New York Jets – Hedging Half Measures

Dan Marcus on the New York Jets hedging their GM bet by continuing to add to their front office…

With the firing of Head Coach and the retention of General Manager, Mike Maccagnan, the New York Jets have once again split the proverbial baby – another in a string of half-hearted half-measure moves that have come to characterize the Johnson ownership regime.


New York Jets – Bowles Tenure Defined By Bounce of The Ball

Dan Marcus on the “what Ifs” of the Todd Bowles coaching tenure

The NFL is a cruel mistress. One minute you’re the savior of the franchise ushering in a new era of prosperity and Super Bowl dreams – and the next you’re a bum, a punchline, an unfortunate chapter in history. Although it may not seem that way sometimes, that line between bum and Belichick is razor-thin; where the margin between success and failure is no larger than the tip of a finger or the bounce of a ball.


New York Jets Week 1 – “Pump The Brakes?”

While the rest of Jets Nation basks in the reflective glow of one of the most complete and stunning victories the franchise has seen in years, it is up to one curmudgeonly-beyond-his years man to temper expectations. While I am not the hero (or even a hero) that Jets fans need, I’m the one they got, so here goes something. 

As easy as it might be for everyone to get excited and overreact about being on the right side of a prime time drubbing for a change and salivate over the possibility of a 3-0 or 2-1 start, I think a little sanity can always be helpful so we don’t collectively go over our skis after one win. For the sake of being balanced, I’ll start with the things I liked: 


New York Jets – Season Ticket Frustrations In A Lost Season

Dan Marcus on the frustration of season ticket holders of the New York Jets in seasons like 2016

When the City of New York shot them down the New York Jets West Side Stadium, they were forced to make a deal on a new home with more suites, luxury boxes, and amenities that they could sell to high net worth fans and corporations along with the Giants in East Rutherford. Both franchises were licking their proverbial chops at the opportunity to sell their fans a fictitious legal instrument dreamed up by Carolina Panthers owner, Jerry Richardson, called the Personal Seat License. 

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Game Balls – “Don’t Call It A Comeback”

The New York Jets finally put an end to their month-long losing streak against the banged up Baltimore Ravens. The story lines heading into this game all centered around the long-called-for QB change to Geno Smith but it was the defense that ultimately stole the spotlight, showing flashes of the turnover-producing, QB-terrorizing unit we grew accustomed to seeing in 2015. As such, we have some metaphorical accolades to hand out, so for the first time this season, let’s paint em up…

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New York Jets – Todd Bowles Already Making His Mark

Dan Marcus on the early impact of New York Jets Head Coach Todd Bowles

The NFL is a fickle temptress. The proverbial economic pie has become so big that owners are willing to swing that Black Monday Axe earlier in their quest to find their franchise’s Bill Parcells or (despite what happened Sunday), Bill Belichick. The stink of losing has become so great that most owners look to distance themselves as far as possible from the prior regime; If the former Head Coach was a defensive specialist, you can bet the next one will be an offensive guru; if the last Head Coach was a loud, boisterous braggart, then the next one will be serving the team and the fan base a healthy portion of humble pie.

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New York Jets Game Balls – “Nicked Up”

Dan Marcus with Game Balls for the New York Jets 28-23 win over the Jacksonville Jaguars

Despite the fact that New York Jets key players were hitting the deck like they were under enemy sniper fire, they still managed to do enough to scratch out a win against Jacksonville. As per tradition, it’s time to hand out some Game Balls:

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New York Jets Game Balls – “We’re On to New England”

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the New York Jets win over the Washington Redskins

It wasn’t pretty by any means but the New York Jets turned it on in the second half after trying their darndest to give the Redskins a reason to stay in this game.This game was probably more of a testament to how bad the Redskins are than any indication of the Jets coming into their own but it is a win nevertheless and as such we have some metaphorical hardware to hand out as we set our sights on New England.

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New York Jets – Why We Do This

Dan Marcus on how he became a Jets fan. What is your story?

It is a funny thing being a fan, it’s probably the only thing that makes you do the consistent inherently irrational thing. It is what makes you yell at your TV even though you know no one on the other side of the glass is listening (or even cares), it is what makes sitting outside for four hours in the driving snow seem normal.

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New York Jets Game Balls – “Cleveland Steamrolled”

Dan Marcus hands out game balls for the New York Jets 31-10 over the Cleveland Browns

As with every Victory Monday, Dan Marcus has metaphorical hardware to hand out and some players who are slated for some extra cardio. And without further ado, let’s hand ’em out…

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