New York Jets NFL Draft Options – Center and Edge

Clayton Smarslok on options the New York Jets have in the NFL Draft to improve center and edge rusher

The entertaining part of free agency is a couple weeks behind us now. During that time the Jets were able to make some fans happy with the signings of Le’Veon Bell, CJ Mosley and Jamison Crowder but there are still so many holes to be filled in order for this team to make a legitimate run to the playoffs next season.


Five New York Jets Targets With Most to Prove at NFL Combine

Clayton Smarslok with five NFL Draft prospects the New York Jets could target who had the most to prove at the scouting combine…

There is still quite a bit of time until the draft is here but the NFL Combine will suffice, for now. As big as the event has become, people have been prone to move prospects too high and too low based off of one workout, myself included (i.e. Orlando Brown in 2018). What this event really does is confirm some of the questions some of these prospects have on tape or make you go back to see if the tape can confirm what you see in Indianapolis. Staying with Orlando Brown, when he performed poorly in the athletic drills last year, it should not have been a surprise.

He wasn’t successful at Oklahoma because he was an athletic freak, he was successful because of his smarts, good technique and length just to name a few reasons. So when people like myself moved him down the board, the one weekend got in our heads, which you cannot do. So don’t use these next few days to move your board around like crazy, let them answer questions. Here are some potential Jets targets that have those questions that need to be answered, whether it be in the first round or the middle rounds.


Mock Draft Monday: Post Super Bowl

Clayton Smarslok with a full two round mock for the 2019 NFL Draft

As a Jets fan, the season could have ended in a better way than it did. It wasn’t ideal but after seeing the Patriots win five previous titles, I have learned to live with it and move on from it and that’s exactly what I am doing here. It is officially draft season with the 2018-19 football season completely behind us. With the season coming to an end, it seems like the perfect time to come out with my first two round mock draft of the year.

In this edition it was a mixture of what should happen and predictions of what will happen on the last weekend of April. For instance, because of Jeffery Simmons’ issues in the past, he will not be submitted into this mock draft or any others in the future, even though he will likely find his way into the first round. This one’s for you Jets fans, hope you like it!


2019 Senior Bowl Recap: Offense

Clayton Smarslok with a Senior Bowl practice recap for offensive players…

Three days in Alabama, one practice. That’s all that was available with both practices on Wednesday being restricted to media after getting moved to an indoor facility due to a nasty rainstorm. Regardless, being able to watch the one practice plus the information by just being in Mobile, it’s safe to say the trip was still a success.

With this being a site that covers the Jets and all, my time down there was really focused on their positions of need on both sides of the ball. Here’s what I came away with during my time in Mobile for the offense.


New York Jets – Bowles Tenure Defined By Bounce of The Ball

Dan Marcus on the “what Ifs” of the Todd Bowles coaching tenure

The NFL is a cruel mistress. One minute you’re the savior of the franchise ushering in a new era of prosperity and Super Bowl dreams – and the next you’re a bum, a punchline, an unfortunate chapter in history. Although it may not seem that way sometimes, that line between bum and Belichick is razor-thin; where the margin between success and failure is no larger than the tip of a finger or the bounce of a ball.