balls” that almost never was as the New York Jets snatched defeat from the jaws of victory and victory from the jaws of defeat in the span of about two minutes. I never thought that I would see a team “out-Jets” the Jets but a little dose of Greg Schiano was apparently what the doctor ordered and without further ado, it is time to paint em’ up

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New York Jets Back In Black – “Detroit Duck City”

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the New York Jets pre-season debut

There’s a few tell-tale signs that the season’s are on the precipice of change: the distinct smell of an over-the-top tailgate, Ray Lucas handing out grades that aren’t in the alpha-numeric system, and the collective groan of a beleaguered fan base as Mark Sanchez throws yet another pick to a lineman, this could only mean one thing: Jets football is back. With it comes a post series that I have been doing for quite some time; during the season I hand out “Game Balls” after every win but since this is the Preseason and the games don’t count, we honor those who had stand-out performances with the Black Jersey. This is a tradition that dates back a couple years now with Rex and the Jets as the unit who performed the best in practice on a given day is rewarded with the black practice jerseys. Anyway, enough from me, let’s jump into it:

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