NFL Draft – Deep Dive Into CB Evaluation, Seven Jets Targets

James Kuntz breaks down prospective cornerback targets for the New York Jets in the NFL Draft and the best metics to evaluate potential success at the position

A month ago I wrote an article in which I examined the importance of Combine testing for offensive skill position players. I concluded that the metric that is most strongly correlated with success for Running backs and Wide Receivers is speed score, while, for Tight Ends, above-average testing in virtually every event besides the bench press is correlated with success. I thought it would be interesting to apply this concept to a position that the Jets will target in the Draft: cornerback.


New York Jets – The Case For Trading Up In The NFL Draft

James Kuntz makes the case on the New York Jets trading up in the NFL Draft

One of the least mentioned, but most important, takeaways from free agency is the Jets’ perilous position in the 2020 Draft. There are currently five teams picking above the Jets that could potentially take an Offensive Tackle:


Initial Reaction – New York Jets Lose Robby Anderson

James Kuntz with initial reaction to the New York Jets losing Robby Anderson to the Carolina Panthers

On Tuesday, March 24, wide receiver Robby Anderson signed a 2 year, $20 million contract with the Carolina Panthers. As a result, there is widespread consternation among Jets fans regarding the current state of the wide receiver group. I believe this anxiety is warranted and that the decision to allow Robby to leave was a grave mistake because, in addition to being a premier deep threat who draws attention away from his teammates, Robby Anderson is a well-rounded receiver with strong hands and an irreplaceable rapport with Sam Darnold.


New York Jets – Potential XFL Targets?

James Kuntz on three players the New York Jets could target from the XFL

Monday, March 31st is the first day when XFL players can sign with NFL teams. The New York Jets have previously stated their intention to scout XFL players and Jets’ scouts have been spotted at multiple XFL games. As a result, it’s worth examining several XFL prospects who the Jets might be interested in.


New York Jets NFL Draft – All The Joe Douglas Quotes

James Kuntz aggregates everything important Joe Douglas has said about how he will handle the 2020 NFL Draft

Given the widespread speculation about the Jets’ intentions entering the Draft, I thought it would be useful to review every one of Joe Douglas’ press conferences since becoming GM of the Jets to see what his intentions are for the  Draft. Below you’ll find quotations culled from four of Joe Douglas’ press conferences over the last year that indicate how he will draft. It is worth noting that while Douglas held more than four press conferences since becoming GM, he only spoke about the Draft in these four.


New York Jets – Which Internal Free Agents Should Come Back?

James Kuntz reviews the New York Jets internal free agents and who should be brought back for 2020

Given the fact that the Jets have several dozen players with contracts set to expire in a month, it is worth examining which ones the Jets should re-sign or let go.


NFL Draft 2020 – Is Combine Testing Overrated?

James Kuntz with a closer look at how predicative of success the NFL Scouting Combine is…

Every year, prospects who performed well in athletic testing at the NFL Combine will soar up draft boards in the two months leading up to the Draft. The most noticeable, daily reminder of this phenomenon for me is my Twitter timeline, where it’s impossible to escape GIFs of Notre Dame WR Chase Claypool running a blazing 4.42 or Anthony McFarland running a 4.45. As I sat on my couch watching these incredible feats of athleticism, a question came to mind: to what extent is Combine performance correlated with NFL success?


Interview with Jonah Tuls of The Draft Network

James Kuntz and Jonah Tuls talk 2020 NFL Draft…

Below is a transcript of James Kuntz’s interview with Jonah Tuls, who is a draft analyst with The Draft Network. This interview also aired in podcast form on the Turn on the Jets podcast.


New York Jets – Roster Building Lessons From 2019 Super Bowl Teams

James Kuntz on what the New York Jets can learn from this year’s Super Bowl teams

As Jets General Manager Joe Douglas enters his first full offseason with the team, it is worth examining the two best teams in the NFL this season, and how their programs were built.