New York Jets Week 1 Final Thoughts

David Aitken with final analysis on how the New York Jets can learn from their week 1 loss and turn it around for a win against Buffalo…

What a bitter, disappointing defeat. The Jets are already 0-1 in Trent-Dilfer-must-win-games™. 

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Patriots vs Jets – Final Notes

The 9-5 New York Jets take on the 12-2 New England Patriots at MetLife today, in New York’s biggest game of the season.  The Jets are riding high on a 4 game winning streak and need a win in order to keep their playoff hopes alive.  Let’s take a look at what the Jets need to snag their 5th straight win:

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Jets Vs. Texans – Final Notes

John Hargaden with final notes for Jets vs Texans

What will the New York Jets need to do in order to get a much needed W today in Houston against the Texans? Let’s take a look..

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Final Thoughts On Jets/Jaguars

A few final thoughts on Jets/Jaguars…

Game MVP – It has to be Antonio Cromartie, who bounced back from being last week’s Goat in this article. Cromartie came up with 2 interceptions and 2 big kick returns, demonstrating his big play potential.

Game Goat – I will go with Wayne Hunter, who has given Jets fans no reason to believe the right tackle position is in good hands moving forward without Damien Woody.

Play of the Game – The first quarter touchdown strike from Mark Sanchez to Santonio Holmes, ending the team’s first quarter touchdown drought, showing Sanchez’s accuracy and that Holmes was healthy.

Trending Up

  • Dustin Keller – Back to back big games, as he finished with 101 yards and another touchdown.
  • Muhammad Wilkerson – First career NFL sack went for a safety.
  • Bart Scott – Second straight week with a sack. Scott looks poised for a big year.
  • Nick Folk – 3/3 on field goal attempts.

Trending Down

  • Nick Mangold – Will likely be out 3-4 games with a high ankle sprain.
  • Wayne Hunter – Badly in need of a steady performance against Oakland.
  • Derrick Mason – Still hasn’t found his niche in the offense.
  • Mark Sanchez – Two ugly interceptions. He must protect the football better.

1. Calvin Pace and Scott have been consistently getting pressure on the quarterback, which is limiting the need for the Jets to blitz as much. This is an encouraging trend moving forward. It will also help if Muhammad Wilkerson can continue to get after the quarterback.

2. Colin Baxter should be living at the Jets facility the next month. After Oakland, he has Haloti Ngata and Vince Wilfork headed his way. Brandon Moore and Matt Slauson need to step up to help him out.

3. Regardless of double teams and his mature attitude on the situation. The Jets must do a better job of getting Plaxico Burress involved in the offense, in the first half. Throw the guy a quick hitch or slant and let him get in the flow of the game.

TJ Rosenthal reviews his top 5 keys from the game

Final Thoughts On Jets/Cowboys

A few final thoughts on Jets/Cowboys…

Game MVP – It is hard to nail down a specific one, as so many individuals made plays in crucial times. I will go with Plaxico Burress, who came to life in the second half and brought some much needed energy to the offense. He finished the game with 4 receptions for 72 yards.

Game Goat – Antonio Cromartie had a rough night at the office, getting beat for two touchdowns, including one where Miles Austin pulled the ball away from him.

Play of the Game – I am taking the blocked punt. I have never heard the stadium louder.

Trending Up

  • LaDainian Tomlinson – 6 receptions, 73 yards
  • Jeff Cumberland – First career NFL reception went for 33 yards
  • Bart Scott – 8 tackles, 2 for a loss and a sack
  • Mike DeVito – Key strip sack in the 4th quarter

Trending Down

  • Shonn Greene – 10 carries, 26 yards
  • Wayne Hunter – Beat like a drum by DeMarcus Ware all night
  • Jeremy Kerley – 1 offensive play logged
  • Derrick Mason – Didn’t seem on the same page as Sanchez and dropped a touchdown pass

1. Greene needs to show more as the starting running back or we will start to see more and more LaDainian Tomlinson, who already played an equal amount of snaps to him last week. Joe McKnight will likely also get a shot at some point on offense and Bilal Powell always remains an option off the bench if Greene continues to struggle.

2. Jamaal Westerman didn’t record a stat last week, hopefully he can get going as a pass rush threat in the coming weeks. It was good to see Calvin Pace finally on the field in week one and coming up with a sack.

3. Very encouraging performances by TJ Conley and Nick Folk in week one, should calm some of the nerves about the Jets special teams.

TJ Rosenthal reviews his five keys from the game

1. SANCHEZ, YEAR THREE BEGINS: We said “This is Mark Sanchez’s team now. He will be judged according to where the Jets end up.”

27-24. Late comeback. Again. It didn’t start out so rosy but winners grind and losers find ways to lose. Sanchez is a winner, who also put up 335 yards. Enough said

2. KEEP ROMO CONTAINED: We said “The Jets pass rush up front has provided little pressure this preseason. What they CAN’T do is compound that by allowing Romo to escape the pocket where he likes to sling it Brett Favre style. Often times with downfield success. Even worse for the Jets, Romo has Jason Witten.”

So much for that. The Jets couldn’t stop Romo. He stopped himself. Twice in the fourth quarter. Witten killed the Jets all night.

3. CROMARTIE VS BRYANT AND AUSTIN: We said: “Balls will be flying like Juy 4th fireworks in CB Antonio Cromartie’s work area.With the game breaking combo of Dez Bryant and Miles Austin coming to town, “Cro” can ill afford a night like the one he had LAST year in week one against the Ravens.”

Whew. Cro almost had a repeat of that dismal night. Two TD’s on his watch and the ‘Boys were aiming for a third. Just got out of dodge with that matchup.

4. KELLER AND WITTEN: We said: “ Jason Witten is the template for how an All Pro tight end should perform and be employed in the passing game.Keller has been “emerging” since his rookie year. It’s time For number 81 to be that weapon that the Jets don’t make excuses about anymore.

Keller was a force with five catches and a TD that brought the Jets back to 10-7. Witten was not only a force, he was a threat. Still, the play of Keller helped stave off Dallas.

5. SCHOTTY VS ROB RYAN: We said: “A stalemate in this one on one battle of the headsets will keep the Jets in the game. Anything less may leave the Jets at 0-1 and prepping for Jacksonville.”

Ryan owned the Jets for three quarters. Schotty adjusted to the screen game and a tiring secondary late. Call it a stalemate if you want because one big quarter can nullify three solid quarters and it did Sunday night.

Final Thoughts On Jets/Ravens


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Quick Week 1 Thoughts –

  • You have to give New England credit, they completely smacked around an over-matched Bengals team today. I am still not sold on their running game or defense but when it comes to throwing the ball, they will be as good as anybody in the NFL.
  • Ugly, ugly game between Miami and Buffalo. Trent Edwards attempt at a two minute drive at the end of the fourth quarter was one of the ugliest things I have ever seen. The Bills are as devoid as talent as any team in the NFL. Miami certainly didn’t look like a serious contender today but a win is a win.
  • Matt Moore and Carolina’s offense isn’t a pretty sight to watch.
  • What happened to San Francisco? The NFC West is completely up for grabs. Those four teams are closer together in their mediocrity than most people thing.
  • Why couldn’t the Colts play like that last January?
  • And here comes the quarterback controversy in Philadelphia…

Final Thoughts on the game that just won’t get here

Offense – I am interested to see how much playing time Danny Woodhead or Jeff Cumberland get at the wide receiver position, considering the Jets are only carrying three actual receivers. This is a game where it makes sense to liberally use more spread formations, which means Brad Smith is going to have step up and make some plays as a receiver and not just in the Wildcat…Braylon Edwards, let’s see it. Now is the time to put those physical skills to use and show you can handle being a number one receiver…Everybody is panicked about Mark Sanchez heading into this game, yet I have hard picturing him falling flat on his face. I think he will make a concerted effort to protect the ball, yet I hope that doesn’t prevent him from taking the necessary shots down the field…I am hopeful I will be bumping this on my ride to work Tuesday morning:

Defense – I am just excited to see this unit in action. I want to see Joe Flacco on the ground early and often. The Jets sack totals were somewhat disappointing last year so I’d like to see them get a strong start tomorrow night…Regardless of his reputation, I have a hard time believing the Ravens won’t take an early shot on Darrelle Revis…Can we see some signs of life from Jason Taylor, and if not get Jamaal Westerman in the game…I am worried about Ray Rice matched up on our linebackers tomorrow night.

Special Teams – I am very anxious to see Kyle Wilson get his first punt return under his belt…I can’t relax about Nick Folk until I see him hit a 40+ yarder tomorrow night.

Let’s Get It