New York Jets, Week 1 – On The Schneid

Dan Marcus breaks down a few New York Jets “On The Schneid” heading into week 1

For these players, 2015 marks a “make or break” year, where they can either play themselves into the good graces of the current Florham Park think tank or find themselves cast on to the ever-growing NFL scrap heap. Some of these names are obvious and others less so, but all of these guys are on the Schneid: Cue the music.

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TOJ Podcast, Episode 24 – New York Jets Roster Run Down Edition

Joe Caporoso, Dalbin Osorio, and Connor Rogers run down the New York Jets roster. Who is on the bubble? Who will be cut this summer?

The Turn On The Jets Podcast is back with a brand new episode. Joe Caporoso, Connor Rogers and Dalbin Osorio run down the New York Jets roster. Who is on the bubble? Who is going to be cut this summer? Make sure to follow the show on Blog Talk Radio and give us a a review on I-Tunes!

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New York Jets – Winning Free Agency Not Priority

Dan Marcus on managing expectations in free agency for the New York Jets

You have to hand it to the Jets’ new shot-caller, Mike Maccagnan, as he didn’t wait until the Free Agency period officially starts on Monday to start making a big splash to help improve this roster. He was able to acquire the legitimate “number one” receiver, the likes of which the Jets have been lacking since the days of Keyshawn Johnson, by sending a 5th round pick to the Chicago Bears. 

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New York Jets Armchair GM: Start From Within

Dan Marcus plays armchair GM for the start of the New York Jets off-season

As fans, one of our favorite things to do is throw ourselves in the big chair. This one that humbly sits before you is no different so let’s give it a whirl and lay out a multi-step plan to fix the New York Jets…

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The Franchise Quarterback Myth

Dan Marcus on the franchise quarterback myth

Over the last decade the NFL has experienced a perfect storm of factors that have transformed the league into a passing/quarterback-driven league. With the advent of rule changes designed to make the game “safer,” coupled with the rise of fantasy football, the playing field has been slanted and skewed towards the offensive side of the ball, so that it is virtually impossible to win without a top-tier AKA “Franchise Quarterback.”

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Geno Smith Could Be Rex Ryan’s Savior

Dan Marcus on how Geno Smith could be Rex Ryan’s savior

Following the crushing 27-25 loss to the New England Patriots that dropped the New York Jets to 1-6, it seemed that the much-discussed fate of Jets Head Coach, Rex Ryan was all but sealed. However, in what was an equally baffling and exciting move, John Idzik acquired a legitimate offensive “home run hitter” in the form of Percy Harvin. Despite all of the stories that are coming out about Harvin’s character, this is a move with far-reaching implications…

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Super Fast Thursday Edition – Jets vs. Patriots

Dan Marcus with final notes on Jets vs Patriots

I don’t know that you can paint many positives from a 1-5 start but at least this team showed some fight and even gave fans a reason to “buy in” emotionally as they were technically in the game against the Broncos right up until the end. However, at 1-5 the Jets are on the verge of being officially buried and the NFL schedule Gods are showing them no mercy by making them turn around and head to New England on a short week. Without further preamble here’s everything you need to know

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Super Fast Saturday: The Last Stand

Dan Marcus goes Super Fast to preview Jets vs. Broncos

Well, here we are and all of our worst nightmares are on the precipice of being realized as Murphy’s Law, (which should probably be renamed the Jets Postulate) feels as though it is in full force. Everything that could possibly go wrong is on the verge of doing so and this season is slipping away fast. Staring down the barrel of a potential 1-6 start, a midst what I like to describe as “tabloid controversies,” need to pick themselves up off the deck if they have any shot of making this a competitive or meaningful season. That said, here’s everything you need to know for Sunday

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Super Fast Saturday: The Lion’s Come to Our Den

Dan Marcus goes Super Fast Saturday to get you ready for Jets/Lions

I’ll tell you one thing about this Jets’ team, despite all of the horrible miscues and mental mistakes, if there’s anything these last three weeks have shown us, it’s that this team can hang with anyone in football even while shooting themselves in the foot multiple times. This week has the makings of a must-win game because being 1-3 going into consecutive games against the Chargers, Broncos, and Pats, respectively. Let’s save the preamble and get right to what you need to know heading into Sunday:

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New York Jets Super Fast Friday – Week 2

Dan Marcus goes Super Fast Friday to preview Jets vs Packers

We here at TOJ want to hear from you guys. We’re calling on our readers for the “It Ain’t Easy Being Green” Contest to send us your best Game Day stories/experiences, they can be good,  bad, tragic or triumphant but we want fans to tell us their stories. We’re working to bring you some awesome prizes for the best ones we hear. You can send written submissions via email to: or tweet them over here or here

The Jets go into Lambeau to take on the Packers and their up-tempo offense after they went into Seattle and got shellacked by the reigning Super Bowl Champs in prime time. Vegas isn’t giving the Jets much of a shot and the odds are stacked against them but crazier things have happened but here is a list of who said what this week and everything else you need to know going into Week 2:

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