When Does A NFL Franchise Become Unsalvageable?

Jim Geraghty asks if the New York Jets are completely unsalvageable….

You don’t need me to lay out in detail the litany of disappointments and failures facing the New York Jets at this moment. The quick rundown: no playoff appearances in a decade, in a league designed for parity. One winning season since 2010. Just 21 wins since the start of the 2016 season. A miserable 0-5 start, after general manager Joe Douglas said the players were “angered” by the rest of the football world having “low expectations” for them.


The 2020 Jets Season: Go Big, Spend Big, Throw Deep

Jim Geraghty breaks down his dream offseason for the New York Jets heading into the 2020 season….

What you are about to read started out as a lengthy and detailed proposal of how the Jets should approach the coming offseason and try to build a better roster. And then Dalbin Osorio wrote up a plan that overlapped in a lot of key areas, but differed in a few others, and so I scrapped much of original one to focus on the ideas he didn’t. So, go read his. Okay, now that you’re back…


New York Jets – A Season of Risk

Jim Geraghty on the challenges and risk facing Joe Douglas and the New York Jets heading into 2019…

The stakes for the Jets are higher than usual in 2019. After last year’s deeply disappointing  season, management – primarily the now-departed general manager Mike Maccagnan – made a series of high-risk, high-reward gambles in free agency and the draft before being dismissed in May – to the surprise of Maccagnan, the fanbase, and the rest of the league. New GM Joe Douglas is now in the odd position of managing a team that was almost entirely assembled by someone else, with limited opportunity to shape the roster until the 2020 free agency period and draft.