New York Jets – Under The Radar Depth

Dylan Price with 4 surprise players who can stick on the New York Jets final roster…

The Jets have something they haven’t had in years, depth. For so long it’s felt like the Jets have slapped bandaids on key positions and hoped for the best with the backups. If you look at positions like wide receiver, corner, edge rusher and offensive line, there’s been a lack of depth there for years. In no means are the issues resolved at those positions or is there a surplus of talented players, and that’s why that lack of depth could vault a few underrated players onto the roster…


New York Jets – You Can Only Pay One Safety

Dylan Price on the New York Jets being unable to pay Marcus Maye long term

Jamal Adams is one of if not the most crucial player to the New York Jets success. He’s a dynamic player capable of making an impact in a variety of ways. In the same draft class, the Jets also selected another safety who’s gone on to be an impact player, Marcus Maye. Despite battling injuries, Maye has been the Robin to Jamal’s Batman. The duo have been a staple of the Jets secondary for a few years now. However, Jamal Adams’ longing to get PAID could push his tag team partner out of New York.