New York Jets Beat Writer Power Rankings – January 2014 Edition

A ranking of the New York Jets beat writers

And we’re back! After taking a brief hiatus from an idea we cooked up a few years back, we’re ready to again rank your New York Jets beat writers. Our staff voted and this is what we came up with (if you don’t see somebody you recognize ranked, they either didn’t make the top 8 or they are too new to the scene to be fairly judged).

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New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 14

Take a look at the post game stats from Sunday’s win over Oakland and there’s one thing that will likely stand out–something Jets fans aren’t used to seeing.

For the first time this season, the Jets defense surrendered a 100-yard rusher, as Oakland running back, Marcel Reece, finished the day with 123 yards on the ground. Take a closer look at the stat sheet and you’ll see a Raiders’ rushing attack that averaged 5.8 yards per carry–a season high allowed by the Jets. Neither stat is exactly a ringing endorsement an elite run defense.

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New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 13

The truth is, there weren’t many bright spots in Sunday’s drubbing at the hands of division rival Miami. Rex Ryan’s team struggled once again to produce even a semblance of an NFL offense. While the majority of the blame for this one has to be deflected to arguably the most anemic offense in football, the defense also played a role, continuing to prove that it’s far from the “elite” level we have all come to expect. Continue reading “New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 13”

New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 8 (Midseason Grades)

There’s really no way to sugarcoat Sunday’s performance in Cincinnati, on either side of the ball. Simply put, Rex Ryan & Co. were outmatched and embarrassed on the road. Continue reading “New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 8 (Midseason Grades)”

New York Jets – The Coples Conundrum

Frank Giasone on the struggles of New York Jets defensive lineman/outside linebacker Quinton Coples

There have been a lot of questions and concerns surrounding New York Jets OLB/DE Quinton Coples this season, as expectations for a breakout second year have been tempered following a slow start for the former first round pick out of UNC.

The last time we saw the “real” Quinton Coples, he was manhandling Jaguars quarterback Blaine Gabbert in the preseason, forcing a fumble as he threw the quarterback to the MetLife turf. That was the same play, in fact, where we saw Coples go down with a hairline fracture in his ankle.

I’d be kidding myself if I said I had a definitive answer to what has sent Coples seemingly into the Witness Protection Program. Truth is, this early season “slump” is likely a combination of a number of factors. But I wanted to take a closer look to try and pinpoint what issues specifically are contributing to a complete lack of production.

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New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 5

Another week, another dominant performance from the Jets defensive line. The Jets took on an Atlanta offensive line that has had some injuries and serious struggles this season. On Monday night, on a prime time stage, the big men up front exposed that weakness, limiting quarterback Matt Ryan’s time in the pocket, along with the Falcon’s run game as a whole. Continue reading “New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 5”

New York Jets Defensive Line Grade Sheet: Week 4

Frank Giasone grades out the New York Jets defensive lineman in week 4

Through four weeks of the 2013 NFL season, it would appear that my job –grading the defensive line following each game– is probably the easiest of anyone here at TOJ. In layman’s terms….they’re pretty damn good. And I expect we’ll see a lot of positives from them each and every week.

And while I’m ecstatic to get a chance to analyze the dominant performances from the “Son’s of Anarchy” (Note: I’ll be toying with a few nicknames for the DL, so feel free to leave your suggestions in the comments section below), I’m also aware that I’ve been saddled with the task of following ‘Mr. Defensive Line’ himself, TOJ’s very own, Chris Gross.

With that in mind, I’ll try my best to continue providing the best fan base in the NFL with quality breakdowns of what has clearly emerged as the strength of Rex Ryan’s defense.

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TOJ Bag – March 28th 2013

The TOJ Bag is here to answer your questions on the New York Jets

Welcome to this week’s TOJ Bag, where our staff answers your questions on the New York Jets, NFL, and things somewhat related to both. We are going to run this every Thursday so make sure to send questions in to – On to the questions! 

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NFL Draft 2013: Frank Giasone’s Mock Draft 2.0

Turn On The Jets Staff Writer, Frank Giasone with an updated NFL Mock Draft. Who does he see the Jets landing at 9? Find out right here and be sure to check back daily for updated draft content right as we inch closer to the big night next month.

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2013 NFL Draft: A Draft Day Trade?

Frank Giasone explores the possibility of the New York Jets trading down in the upcoming NFL Draft

‘Tis the season of speculation, and with our “pals” in the mainstream media relentlessly pushing their tired, negative agenda, I figured what better way to ignore the pessimism, than with little Draft Day trade foolery?

Sitting with a grand total of seven picks in the 2013 NFL Draft, and with a number of roster spots still needing to be filled, General Manager John Idzik & Co. could certainly benefit by increasing their odds this April. As we witnessed from 2008-10, poor drafts can have a devastating impact on an organization. And as the Jets attempt to regroup following the Mike Tannenbaum Era–one that saw the Jets trade up at least once in five of the last six drafts–a change in philosophy would certainly be as refreshing as it would be effective.

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